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In India, there were many large news media channels are there. They are competing with each other for the top position. They want to garner most of the news items, and for this.

They tried heavily on different matters so that more news can be up for grabs. Nowadays they are relying heavily on news from sources.

This means that news can be given without responsibility and most of the times it was given and becomes the false news then they would say that the source is incorrect. How the common people have been mistreated with this false sense of news that is originated from sources is a matter of grave concern.

The news means a message that can have some substance to deal with and the way electronic media channels are dealing with current news from sources and sometimes creating news from different parameters has been the major concern of worseness here.

In one of the oldest news channel of India, its English version is giving the wrong incorrect English language headlines and most of time spelling mistakes are so huge that one cannot think beyond it.

Most of the times, they are partial and trying to garner support from a particular political party. Whatsoever is the inverse situation for anybody, some news channels are expert in altering these facts into complete flip stories and they managed to save that particular political party in general.

If there were four guests for a talk show, besides three of which would be related with and sympathetic towards a particular political party and the anchor and only one voice of the other political party would be there.

Some political parties are expert in shooting and saying when the additional ethical opinion is on the speaker and that is a complete partiality.

In one such vernacular channel which is the blind supporter of one political party and the concerned anchor is practised is drubbing the sound from the other political party.

These are not a healthy sign of a vibrant democracy. The fifth estate is not on the true line as it seems some of the foremost media houses are mostly unfinished and that is not a fair case point here.

Most people see the news channels and they have the feeling that the discussion always goes in one direction and the anchor and the so-called neutral political experts but mellow on a particular political party and they are supporting and defending on behalf of that political party.

These supporters range from editors of some of the leading newspapers and some of the most prominent and distinguished members of non-governmental organizations. They will try to see the fault of the other party even though that political party is actually doing the wicked.

All these shows as if there are some news channels which are being fed by some mysterious force and for this, they are trying to bulldoze everything towards other political parties. This has been a pain to see.

There is no support from the ordinary man as the ordinary man wants to see and realize a perfect discussion with complete neutrality but most of the times some leading news channels have been doing the exact opposite to this and these are not safe for democracy.

It seems that the fifth pillar of democracy is reeling under the cycle of corruption and for this, the entire stableness of the government of the day cannot be challenged. It is time to snub these so-called popular electronic media news channels from people.

If they do not see it then slowly the concerned advertisers would be feeding out from here and with due course of time, with so much of financial constraints they would shut down. Currently, we are reaching towards an age where people want to see the facts.

They were worried about the continuous flow of sources for news and for this they want the perfect feed of factual news. In the news channel room, there is some personality reaching there and supporting those political parties, despite the fact that they are from a different set of file.

Most of them are so-called news editors and some of them are academicians but most of the times they are supporting a particular party blindly.

They are not realizing the proper sense of understanding as they are supporting the party and people who are viewing these shows well understood that they are being fed and in the meantime when they talk, people switch to some other channels and when another party speaks, people again switch to that channel to see.

Should news channels dictate parties and also modify the news according to a particular political party?

Should not they present only their views and nothing more than that? Should not the anchors who are dealing with news talk shows be completely impartial instead of downright biased towards a particular political party?

These are some of the most vital questions which electronic media channels should ponder upon and consider in detail to understand aspects of all these interactions and decision making.

The most worrying factor is the way the fifth estate of democracy is moving. It is going towards the most inequitable way. It is almost visible to all and nothing can be determined and understood from these events.

It is one form of invisible corruption which electronic media channels are involving themselves and for this, it is essential for some media regulatory to see whether all these are paid news or not.

At some point in time, it is visible that all these seemed to be going towards a distinct party supporting vocabulary and also there is a trend when the other party is speaking the anchor and unique party members are shouting loudly to shut down the voice. It is called you invited the guest and then offend them with maximum score.

This shows that all these have been petty news making by some of the top leading news channels and also sometimes they get the interview from distinguished persons and they try to make that interview as a show of policy announcement and this makes the entire part of listening to news not so happening.

For this people are searching for more and more other alternative entertainment mediums.

Now, there are plenty of cricket in store for them and they also go towards watching all these with a concentrated mind to have the proper relief into their mind and most of the times they prefer to watch newsroom discussions.

Due to these trends on the part of news channels people are sensing the wrong here and trying to stay away from watching all these newsroom discussions.

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