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Complete Review of ChromeBook from Google

The long overdue Google Operating System the Chromebook is now a reality. Earlier the prototype Chrome Operating System net book cr-49 rolled for beta testing. Google finally announced Chromebook on June 15 th at first for purchase at US, UK, France, Germany, Netherland, Italy and Spain and later on more countries to follow. Devices by Samsung and Acer are available at Amazon and Bestbuy. Now we can discuss about the specialties about Google Chromebook.

1. The Chromebook is the computer designed to run Chrome OS

2. Chromebook has special boot process it starts Chrome OS within eight seconds.

3. The boot process verifies Chrome OS install thus ensuring it is not tampered with and is devoid of any viruses. If there is any error the system repair it automatically.

4. Chromebook supports 3G and Wi-Fi.

5. Chromebook runs Chrome OS.

6. Chrome OS is a Linux based variable version, it is optimized to run only Google Chrome browser.

7. Chrome OS does not have any embedded application in it , only Chrome browser.

8. Windows, Mac or even Linux application cannot be installed with it.

9. All yours works to be done online using Google Docs, Piknik or Gmail.

10. From Google Chrome web store you can install web applications.

11. So, all yours operations are performed within the cloud and the Chromebook stores nothing. SO, anywhere log in is application with Chromebook as it is a stateless OS.

12. Chrome OS updates automatically.

13. Chrome OS encrypts yours data, so if your device lost, yours data is still protected.

Google will offer subscription based service for Chrome book including enterprise level support, device warranties, replacements as well as regular hardware refreshes. The web based management console includes the inventory management, software application management, and printer management, and network configuration, status monitoring and reporting.

It seems lots of possibilities with Chromebook and Google Chrome OS, and for this internet speed and reliable speed and mass computing ussuages in the vicinity is a must and Google is taking steps in order to update internet speed. The privacy concerns with the data is still a major issue in cloud computing and the security of data is another aspect when enterprises wants to join this must be thinking out of their that about this.


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