The problem and the solution:2

Last updated on January 1st, 2020 at 01:16 pm

I am in this way think about my vehicle while driving with it and inside it. The touch of the steering is so cool to my soothing hands making me cool and great control to navigate the road and the process it is going through is not making any jerk even at some humping roads is great for me. It is feeling like am seating on space craft, navigating, and flying with it.

The humps have been reduced to a no pain zone as the vehicle is moving at the same speed and at the same aim to reach my office. Now I crossed the zonal office and this means I will be reaching my destination. Though I am late to start but the driving and the vehicle is of excellent and wonderful it is simply making me feel better and reaching my destination. I reach office, park the vehicle and then go to my chamber where my assistant is picking up the work and preparing for my daily routines.

I greeted him and responded. I sit on my seat and begin my work. The room is cooler than the outside so I decide to reduce the cool for sometime. There is the reason for this, as my doctor has advised me always try to make the room temperature at par with the environmental temperature for at least tow to three hours and then increase the cooling of air conditioner. I say to my assistant to stop the air conditioner for one hour and open the wind screens so that room will get the fresh air.

I start my work and now one hour elapsed, I switch on the air conditioner and began to feel the cold and now the room is great to work on with. The cool is crippling my mind and my mind is thinking some right decisions as lot of work and the boss’s reminder all these almost complete for this day. Now only two hours of my work and now am trying to fix some pending related non important jobs.

I collect all the information now am trying to find out the crux of the problem and fix it with some related answers, I am sure I will be getting the answer, for this am trying to calculate and makes some permutations and combinations and some statistical analysis.

I am very good at these and at ease with this. My pen can deliver a lot of goods and the mathematics, data analysis began, and trying to explore the unexplored part this time as is trying to cross the boundary of mathematics and want to reach some very good annotations and probabilities.

To the true sense am now entering in to a completely new domain , I know some of it by gaining knowledge from various sources but still not able tom determine the practical solution and the way to reach the solutions. I get the impressions earlier that this arena of mathematics has been considered as very rare and unknown and know tome so, I want to try it out.

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