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Series of articles with a broad overview of WordPress optimization with specific recommended approaches.

Optimize Your WordPress Website Using These Simple Tips

This article focuses mainly on optimizing word press in order to enhance the page load time so that ultimately the process of loading of a web page becomes extremely faster. Google, and every search engine wants website to be fast enough so that it readers should not wait for these website loading times for ever.…

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Create a EU Cookie Consent Plugin for WordPress

A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored inside website and it asks visitor’s web browser on computer or mobile devices when website runs on it. Most of times, these cookies stays with web browser for some time so that in the next visit website loads quickly and apart from it various…

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Add Post Views Counter In WordPress Posts Without Plugin

There are many different ways you can get involved with WordPress development. Even if you do not have slightest idea of what is php coding all about or what is my Sql database but still if you have word press website and that too self-hosted then you for sure get more and more understanding about…

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Closure Compiler

Google always likes webpage with responsive designing, faster loading times and fewer external scripts. Google is the most important online repository of webpages and Google Indexing provides good page rank and suitable visibility for webmasters. Secondly, with a faster webpage landing, more and more visitors continue to stay. Within the premises of your website and…

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