Happy times come and go but the memories stay forever

On the eve of 25th December, and after this day, we see the nervousness of the vehicles, this may be due to the presence of a large number of tourists or floating population, and the group of people here prove the testimony of this fact. That such tourists pop up together and celebrate with great pleasure these days. Provides the toughest part of the journey of the lean streets here and here and it provides the most important and important ways to provide greater opportunities for everyone’s happiness.

Suddenly on 22nd December, I am witnessing that the roads are being cleaned over time and as most of these roads are covered with sand due to the proximity of the sea and it only reflects the very important person coming to this coastal city. Offers. Between the roadside as well as the streets, we see massive party hoarding as well as the presence of a large number of party workers from the regional party reaching to this holy land.

The bleaching powder is spreading here and there and in all parts of the roads and this means that it should be seen that the entire road is full of purity and the workers are constantly trying to clean the whole place. Suddenly, a large number of police personnel are increasing and most of them are standing close to the sections, and this proves to be true that some important incidents are going to happen here.

The holiday reminds me of happy time:

In the meantime, I saw, Hanuman temple located next to the Fire Station is being cleaned properly, and the high-powered water guns being thrown as a result of the Hanuman temple that looks dirty due to the flight of wind storms is. It touches it and looks like Dirtyire. Now the flow of water cannabis touches it and it looks sharp and bright, as the colour spreads well, which is probably made from waste, it is far from the far side. Looks fantastic.

From now on, we can see the presence of a large number of people who seem to be enjoying the festive occasions along with the tourists and colours coming here and with great spirits and fun-building. The entire pavement is now covered with a large number of people and they are trying to buy some food items and other small sea toys. The little kids are playing with balloons and they enjoy moments and when their parents are enjoying the environment and its cool races

For many days of this year, the presence of rain cools every season in every period and it shows how this natural environment produces one of the most beautiful things to understand here. From the distance and distance of the calm sea, it looks like one of the most outstanding pure elements makes the feeling of this place wonderful

The whole place is full of people and suddenly this place seems like we are in a state of extreme happiness with a mood of celebration. On one side of these sand spots in the middle beach and its shores, there are large billboards of large-scale commercial advertisements at the time, which have so far completed 20 years of rule and we see present in these hoarding and commercials I can see some people with their cell phones from the large-scale depiction and distance of Chief Minister, standing apart from the big picture of the Chief Minister Love the like to stand beside them.

From distance, it looks like the most peaceful place where people are free to do anything and they are enjoying this festive occasion with great festivity and joy. This is the modern way of understanding how such and small gestures should be enjoyed on a large scale as well as enjoying social networking or keeping it in safe places for future uses. In the meantime, I saw some temporary food vendors, being kept on the edge of the feet, so that walking between large and comfortable feet should now be very comfortable for law enforcement and law enforcement agencies of the country.

The most annoying presence of hotels near the pedestrian and beach is slowing down the beauty of this place and it is also made up of those who are coming out of these hotels directly, which is famous for the sea drive road. But in reality, almost half of this road is being taken by encroachment by these hotel owners, from time to time to remove these encroachments. But these decisions have been gradually rejected due to the presence of some influential personalities in the field of politics from these hotel owner organizations.

Meanwhile, the best aspect of this development is that at least one of these main classes is present in the police personnel and the entire area is kept for this.

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