Schizophrenia is a mental disorder begetting defused thoughts and feelings often with delusions and resignation from social life. What its broader connotations are is not my subject matter. My writing on it is based on my a decade-long horrifying experience with one of my nephews who was in my care and custody for so long and I thank God that my labour and sacrifice ably supported by dedicated doctors bore fruit finally and the patient is now one of the most widely read and intelligent persons that many people have ever come across.

The patient was staying with me from his early childhood and he shaped into a brilliant student from his early school days solving complex mathematical problems within seconds when his teachers needed minutes to solve them. His thoughts and understanding were so powerful that his mental acumen overpowered one and all whosoever came across him.

He also performed excellently in his matriculation stage coming within the best twelve in the state, but not at the top because he skipped a few answers unable to adjust to the allotted timings. But his brilliance and knowledge were of the most superior type and his brain worked with the speed of a supercomputer.

He was always in the state of a thoughtful, pensive mood which perhaps was the outcome of his mental over-exercise. Gradually, this drove him to a stressful situation, resulting in loss of memory amidst fear psychosis with behaviours of peculiar nature, resigning himself to his own self, avoiding people and friends and trusting his parents and sibling only.

I consulted many doctors and no doctor advised me correctly and the situation and the condition of the patient went on aggravating with symptoms of acute delirium and high blood pressure.

Among my friends in my office was Mr X who was of the same type as my nephew was and he was under treatment at Bangalore with definite signs of improvement. Having come across my nephew’s case, he advised me to go to the NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences), Bangalore.

I wasted no time and took him to doctors of NIMHANS who, after two weeks’ of observation and various tests, came to the conclusion that the disease was due to his brilliance and excessive use of his brain and they advised me to treat the patient as my friend and for taking him on pleasure trips as often as I could and for as much duration as possible.

They said that this disease is the result of his excessively extra-ordinary thinking process which needed to be given a break in the shape of entertainment and trips to hill stations. They prescribed medicines and advised me to come with the patient at every quarterly interval for various medical studies. Strange, but true that the patient completed all his studies and now he is very highly placed after ten years of medication and pleasing lifestyle.

The NIMHANS Hospital of Bangalore is a lush green hospital and a tourist’s pleasure as it is made so to heal patients with complaints of mental disorder. Its doctors are very much patient-friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is quite congenial and euphoric. I shall never forget the hospital, the doctors, the supporting staff and the atmosphere and the surroundings of the hospital in my lifetime.

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