Should airlines charge extra fees for obese people?

 Should airline consider people as commodities and charge according to space and weight? These questions are now on the discussion at the public forum and should carriers, look at these financial points of view so that more money and profit would come to them and with it, they should be finding, the much-required comfort zone in running airlines business.

Pay as you weigh

Obesity is due to many factors and there are many reasons for obesity. There are genes that make people fat and sometimes, at some people their below side becomes wider and all these relate to genes and thus this infers that obesity at times, cannot be undone for and it should be seen as the no return posture and for this equal amount of exercise and health consciousness is the order of the day.

On the other hand those who support pay as you weigh theories, says that, it is essential for health, financial and environmental purposes and for this, it is essential to have a good health, otherwise the proponents of this theory stresses on the fact that, if you have bad health or you are obese, then it is better to have to pay as you weigh.

The people who are against the theory of pay as you weigh, says that out of 100 people 65 people are obese, then if this rule of law is applied within airlines carrier, then it has very bad impressions as most of the persons who travel a lot had to pay extra money to travel.

The severe obesity is a phenomenon, where people are genetically obese and they cannot change this, but how can airlines industries find out that one is genetically severe obese and the other is due bad lifestyle and junk foods.

The severe obesity is a medical condition and cannot be undone for, so it is better to look beyond and think brad about this and also before applying pay as you weigh, which has been applied on goods carrier.

ne should think that, by applying this method, should we consider humans as goods and commodities?

From research, it has been established that out of 100 obese people 15 are genetically obese and 25 are severely critical obese and the rest is obese due to their bad food habits and less sleeping habits. The rest obese people can be categorized as susceptible to obese people.

Obesity also deals with gene factors and the genetically modified syndromes. The study shows that there are many instances, where, people have a unique gene which makes them feel hungry and thus they want to eat more foods and try to go out less and every time they think, that is about foods.

They have higher consumption capacity and they can eat many foods and also all these have been dissolved well in their stomachs. With these heavy food habits people tend to feel hungry all the time and with a massive intake of foods, ultimately they become obese.

There is some gene, which enables and capable people to work for more time and they can work day in and day out and yet do not feel tired at any point in time. Due to this, they eat a lot and can work and consume and their metabolism factor is built in such a manner that, they easily ear plenty of foods. These people reach the stage of severely critical obese and for this, they need proper medical care and health care.

Due to extreme use of anesthesia or any other specific chemical inside the body, the hunger control mechanism inside body got damaged and for this, the person feels the hunger always, that gives the way for the higher amount of intake of foods and thus in this manner the person son become obese.

According to some medical experts, many people are fast becoming hungry after removing their tonsils as, medically it has been established that after removing this lymph inside the mouth, the uncontrollable hunger starts and this can lead to severe obesity with the increase of intake of food in the long run.

I have seen many people who always thinks that, it is their lifestyle to have to create many parties and other recreational moments and for this they make feast more than three days of the week and thus, eat heavily and eat junk foods and also many oils and in the long run this can have the capacity to have, greater significant fat problems.

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It has been seen that French people eat more but they are slim and have the good physic, on the other hand, Americans eat more and they are fat, the reason is that French people, tend to walk more and they believe in doing many works by walking here and there and there are markets where no cars are allowed and there are roads where no cars are allowed and for this they walk and that is the major reason for their good health. On the other hand, for Americans it is the reverse, therefore they are fat than French people.

The selection of foods in your daily habits is also bringing the most prominent attributes in making and shaping your body. There are many foods if they are eaten can give you near 1200 calories, in a healthy person daily life 200 to 2200 calories per day is sufficient, on the other hand , we are reaching to junk foods which taste good to tongue, bad to body for this , it is essential to go for normal food .

On the other hand, there are some medicines which can cause weight increase, like that of birth control medicines and some anti-depression medicines can cause weight increase, and in this circumstance, if pay, as you weigh concept, is applied to airlines industries , then population control medicines meant to be ended by some couples.

This can lead to uncontrollable population and in that time when people will find for responsibility, then the carriers can have difficult time those applied the concept of pay as you weigh in airline carriers. Many times, ladies tend to go for a heavy diet and due to this phenomenon, in the long run, they become fat and obese due to chronic diet so it is advisable to avoid this, walking is the best-fit medicine to have good health conditions.

If of people , who are obese due to usages of anti-depression medicines , and those are prescribed , and when paying as you weigh concepts applied to airline industries, then, it is evident that these persons are medically obese due to their health conditions, and

In this circumstance, can they be equated with other normal healthy persons and charge extra for

Things to ponder here, as there are many valid points raised here for listeners. If some carriers tell that, they will watch the medical certificates and then give them the concession, on the other hand, in the market one can get plenty of medical certificates by paying the fees to doctor and for this; the entire concept of health certificate becomes vague and misunderstood phenomena.

When it is paid as you weigh then extra charges to different passengers and thus it mitigates the theories of equality and this can be a conflicting situation in the long run. Some airlines have maintained a stipulated size of the seat and if one person is not going to fit in it, then he has to buy one more ticket so that both seats can become into a single seat.

It is true that due to high income and change of lifestyle, many people are fast becoming fat and obese and for this, it is essential for all airlines carriers to see it in a humanitarian way and make a comfortable journey in terms of financially and also pleasure point of view.

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