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How to stop heartbleed virus of android?

Life has been somewhat misled with all undesired intentions of not writing article for today but somehow the schema of mind is propelling it as if it is one such automatic filter movement and I have to write article for sure as all these schema of moments passing to me as if some compelling anonymously…

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Easily share your WordPress content with Sociable

Sociable is a fun and exciting plugin to use in your WordPress blog, that lets your readers easily share your content. Sharing yours content led to better search engine optimisation and that leds to better visibility and in this process.Some better SEO advice is like this .To be visible in the search try to add…

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How to Use Ajax in WordPress

Ajax is popular among many webmasters. The prominent part of it is that it not only loads of contents from the website but also it does load it without refreshing web pages. This means this is not going to have an extra load on databases and loads on the server does not go to be…

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Google Connect Word Press Commenting Plug-in:2

Image via CrunchBase About Google Connect:uickly turn your website or blog into a place where people meet and get to know each other with Google Friend Connect’s easy-to-use features.Enabling Connect on your website couldn’t be easier. All it takes is entering your website’s URL and name when first signing into your Connect account. You don’t…

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Tweetcount Plugin for WordPress

This plugin uses BackType Connect to find all the links your posts receive on Twitter. It shows the number of tweets you have, and lets users retweet your posts quickly and easily.Show the number of times your posts have been linked on Twitter and let readers retweet. Features Specify one of the following URL shorteners…

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