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1Protect your privacy with Mailinator : Part 1

Absolutely , Mailinator tag line is “let them eat spam”.Mailinator is the longest running since 2003 continuing till to date a standard disposable email service.It has limited mail experience but the fact is it is fast no registration required and it is a smart standard disposable email service. As we hate spam , unknowingly intensely Continue Reading »

CheckSite.us – Site Check

May be some awkward heading as you can think of this. CheckSite.us – Site Check, absolutely you are right.  Websites come and go.  Connections break and are restored. A week back www.ittech.cz.cc was down and when I check it it shows down ,bit confused whether my internet connection is down or something else or host Continue Reading »

Storybird: Website lets you create and share fun picture book stories

A free fun website tool for adults and kids with creative imagination can format fun picture books using very simple Graphic user Interface and graphics of clipart.It has functionality of collaboration that lets that lets you and yours kids connect in two or more places online.You can write yours own text and can create pictures Continue Reading »

Impregnable Webmail seemingly hacked after issuing $10K challenge

  From beta news: "After putting forth a $10,000 come-and-get-us challenge, it’s possible that Strong Webmail CEO Darren Berkovitz is rethinking his stance on that. The company, which makes voice-based authentication software, dared hackers to break into Mr.. Berkovitz’s Web-mail account and report back details from an upcoming date on his calendar. A week later, Continue Reading »

Blog Instantly Using Only Email

  If you can use email, you can have your own website to share thoughts and media with friends, family and the world.Yes, Posterous is enthusiastically a free service. Later, it may be adding premium features there will always be a useful free version you can use.It focuses on THE best email experience, and do Continue Reading »

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