In the society of relationships give proper respect to elders

Human beings are rational animals and they are the most clever and intelligent animal. If you look at their physical strength, it is far less than that of wildest animals but due to intelligent and wit, humans have the ability to control all aspects of mightiest animals.

They discovered science, they discovered various paths to reach to Lord of the Universe, they fight between themselves, yet they survive at each facet of it. Humans have a great mind and for them to use it for good or use it for evil, it is up to them to think it and make it most of it as with due course of time, it is the mind that controls.

When the mind goes for evil acts, then the body thinks that it is controlling the mind or at some other place, it creates a purpose and then the mind goes with it.

In the society of relationships:

In the meantime in similar situations, the bad people felt proud of its activities and for this, they completely ignore the facets of evils that have been bullying into their mind throughout.

In the society of relationships, when a bride weds the bridegroom, it not only weds the person but also the relationship with family created in among and for this the real amalgamation of relationships began with each possible actions and also on the contrary, when those relationships go in some other ways through bad behavior and other facts of life then the sequence of these events could not continue till it is broken.

The most important and significant part of life, how could one carry relationships and this is a very difficult path just like that of a hill road, where you have to experience, more and more difficult roads, while you climb through the roads.

For this, the proper part of relationships is getting to act together in such manner so much so that, with each curve and difficulty one had to be extremely cautious and understanding in guarantying and achieving the inevitability of situations.

You will have to watch and act in these circumstances as with proper manning of the situation and with an empathetically observation the real-time relationships will simply begin to flourish.

It has been said by many greats that, the relationship is the real answer for all the problems and it is by far the most difficult to maintain and after you have achieved it, then it can safeguard you from all the other facets of life and difficult situations.

For this when a newlywed bride, enters her new home of her bridegroom, it is really difficult for her to stay in an unknown place. Here, everyone is stranger for her and also her husband and to add to the worry she had to stay with a stranger means her husband at the same room and for this the first relationships of her is husband.

From there the relationships begin and that can be long lasting and from it the other source of relationships, the parents and the siblings of her husbands. The bridegroom can be the real friend of her and with it, her quest for life begins.

There are some of the most significant relationships she has to carry in among that of parents of her husband. This can be significant of the sort and with the proper and long-term understanding between themselves, these can be truly the most beneficial between all the relationships that have been carried into it.

One should respect her in-laws

One should respect her in-laws so much so that, with due course of time it should be reflected with the actions and relationships among themselves.

Sometimes the bride thinks that at some occasions when parents of bride considerably misbehaved with her parents, so at later stages, she managed to show bad behavior towards themselves and for this, she wanted to have some somewhat refractory revenge on them which is unwarranted and unguaranteed.

The continual misdemeanor that can be bad towards elders is not a good sign at all at any stretch of the imagination. The perfect manner and the way to act and behave all facets of life and conceding actions simply makes the whole persona of understanding and its attachment, and considerable action and its reverse actions cannot be undertaken to be true as a whole in its maximum capacity

The respect to elders is the prime act that one can venture into and if someone does not give the proper respect to elders that he or she deserved due to their sacrifice in his or her life and also some somewhat proper manners that are going to happen at any point in time , is surely to be understood and managed in a well configured action that can has the most probable relative consequences ,when that person reached its proper age, that can have the most basic understanding of life and its sue motto awareness.

One can talk of any sort of manners but it is true that holy Vedic chants tells us that one should always stay away from bad people, try to ignore them at your full heart and let them beat one side of it, and they should be staying at some other point of time and also the manners and another side of it, one should always think of it and do it accordingly.

Elders always think of your better and tend to go towards the finest manner and for this phase of life, they can beat yours and understands the entire possibilities of life and its beyond and in this manner the whole action and surrounding reactions on the hand of juniors should be according to some of the most underrated animations , so one should be well behaved towards elders otherwise at later time one could understand the really difficult situation , that is facing at any point of actions and its surroundings reactions.

Life is like that of a sound with various symbols and movements

The most favorable the elders always think of it as that younger ones should listen to elder ones and they should be behaved and show their manners and other actions in some brave and possible good manners.

Here the younger one should go for some of the bravest actions that can be sought for and with it, the ultimate goal of other actions and its supplementing reactions should be such and such that the ultimate goal and its movement must go with time and actions that have some basic possible awareness attached with it.

In ours Vedic chants and sermons it has been told that , elders are like Lord and one should be treating them at par with Lords so that, one can see Lord guiding them in real time with proper action and good manners in which one should go towards the most understanding of life and the conflicts that have been attached with it .

Life is full of surprises and to cross that surprises one should go beyond it and find out the true understanding of life through various understandable attention.

The possible conflicts and the related actions cannot be held true to its motive and the way these can be treated at par with other principal consideration needs to be taken more and more seriously with each passing phase of life and the related motion that has been attached with it, to be taken far more seriously than it is expected with tides of times and passing of movements .

Life is like that of a sound with various symbols and movements, one has to be more than careful to take care of it and to make the most valiant forward motion that can be done with it.

That is why the presence of proper etiquette is the manner and the motto for all of us to see and enjoy at its fullest motion and for this the mannerisms and other facets of life needs to be taken more and more seriously in life with due course of events and actions that have been there for everyone to see and enjoy at its fullest motion.

The most straight out of thing that can come from inner heart surface is there for everyone to see and realize and for it the understandable actions and its related matters needs to be attached with sophisticated mechanisms that can withdraw all the possible actions and its relation possible outcome that can amends and mince all the other related etiquette that can have the most basic proper understanding of etiquette that is soon going to happen.

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