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Good and bad sides of Facebook

According to a recent study, internet life style is giving more pleasure than materialistic happiness. Lifestyle related to internet world does include time that has been spending by users in their respective twitter accounts. Booth School Business Chicago University conducted Internet lifestyle of people for seven days in Germany gives some surprising results. Majority of survey holders responded they feel better they are within their favorite than smoking or mating. It is truly a shocking result.

Perhaps, for the first time persons are more attached to the virtual world than ever before. They are now considering the pleasure from a materialistic world has a far lesser impact on their life than being staying alone and surfing friends preferred most deplorable aspect survey as it covers the entire spectrum of people from all ages. People are no longer feeling alone while they are home alone. In the past there are popular “Home Alone” series of movies, where a child of ten years of age is staying alone in home and facing difficulties in process his wit instant decision making saving his home well as himself from attackers.

Now, the situation of home alone is diverse, but the person is connected with near and dear ones through high speed Internet. He can send status updates to let know about him. Involvement with virtual world augmented with the advent of smart phones and with the introduction of push messages. The primary objective of running behind internet life is relentlessly because of cheaper price of using the Internet. Let us now compare this with a real pleasure which most individuals generally follow. Smoking is costly and one has to stay constantly outside and with due course of time.

The tax upon cigarette is on higher side with the announcement of each and every annual budget. Now, with the introduction of wireless mobile internet, cost of internet is on the lower side. People used to opt for internet pack which is a monthly basis and he can use it for a certain amount of data transfer. Most mobile careers are offering Internet packs. In this way, it becomes cheaper for people to stay connected within social around his near and ones. If he is due to professional commitments, apart from connecting with mobiles he can update his locations and statuses through Facebook.

Here, there are many privacy options and customized remote options for each and every status updates, he can post his locations and restrict information access through smart privacy options within a social networking site. From his dashboard, he can observe and update himself what other friends are doing and in this manner. He could never feel left alone while staying alone from them. to relationships social one will not have much while up in world when someone try to a has to more at different dating.

In survey, most respondents emphasize the spending part is responsible for their more and more involvement into the simulated world. In this survey respondents are from diverse age of life, and most of them are Internet savvy and have emphasized the most important in deciding use of matter. In this survey, respondents are given three of and drinking and dating and mating and out of this they have to choose one irresistible option that cannot be held back. It is the most astonishing aspect of this survey. It proves social some sort of addition and after into it, one can get out of it easily. He wants to update his status, share pictures and also wants to like or plus additional people status continuously in order to provide his presence of seeing other people’s statuses.

He wants his updates to be liked by many and he wants the visibility. It can appear to be a madness to some who have not ventured into that sort of habit, but who already into it, ignore updating their into their favorite social the Facebook is masses can status to fellow friends and timeline of Facebook. one the versatile networking the people from all around the world always like to share statuses. Most of the people from all the ages walks life do have a Facebook is with fresh survey was to then it is unpopular with the more older are now it and updating from time the basic instinct of staying has been in the form of simulated world though it is making them more and more lonely owing to fewer get together and staying outside. Some business units are utilizing the mass popularity of the by sending Face Book logo jerseys and these among young masses.

Sometimes back there was a scam to confront book shirt where the user has to like a face book to receive the shirt, whereas the fraudster have made his page popular and get enormous clicks on his face book page by making this fraudulent announcement. It is true most young mass does not like this Facebook shirt but it is slowly getting momentum in terms of selling parameters. It is true that everything glitters is not gold. There are countless devastating effects of social networking are there.

As while browsing for social networking the immature minds find the most secure place, as they know the manipulation of remote option of social networking it can restrict inner of them with ease to coolness. Recent Facebook incident Gurgaon describes the growing of the book can be. For this proper parental control is need of the hour. In Gurgaon, one, tenth standard student, through his face book requested his fellow classmates to attend the birthday party celebration. He required them to come to the celebration on the coming Sunday. He justified his decision of celebration even though their examination is around the corner. He said in his Facebook time line of extreme pressure of education and also pressure from parents to perform excellent and also pressure teachers.

He talked about in is always a nice idea to reach some sort of leisure time, as it can refresh mind and concentrate more on education matters. He said in order to relieve from all these extreme pressures one has to resort to some sort of entertainment. It will relieve their mind, heart. All these had been famous words uttered from ductile mind of tenth standard student as a consequence of this his appeal attracted many fellow classmates and they have agreed to join the birthday celebration of his. They have collected 600 rupees per student and required all of them to reach to a particular pub at two pm noon time. He had required all of them to bring their girl friends as well as if they have good quality liquor at home.

They should bring it along. He said no one should be afraid of this party as it is in a sheltered place and away from hawking eye of law enforcing authorities. 100 students reached there between the ages of 15 to 20 one hour prior to the designated time. It was an amazing act how youthful minds have the leverage to such additions and this poses a greater risk for proper development of future generations. The student who has organized this party in the name of his birth day celebration, and this was supported by other class mates who have attended this meet, is a worrying factor and this needs a proper scrutiny why this degradation to life at such tender age is happening.

They named this party as “Sex and Smoke”. Here, they were planning to do smoking, drinking and taking all the other banned substances. In the noon time, they were dancing, singing and making merry among themselves inside pub unit. With dance jockey songs in the corner, they have to dance, drinking and taking banned substance in the broad day light. This party has been arranged through face book, and it was secret. All the students are high class they modern clothing and have chosen one isolated pub to enjoy their time. Luckily, police received this news from their sources and custom department raid there and asked all the students to sit there. In the mean time, channels reached at spot with the camera.

The students in fear of coming into their face on news channels were trying to hide their faces with After incident, the pub Manager and owner of pub were arrested and in custody. Many a times, we tend to overburden with the news of police atrocities. In this case, police showed their brilliant wit, as instead of looking under the law, they their to them what their children were there. were dumbfounded their and of was involving such incidents. In front of police, they beat their children. Police let these children go to home peacefully. In enlight the growing menace of networking sites and not isolated cases.

There are many such cases are there and for this the of parents what children are doing in the time networking there in the marketplace and these needs to be installed on your child’s computer for a constant watch on their children. Administrator accounts should be locked and children should be using the standard account in order to watch such incidents. Minds of teenagers are not so strong. In this case, they cannot resist such temptations. For this courteous guidance of parents and their formidable roles in these cases is the of It time. Concise should watch and where their are going time. Otherwise, would be ample scale degradation of basic moral and values generations.

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Why make Mobile App?

In this article I shall write about how to create and develop a successful app. A successful app means that app which proves good for monetisation. Which incurs heavy profits for developer. In the coming up series of article hopefully I shall write about the skills and techniques associated with for productio and development of a detailed app with its database management so that not only you gain assess to monetisation of your app but also you can build upon alternative career with it.

When you run and develop app in play store and finds it well equipped for monetisation then you can go for professional app development. It can make your career to reach towards ultra level heights so that you can rebuild it. There is no age limit and no educational barriers for this in order to understand and learn how apps works and how to create a good app from this.

How to Create a Successful App?

Mobile app can be that of android or for iOS and the process of development constitutes of idea, prototype, design, develop and launch of app in play store. These are the steps for development of app. When you have an idea of building some thing or that of building an app then firt thing comes to the mind is that whether you wants to make it up for wallpapers or for database or for gaming. It contains design and programming.

Mobile app development is not all about coding but the lements that is associated with it is the desing of the mobile apps as the concept or design is prime importance on design and it is the focus towards it and it is important to understand this in order to develop mobile app development. Draw how should app looks like and you can take inspiration from other apps or you can solely create the design of your app and think what should have been the prime focus and importance attached with it so that you do not have to be confused while entering into coding stages.

Then ask yourself how much code language do you know if you know it then it is good and if you have no knowledge still you can create mobile app as you do not have to worry about it at all.As per esitamtes and the amount of langauge use we have seen the presence of Python in data language setting is on the higher side as it is the ost easier form of code language and java is difficult but still it is popular and it is one of oldest language form to stay so we should also build some app with it.

What ever be you should be using java from time to time in the cases of mobile app development. Coding of mobile app development is one side but it is not all of the mobile app, as design and development and distribution are the vital part of mobile app development and coding is the back end process which you will do to connect all o these. Most of people think mobile app development is all about coding and coding but it is not that true.

App Development Options:

After development of apps the next is to publish apps those on play stores. There are two types of app one is that of native apps and their other is that of hybrid apps. Native apps can only run with specific platforms such as Apple-iOS or Android. Hybrid apps works in both. Native apps provide platforms for hybrid apps to work. In order to publish your app in Google Play Store or Apple iOS you have four options and four steps to go on.

First is the developer license, publishing procedure, guidelines for description and device availability. Here we will learn more towards Android developer options though in the process you can learn to develop hybrid app so that it can work on both playstore that of android and Apple-iOS. Developer license is 99$ a year and it is renewable in each year. You can upload as many apps as you could with this sum of money. It is important for you to understand that when you become an experience developer then you can release the app in Apple iOS system so that it will not hurt you financially.

For Google Play Store it is one time fee of 25$ and you do not have to pay fee again and you can upload as many apps as you can with this sum and it is one time membership fee for you and for this it is important for first time developer should concentrate on developing apps for android platform so that you will not be facing any sudden financial loss with it. Then comes the process of publishing process and this is known as uploading of app to play store or Apple store. Apple provides the review process for each and every apps and it is from three days to two to three weeks but in most cases within one week you will find the response of it.

The review process or the publishing process in Apple play store is very stringent and it can deny permission for publishing based on the siilarity of app, not so unique app and so on so it is important for develoepr to understand that when you develop an app the first point is to publish within android play store as there is no review process with it so you can publish app fter obtaining developer license. In the play store there is no review process as after uplaoding app your app is published within 24 hours and then it is open for monetisation as with due course of time you caan go for word of mouth or for advertisement to obtain the specific app populairty and with due course of timeit comes to the stage of moentisation.

Both Apple and Android play store have very rigid and strong guidelines for publishing of app into their store. Android has the detailed instructions in PDF formats. For android no backbone of dashboard of coding required as it is flexible but for iOS the backbone of coding required as it is not open source. Android goes on with material designing for its guidelines for designing and for iOS the designs aesthetics and function. Apple does not provide detailed designing guidelines so it means it provides wider specifications but do concentrate that its review process is very stringent and for this it is important to go with the specific designing principle Apple has.

In the case of design availability which is the device in which your app is going to run then Apple has two types of device Apple iPhone and iPad but in the case with android it has so far more than 24000 different devices and still counting and increasing. This means you have to code app considering the compatibility with so many devices but alternatively with Apple it is not so as you oly have to work with two devices for device availability of your android device. Making app for two devices and making app for almost 24000 devices in terms of screen sizes, resolutions is far more difficult and that show the presence of development of responsive designing for android which makes apps to work in faster and more convenient way.

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Symantec Threat Monitor Screensaver (2009)

It was during the heydays of Windows XP when due to present of plenty of vulnerabilities and the absence of clear cut original Windows distribution we find plenty of pirated versions of Windows during these days and that indirectly increases the use of Windows operating system as the number uno operating system.  Due to allow of pirated versions of windows and even allow of downloading of updates from other sources we do find that presence of plenty of viruses and all over internet world is full of too much of viruses.

During those times there were many antiviruses companies in existence and from among all of it Symantec the makers of Norton antivirus is very popular. It has it own set up of security vigilance and many times it uploaded antiviruses prior to the release of Microsoft. It showcase the power and the infrastructure of Norton or Symantec has. During the days of 2009, it has partnership with deep threat monitor company such as Deep Sight and it releases the screen saver of threat monitor in order to let people know what are the current trends in the world of internet about presence of viruses, malwares and so on.

During those days Symantec also opened the special web page to download screensaver for people and it was completely free and it was powered by deep sigh intelligent technology. It had also one disclaimer that the data which you see is deliberately delayed by eight to twelve hours so that the hackers should know that their viruses had been detected and security updates released by Symantec.

It was released for people to understand how much was the current threat level and let them dissect it and find out from where these viruses are reaching to them. There have been some mixed reaction to this even during those times and some of corporates on their system disable it completely through Microsoft and some individual users like it very much. Due to speed of internet connection the data updated within a specified gap and inside screensaver the time of data updates are clearly written.

There has been talk of showing the spams and phishing counts generated from the countries world wide so that people will know where the most common spammers are resides and where phishing sites were created and the list of phishing sites make them realise how important a safe browsing conditions while connecting to internet could possibly have been.

People during that times are using Windows Vista and where the use of gadgets or desktop gadgets are pretty much popular and people love to have this screens save gadgets so that even while using desktop or laptop they would see the real-time statistics so that they would always be alerted of it. In this age of fast-paced computing the real-time data that is delayed by eight to twelve hours does not have any significance but during the times of dial-up internet connectivity we could see these data have pretty much importance so much so that one cold find exact details of how much dee virus problems we are facing currently.

Theses data have pretty much significance during those days for organisations and corporates as it provides deeper integration and management of data analysis and provide the virus threats which could be imprended to organisation. During those time safe of data had always been a privilege and organisations try hard to make these data safer and more convenient to use so that they an keep sae informations of customers and make them feel secure to interact and work within their organisational standards.

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How Google Search Algorithm Works

In the field of Internet Google’s presence is everywhere. What we search for and what to search all depends upon the search results from Google. There is completely absolute dependance over Google and that is why Google always tries hard to make this product search absolute and relevant. Most of times the first two to three pages from Google that works as visitors tend to depend upon most relevant search results.

One disclaimer for readers is that this article is based upon experience of author not from any research and having using internet and computer for last 20 years the perfection of relevancy of accumulated results depends upon the experience and am sure readers should agree on this. Google is all about semantic search.

Most of people search for any term such as noun or specific number and some of course very few search about any solutions and most of times Google search results comes handy in answering to this. Sometimes search results are not so relevant as when I search for ‘how to edit sahaj ITR form return after e-verified submission’ it first provide the first link of a pdf from ITR website and that is all about how to submit informations in ITR form and nothing find about how to edit it and that makes me sense that in any case for some times Google also confused about search result as it can simply provided the answer that this cannot be done and after it is processed one can submit it.

What I intend to tell about that search results should have some artificial intelligence as when or not there is no answer to it then it can find and think about it as in above case it can simply provide the search result of that one cannot edit already e verified return but can edit it after it is processed by ITR. These are part of artificial intelligence on the part of Google in order to make search terms more relevant and more towards absolute truths.

First and foremost the Google search algorithms should have an artificial entity in order to provide and dissect the flurry of informations and sees what is most relevant to readers. Then I experimented with another term and this time I put entire my name in Google search box and then hit enter. Due to car festival at Pri town my native place I do find that the speed of internet on slower side and for this search terms appears slower and hopefully after one or two days this will be rectified by cell companies.

I found that first my linkedin and then face book page of my website and then twitter, instagram and so on and this justifies that it also attaches my website into search result and this time I found some part of artificial intelligence in search results as it mostly shows mty social networking profiles but also it shows the attached work profile and this seems to be a nice search result with artificial intelligence input into it.

But when I go to second page of search results it shows that results of some other web pages where I commented on their good articles in the past, I think this is not necessary for me as I search for my name and I hope all of my social networking profiles such as VK, and others should show here but sadly the links of other website where my comment is approved is showing in the second page of search results.

In this case the artificial intelligence of search Google search algorithm works but in the next page it seems that o such relevant results I found and then I decided to go ro third page to see how it is working and this time I moved to third page and I found that it is the same results as that of second page and this means that only in the first page I found that the search result is relevant as it provides information about some of most widely known social networking results and then other lesser known social networking results are absence in the second or in the third search result page.

What I found with this two experiments in Google search results is that it is the relevance of search results that matters the most. Proper use of artificial intelligence is the order of the day. The full feature social networking and artificial intelligence can provide better and wider gamut of search results for the visitors. I found Google prefer Linkedin as the first intelligent search as it is at the first column and then facebook and then after some results I found about twitter.

What it is intended to say that if you have a website or blog then rewrote those article with Linkedin in order to have better search results for you and in this way search engine optimisation of yours site increased.

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