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Kaspersky Security Cloud Free Review

Windows 7 is coming to an end. This means Microsoft Security Essentials the Windows version of Windows 7 also coming to an end. This means I have to find out another alternative to it so that my Windows 7 computer remains intact with security. As I have no plan to update to Windows 8 for the coming year. So, my search for a new free antivirus that is going to supplement the works of Microsoft security Essentials begins.

Before searching for alternative free antivirus there are some precondition to it as that must be full flow antivirus and should be not so intrusive like Microsoft Security essentials. I found the Kaspersky security cloud is one of the best option to start. It comes up with almost full security versions like that of paid antivirus and it has also cloud on access protection and from my experience it does not slows down connection speed at all.

A separate download is needed in order to keep your password safe. It cleans up all the other add ons of internet explorer and for this computer restart is required. It updates automatically when computer connects to internet. It has also VPN service to send and receive data securely but the amount of VPN is very low amount you can browse for some safe work. I found this antivirus is lighter than windows security Essentials.

It does not bother you at all though from time to time some updated news comes but that stays in one app and if you want you can open it as per your wish. It updates automatically whenever new virus definition arrives and this means your device is protected against all invasions. In its dashboard it comes up with scan, database update, password manager requires another download, mobile protection and secure connection.

If you want to hide your network activities and want to become less visible online then use free VPN in order to speed up web browsing process. After downloading free cloud antivirus you need to register it for free and then you can run scan as there are full scan, quick scan, selective scan and external device scan option is there as it scans computer for viruses and other malicious software and it is recommended to run the scan after first installation and first update of antivirus software. You can schedule scan by going to scan schedule so that schedule scan at specific time.

It protects you from file antivirus such as it scans all files that are opened, saved and run during normal computing environment. It scans web antivirus as it scans incoming web traffic and prevents dangerous malicious scripts from running into your computer. It protects computer against dangerous network attack and network activity and attacks to kernel of operating system.

It watches system files and protect them from ransomware and crypto blockers and if that attack happens then it rolls back system to good state to remove those completely. It scans default mail systems and scans incoming and outgoing messages from mail client and stops them. It scans for instant messaging client and stops malicious and phishing attacks.

If your laptop is in battery state then it disable scheduled scanning task to preserve battery. It also go to gaming mode when you play game with computer and in this way, notifications are suppressed to provide a decent gaming environment for you. The core security functions of this antivirus is released early during computer start up of operating system so that it provides a balanced and sound performance without any delay and abruptions.

In this way, it prevents infections during starting of operating system. When RAM and CPU usages are on high then it stops computer scans in order to run computer in decent speed. It stops rootkits from installing into system by searching for traces of malicious programs in the operating system files.

It scans for weak settings of operating system and then it strengthens it in order to run operating system securely and with fast connectivity. It provides option to run on-screen keyboard in order to stop keyloggers from stealing yours personal and privacy data.
It has a self-defense functionality so that no other malware can disable this protection and can stop attempts to modify or delete kaspersky Security Cloud files, memory processes and its system registry settings. In its network monitoring it safeguard internet traffic processing and stops malicious scripts from injecting scripts into web traffic to interact with website pages.
It monitor ports so that no other network ports remain vulnerable for hackers.

It monitors all network ports so that no port remain vulnerable to hackers. It scans for some encrypted connections so that whether any false network certificate is there or not. By default it block connections over SSL 2.0 protocol as it can defect data transfer security and make your computer vulnerable to data security. It add add on to chrome to scan for search traffic and which website is good then it shows the green icon so that genuine links can be found easily. It secures traffic of Mozila Firefox and its Thunderbird mail program by securing it through its settings.

In the notification settings you can disable notifications such as on-screen notifications, audio notifications, news notifications, promotional materials so that you will not be disturbed by notification. Over all Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is a full potential security suit to provide absolute level of security to your computer. It can be used as an alternative to Windows Security Essential when the support of Windows 7 ends.

What is a Geyser Used for?

Water Geyser boils tap water and the hot water comes out at the another tap and basically on the main tap one has two outlets. One is for cold water and the other is for hot water. By placing a bucket at the front of taps and opening both cold water and hot water taps one can find like warm water to bath on. In the cod countries where there is cold and snow fall in most of the years normally people do have possibility of bathing with hot or Luke warm water as most of time the water temperature becomes unbearable.

On the other hand in hot countries where normally the water level is down due to lack of rain we do found that the water which is there at the deepest core of the earth and the polluted water is there at the upper side and when bore well brings outs polluted water and when we bath with it or generally use for home work then those pollution tend to dilute and tend to provide huge form of health hazards mostly in the form of skin related diseases or in the form water-borne diseases.

In the tropical countries where during most of times the temperature touches on or above 40 degrees Celsius we do find plenty of reasons as we find in the above paragraph to use like warm water. Even for sterile facility and in most of areas nearer to sea beaches we do find that the presence of arthritis problems for people who are above the age of 40 and above and for them the use of lukewarm water as the use on the pain side to make them feel relaxed and this can be done easily with geyser and when one goes outside or go to play then use of Luke warm water on a bucket an then out both the legs inside it for clearing of germs is essential for all of us.

That is why importance of using geyser for the home purposes as it will keep out germs from water and then for home purposes it is important to wash utensils with warm or lukewarm water to have more sterility to it. In this way we will move out more from such imminent health hazards and keep ours home and family free from such health hazards.

Water is life and due to modern civilisations there are side effects to it as more and more water becomes polluted as the result of it. Health is wealth otherwise how much you have money or wealth all will be disappeared all of a sudden and for this importance of health is important and we should start all of these at home and for this, it is important to look at important of water and in this way we can find the real solutions and for this importance attached with importance of water in the life of people.

For all such reasons the importance attached with geyser is extremely important as it boils water from time to time without waiting for us to boil water on the gas from time to time and in this way we cannot know-how much time we need to boil water and that can make the wasting the important gases in the process and for this it should be done with especially of that of with the help of geysers, so that it should be do with special object such as geyser so that ultimately, we can see that it will boil water, and after perfect Luke warm or water, such that at the right time it will stop and keep the water heat, and inside its tank the water remain at the state of warm and for this you do not have to heat the water time and again.

In this way, we understand how to preserve water and how to conserve energy in the form of natural gas, electricity and  make your health good and nice. By preserving water for the long term in the form of water in the form of tanks of geyser that preserves to make warm water inside geyser tank and use it when the water needed just open the taps and collect waters from the taps and keep your health good and nice.

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Symantec Threat Monitor Screensaver (2009)

It was during the heydays of Windows XP when due to present of plenty of vulnerabilities and the absence of clear cut original Windows distribution we find plenty of pirated versions of Windows during these days and that indirectly increases the use of Windows operating system as the number uno operating system.  Due to allow of pirated versions of windows and even allow of downloading of updates from other sources we do find that presence of plenty of viruses and all over internet world is full of too much of viruses.

During those times there were many antiviruses companies in existence and from among all of it Symantec the makers of Norton antivirus is very popular. It has it own set up of security vigilance and many times it uploaded antiviruses prior to the release of Microsoft. It showcase the power and the infrastructure of Norton or Symantec has. During the days of 2009, it has partnership with deep threat monitor company such as Deep Sight and it releases the screen saver of threat monitor in order to let people know what are the current trends in the world of internet about presence of viruses, malwares and so on.

During those days Symantec also opened the special web page to download screensaver for people and it was completely free and it was powered by deep sigh intelligent technology. It had also one disclaimer that the data which you see is deliberately delayed by eight to twelve hours so that the hackers should know that their viruses had been detected and security updates released by Symantec.

It was released for people to understand how much was the current threat level and let them dissect it and find out from where these viruses are reaching to them. There have been some mixed reaction to this even during those times and some of corporates on their system disable it completely through Microsoft and some individual users like it very much. Due to speed of internet connection the data updated within a specified gap and inside screensaver the time of data updates are clearly written.

There has been talk of showing the spams and phishing counts generated from the countries world wide so that people will know where the most common spammers are resides and where phishing sites were created and the list of phishing sites make them realise how important a safe browsing conditions while connecting to internet could possibly have been.

People during that times are using Windows Vista and where the use of gadgets or desktop gadgets are pretty much popular and people love to have this screens save gadgets so that even while using desktop or laptop they would see the real-time statistics so that they would always be alerted of it. In this age of fast-paced computing the real-time data that is delayed by eight to twelve hours does not have any significance but during the times of dial-up internet connectivity we could see these data have pretty much importance so much so that one cold find exact details of how much dee virus problems we are facing currently.

Theses data have pretty much significance during those days for organisations and corporates as it provides deeper integration and management of data analysis and provide the virus threats which could be imprended to organisation. During those time safe of data had always been a privilege and organisations try hard to make these data safer and more convenient to use so that they an keep sae informations of customers and make them feel secure to interact and work within their organisational standards.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review

Xiaomi is the smartphone brand from China. But it removes the myth associated with Chinese products which is cheap and could at least go for utmost two to three months. it removes these tags and provide one of most assured and long lasting products with vast customisation of Mi user interface that is based on android operating system.

After that it comes up with other branded products such as shoes, wrist brands, televisions and so on and provides excellent ways for low cost products which becomes powerful and circulating in large numbers and people went for buying such products due to cost effective and long lasting of products.

Redmi Note 4 is the comparatively newer products as its revenues crosses one billion marks and that is the perfect testimony how successful this product has been and the way people of this nations has been buying this smartphone. When Samsung phones failed to provide such price margin Xiaomi comes into market to grab such in order to provide cost per product and in making and distributing and reaching smartphone experience to larger decibel of people.

This product is made of all over metal body and this is almost same as that of Redmi Note 3 and 3S. It comes up with Qualcomm chip. Presence of rear camera with dual led flash and the presence of fingerprint sensor makes it easier to access and secure phone more. The power and volume buttons are in the right and slightly below from the top of right so as to hold the phone without touching these phones comfortably.

you can hold this phone with one hand and it is one gram heavier than its previous version of same series of phones and even one handed operation becomes ot so difficult with this phone. It comes up with 5.5 inch full high definition display and its razor sharp image make worth viewing experience. The reading mode viewing experience provides display with slightly reddish sharpness makes reading of anything worth for while using this device.

There is also good amount of settings inside adjusting the brightness level as this makes using the smartphone more comfortable. It comes up with three RAM variants with inbuilt storages and the prices slightly become up and down within these specifications. It comes up with external storages facility of 128 GB, where as this external storage facility in Redmi Note 3 phone comes up with 32 GB variants.

It comes up with 4100 battery slightly bigger than Redmi Note 3 variants. It comes up with 13 GB back and 5GB front facing camera. Picture quality is good and provides extremely lighter version of phone and this makes running of camera with Google Photos unlimited backup options makes it most vital part of good camera phone. It has no NFC connectivity and it comes up with 4G and volte which makes co=all quality extremely nice and convenient to use.

It comes up with Android 6 and the MiUi interface with android 6 comes up with more smoother and faster mobile touching experience. It has MiUI 8 and for the first time gallery app is there and it backed up images and provides editing and other animations feature, and it becomes more fluid interface. It has also lesser use quick ball feature and it provides user five short cuts, i order to run any of top five apps with greater and faster speeds. This feature is there in MiUi 10 also.

It has dual aps and second space feature. It has two of most outstanding features which is more towards privacy related. With dual ap two instances of the same app can be created and this way , certain apps such as future pay, whats app, facebook can have instances of two app on one phone with two simultaneous running of google services all at one go.

With Second space another partition with another Google account can be created and this way one profile for home another profile for office can easily be created and this way it can work like an enterprise way to manage two simultaneous accounts all at one go. The inbuilt dialer app of Xiaomi is light now and opens faster than Google’s contact app and this make running of these apps within splash of seconds.

With its revamped message version important sms from banks, railways tickets all can be saved to separate folders in order to see prioritisation of all informations and this makes easier for users to find and known about what informations should be at what folder. The themes app provides huge collection of wallpapers, ringtones, themes and so on to customise your phone further with your own list of theme customisation.

There are number of preloaded apps from Xiaomi but sadly even at the stage with MiUi 10 one cannot delete or uninstall such large number f preloaded apps and most of these apps comes up with its own set up advertisements. even its security software comes u with advertisements, its music and video app also has the similar state of providing advertising from time to time and this way it provides one of annoyances but you cannot remove such adverts with any such possibility.

Its camera quality has vast improvement that its predecessor and provides some prebuilt forms as well as its internal viewing parameters comes up with more lighting toprovie excellent camera function and quality. It comes up with non-removable battery and its performance is good in normal smart phone working experiences.

How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

Interior of your car is made of plastic, rubber and most of its dashboards are made of vinyl like substances where it is always prone to direct sunlight, wear and tears and winds and dust. It needs constant supervision and proper management of cleaning material is the need of the hour to make it feel healthy and look beautiful.

If all inside interiors of car is not taken care of properly then in the long run due to wear and tear and constant rough use of car interior there will be cracks everywhere and in the long run the absolute costs coming out due to all of these will be on higher side.

Due to rise of ultra violet rays and exposure of interiors towards these ultra violet rays ultimately it needs to use protectants that will save surface from imminent wear and tears. Most of interior seats are constructed with Vinyl materials. It wants constant cleaning and it is important to use less water while cleaning. You can use premium liquid detergent with less water so that water should not soaked inside of it otherwise in the long run that can harm vinyl seats.

After cleaning and soaking of water then let it dry for sometime and then apply protectants from companies and let it dry it. If you are using protectants for the first time then use it repeatedly so that ultimately the roughness to the surface of the seat will be removed slowly with due course of tie of this application.

Protectant products does not come with a single variant. It comes with different variant and for the first time it is important to find out perfect variant of protectant for your vinyl seats and then apply it repeatedly so that the absorb of roughness and coming out of shine from these vinyl seats will come out slowly.

While using protectants it is important to spray it directly. Some users use it while spraying it on cotton and then rub it on the surface but it is a good idea to spray it directly on vinyl surface so that the absorption of some of protectants by cotton will not be happening due to direct spray of protectants into vinyl surface.

In the case of yours flooring of your car if it is made of either with rubber or vinyl then completely remove it and then wash it with soap or with good detergents, dry it with sunshine or with dried then place it inside car to have stronger and mightie look and cleanness feeling inside of car.

While cleaning of door jamb panels check it that side of it to be cleaned with old toothbrush and remove all dust that can be stored there and remove it completely. Then wash them with soaps or brushes with detergents and then dry it and then apply or spray protectants there so that it will remain cleaner for longer times and when you again clean that surface due to presence of protectants cleaning will be easier and faster in the next time.

If any part of door jamb becomes tight then it is a good idea to use and apply protectants based soap cloaked with water and then try to remove the jamness of the door from it so that ultimately it provides some sort of absolute easiness in dealing with cleanliness matters.Then apply lubrication materials there and if fits properly hen in another time the door will not be clogged and jammed there. It is a good idea to learn from user material so that you can find the information of additional care about that clogged surface then use it with due and proper care.

Dashboards of cars generally constructed with plastic or vinyl surfaces. When you protectants and apply over it then generally these are not going to have negative effect on it as generally, these protects surface and shine of it and it stays with the surface to provide much needed ultraviolet rays protection to the dashboard so that everything runs in accordance with it and does not provide any negative effect upon it.

Protectants generally work as shine, fading, discolorant agent and provide a strong protection to it to make your car look alike the same as the new car of longer time. These are generally grease-free and do not left any shiny and sticky materials on the surface of interiors.

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What can you do with the Norton Password Manager?

Why a good password manager such as Google Password Manager or Norton Password Manager is a necessity for all devices including Personal Computer, Android and other mobile operating system. In the era of faster internet and cloud computing, we need to access information about data from everywhere.

It might be at some public hotspot or open wireless networking field. That is why we need to keep ours password secure so that no third party can gain access to it and take advantage of it financially. It is also a very good idea to keep your identity safe and secure all the time so that any personally identifiable information cannot be stolen by any one at any point of time.

In the public internet networks, though yours devices are secure but not yours passwords and other private information and that is why a perfection of networking is the need of the hour. You can more conveniently use Norton Password Manager Vault from any modern web browsers and then edit or delete as per your wishes.

It is important to use it on web browser that is properly updated on computer as well as the operating system must update to its latest cumulative and security updates. In this way by browsing Norton Password Manager on website yours data will safe and secure.

Norton Password Manager website works on secure protocol with latest security updates. The password of yours vault must be in a safe place and it is never kept inside any of Norton web browsing. It is important not to share password manager to anywhere. When you vault password and open Norton Password Manager website, the decrypted data never save any Norton server on any cookies of any web browser.

It is important to log out from Norton Vault when you finish access to yours Password Manager website. Even Norton or Symantec own server never keep this information or trace of information in its own servers. Two access Norton Password Manager user need to use two passwords.

One password for login to Norton account and then another password to login to Norton Password Manager account and in this way, yours Norton Password Manager account opens. Generally most of web browsers, provide their inbuilt password managers but these are limited to web browsers but when you use Norton Password Manager you can use it all across devices ans in this way, proper synchronisation of passwords and automatic installation of these passwords becomes possible.

Norton Password Manager, examines dark webs such as websites or forums that works in order to steal passwords and other personally identifiable information from users and then secure yours website for better and well-managed way.

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