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Future reading interfaces

Reading and writing has been since the times of innumerable times where the human have the agility to read more and talk more and for this they have invented more and more languages interfaces and within the parameters the event of reading and the future proof is still being the subject matter of investigation and diagnosis. Still to day the entire spectrum of reading and understanding has been through the written form of communications.

There are research ad that can provide the feed to the future generations to some outstanding unbelievable work structure of reading data mines which can make the thinking in a proxy and unobtrusive manner and that is the real parameters of basic understanding.When we listen something we suddenly think of as the writing in ours subconscious RAM stage which is then stay as the cache management stage in ours mind and then it goes through again some virtual reading process under ours mind and then it comes to ours actual knowledge through the mind’s hard disc space.

We can get into the emotional stages which no other systems can not revived in to and that is why we are separated form other existing animals as the rational part is being taken into from ours communicating which is not only be the fantastic but the worth of this has been some sort of terrifying into the inner base of CPU. In this article we will look into the future of human communication and the basic way of reading and writing job which will be more than what the ordinary computer will be suing it into.

Odia Dhag Dhamalli
Odia Dhag Dhamalli

Think of a system whose base is the writing just like a book and that will reflect some lights into the readers take into account that reader will be the human and thus wile opening the some called scientific fiction book and that will impart the rays on the reader , and reader does not have tom open the eyes only he will have open the book and that will face towards the human then he close the eyes so in this way the brain interface is in the pause state and so mind will be in reserve so he can if this process work great can goes on reading books after books innumerable times.

The book is a kind of a a poly graphic or lie detector mechanism which will impart the light on the reader and that will goes directly into the nervous system of the reader and will be all the content he ca visualise wile closing eyes and will know each and every details of the book in such a manner so much so that he will read the entire book within the span of a minute and thus he can grasper more and more knowledge within the short span of time , is not that excellent?

This will out reach to more and more people and people will love to attain to books they will not have to do anything to read to the books and the books by going through the nervous system of the reader and then goes to memory part of the reader and there all thee stories of the books will be stored in a separate folder and that can be accessible easily and this process goes on through some temporary memory management mechanisms and it goes on still it completes the copy paste options and then the reader while opening the folder from time to time can read the books as the entire copy and paste process goes on in temporary folder and after some time the reader will forget the first instance but due to the stating of the contents at the inner memory phenomena this will encourage reader to stay afloat with the entire structure and the perfect phenomena.

In addition to this the books could have embedded the technologies called the 3D augmented reality books which will describe in the vision and through some multimedia events the entire story telling features and as the research always proves that the visual presentations always goes first while the memory bank occurs as it can grasp the deep within memory features inside ours mind as the visual presentations always has been great and fine in its foot print. The only problem with it that due to heavy nature of high definitions and the 3D multimedia as the heavy use of mind could have some of the recursive effects on the health of the human mind as it has once for a while some sort of limited options to work around with.

Now we are quite not at it there which we are talking about but there are thinking of making such and such books that will not put pressure on human mind and the memory management of humans can be of wonderful exercise. Within the books will have the commercial option and also entire book can be consumed within few hours and that will stay in the mind for ever and also there is no alternative ways to delete it so far as human mind has some unique functionalities which cannot be recovered or attained into.

If that books have the new collaborative learning and networking and wile copying that books to mind and brain and that will have the networking effect then there is the possibilities of capturing one’s mind through some other bad and nasty tools and for this should we need any form of anti malware inside the fire wall of outer brain system? This seems more and more complicated with the each and every passage of development , as can a virus be crippled into the brain to affect the brain to work what the controller wants to do if these are the possibilities then there are some of these negative effects which we will have to fight with so that in the future human will not become the creature of nano-bots and so they will stay afloat with their unique brain management.

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A Virtual Life

It was afternoon the Sun was still here at the vicinity, plenty of luminosity in this part of the world which is making the most productivity times here with so much ease and compassion. Life is like an universe with no one knows where it is going though very much uncertain about future and tend to forget about the past with each passing days happenings with time the morale of anticipated syndrome is still continuing with each passing light years though the span of life is not that so that can be ever imagined of. We do not know much about the universe so as do not know very much about our future, but there is some person who tends to anticipate all these with each passing moment and that makes the real situation of the universe more interesting.

Somewhere, I have read about there is one research where the young persons from 18 to 30 years of age, though this research has been conducted on this group tend to listen songs while driving, as they tend to listen high pitched songs and give the volume to a superior level inside their car and while driving the car they listen high pitched sound and with those sounds they tend to forget about driving of vehicle and for this, they drove the car with some high speeds and that makes accidents or other damaging effects while driving. Why they are doing so and why they are attracted towards high pitched sounds and all the related high speeding vehicle as many of us want to stay in their sole and for this there are many disturbing effects of sounds all around and this makes the entire environment noisy and they want to get over the sound pollution which can be hazardous and for this they have devised these strategy to get out from these syndrome.

Extending span of life through sleep mode:

This is simple, they want to be in their own den but what they are forgetting here is they are at the public domain and for this they are driving the vehicle and in order to get out of this syndrome one has to stay always alert and in his conscience not to disturb the public phenomena in those specifications and for this one has to be extreme alert in the ears and also from the sounds that has been there and with due course of time the mode of vehicle driving needs to be seen as the earphones are not for the persons while you are driving, it is for you while you are inside of train for a longer journey as well as inside of any such vehicle where you are not driving or not seating at the front seat of vehicle. Similarly, while seating at the front seat of the car one should not be browsing as it can reflect upon the driver and for this one has to stay alert in order to have a perfect sense of alertness there.

In the brightest of ideas that can be ever seems to be realized from the widest of imagination is the accumulation of smart ideas and inherent therapies to conquer the entire world at ease, when there is plenty of sounds at the atmosphere and where all these are gone, whether they are accumulated somewhere at some places inside the vast vacuum or atmospheric arena, where are the sounds gone or are they travelling beyond the atmosphere of the earth and slowly goes over to many outlandish arena where no one can ever able to find all these.

Somewhere at some places is accumulating all these sounds information and trying hard to get most out of it? Are there some place where there are many advanced persons say aliens are there and who are trying to study ours languages and trying hard to know more and more from ours sounds as there can be many more understandable aspects from where they can learn more and more incidents and gain outlook about ours civilization. It can be thought of on some other aspects of living as it can be thought of as they are trying to know how advance we are and also they might be searching similar planets like them where there is life like us.

These are critical questions which we cannot think about it beyond such a limit and for this the most productive aspect of live is to know more about alien planets where there is live and if so are they similar to humans like us and if so are they similar in development or beyond us or behind us. The most reasonable amount of thinking can be given in such as there should be space voyage in which the destination and direction to reach there where there is lives and for this as in the previous article I have written in detail about there should be enough of time and also live of humans who happened to be astronaut inside of space shuttle, that needs to be live the longer life that can be beyond any such imagination as the astronaut has to live for thousand of light years and in what manner he has to live is the matter of brilliant scientific inventions.

Some say it is better to build semi robots, the minds of robots the body of person and then send them, but most of scientists believe that no one can surpass the intelligent of humans and for this in order to send for the long voyages it is necessary for humans to live that life, but how can this be possible? How can a normal person live that much, for this I have written some concept in the previous article, and one can refer to that but also one can find the real meaning of how to live as such which can be there in the past glories of saints who has been living for long without any such problem as they seem to be in the state of pause where the stipulated life is there and they just pause the running of brain and heart to stay there.

As these will be running in slower speeds in order to stay alive when the space craft is on the run, this should be the best option when the person is to be in the state of semi aliveness when the space craft is running and when any such destination is reached after such an long journey into light years, then he would be awaking from that state and his age would be calculated during that period, these are obviously great in thinking and how can these situation be created and done is the matter of great pounding of thoughts and for this one has to find the real manner in which the most anticipated ideas that needs to accumulated with times so as to see and find the real matter in which the flow of ideas of creating humans might succeed on one day.