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Clean bold

In this era of extreme political consciousness we have seen presence of emerging leaders from other than developed nations which goes on to show how there are differential developments in areas that are treated to be one of not so extreme in terms of development in a decade back. There is India, Russia, China and Continue Reading »

A better way to block brute force attacks on your society?

All that knowledge and values that are incarcerated within constant sphere of homogenous locality can be termed as specific culture that is attached with trend and traits of dynamics of different cultures which are being constantly being developed by that specific communities through different anticipation of advent of modernity where such dynamism could lead to Continue Reading »

India votes for change

India got its independence in the 1947, but. It got its constitution in 1950. It provided ways for establishing an institution of universal adult franchise for world’s largest democracy. China holds the highest population and India is second in population. China does not prefer democracy, but India does. That is why. India has become world’s Continue Reading »

Digital India is all set to wipe out digital divide

On the gloomy after noon, when there are all chances of extreme rain in the vicinity, suddenly I switched on television set to watch some news snippets. Most times, many private news channels busy with reporting of unscheduled and unproven news broadcast all over without realizing exact potential and understanding of relevance of news items. Continue Reading »

A study about the role of electronic media of India

Strategic permanence and speed up communication mediums provide enough access to information to users which were presented in late format in earlier times. In the present times, the role of media which includes electronic media requires a complete overhaul of importance to send the right message to people all across vicinity. Electronic Medias are now Continue Reading »

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