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The Interview

For some time doing freelance work provides extremely amount of satisfaction as companies offered to work for their websites and I do it and now they have started paying for my work and while doing this for some time I received Google Adsense publisher account. It provides one of most extremely amount of satisfaction as it provide one of better understanding of how a website can be beautiful optimised in order to have greater amount of sharing of advertisements all over.

Now, there is plenty of amount of extremely satisfiable time and for this I search for jobs in fact full times so as to provide one of extremely way to share my knowledge towards constructing of websites, better management of wordpress websites, PHP and other digital marketings, search engine optimisation technologies, search engine management, content writer and so on and for this my search for full time job continues.

DLF Cyber City

My location is at Puri and the job opportunities for Puri town is scarce as there is no such important industries are there in nearby locations. For this I have to reach to Bhubaneswar as there are more and more business opportunities in order to catch the provisions and I do hope that most of them will call me for interview purposes and then this would be helpful for me.

Inside DTS Mo Bus

I am pretty much excited about it and for this I search through internet and short list some of these companies which deals with my important work schedules and my expertise and for this I continue to search it and take the help of many search engines such as that of Google job search, Indeed, Linkedin and find out some real jobs and locations of jobs and by reaching through their website I do make some sort of research on it and then find that, I note down their requirements and then put it on a plane paper.

I write down companies as and when I found it on the serial wise. I write down the name of the company one y one and then go to their website as I read about their service offerings, as well as about their companies so as to find out more about their companies as these would help immensely while taking interview at these listed organisations. I wrote down the names of companies and then match my work profile and which work profile vacancy there and then I wrote down their email addresses, telephone numbers and then talk about their companies.

Mo Bus

Then, I wrote down their telephone numbers and then take my phone and connect with a headset and then call these companies with the help of these numbers as I connect with headset to have clear tone while talking with these companies. Most of these companies call for walk ins and they told me to come with hard copy of my curriculum vitae.

I talked with these companies and then I contact with them and wrote down the schedules and then I talk to them and then confirm with them of my appointment so that when I reach there and so that I can continue my interview with them. I reached on the specific date with my daddy and then start with them with shuttle train which starts from Puri at eight am so that we can reach towards these interview points at the specified time.

We got up at half past four and then finish my daily routines, and then worship Lords inside home and then both me and daddy went to reach towards railway station as distance from my home towards railways station as it is hardly a fifteen minutes of work. I used to dress not formal but not so formal as the climate in Puri is currently with greater amount of humidity.

We reached at railways station as shuttle train is the passenger train and the price from Puri to Bhubaneswar is 15 rupees per person and there is no rebate of senior citizens. Generally, for senior citizens there is concession on express and superfast train tickets and for female senior citizens rebate is more that male counterpart.

I keep tickets inside my purse, so that tickets will not lost in the midway as government always checks tickets and it is important for all passengers to make journey within trains with valid tickets. We reached at Bhubaneswar, and then went to DTS bus stand and there government buses changes from Sahara Bus stand to Mo Bus. We reached at the location but bit confused about infocity and DTS Cybercity. We need to reach at DTS cyber city but sadly we got up at Infocity which is one kilometer prior to this.

One week back  we reached at the DLF cyber city but sadly we forgot exact location and then we feel hungry so at the side lane on one temporary shop we ate two cream breads costs ten rupees each and the size of the breads are so huge that I eat seventy five percentages of the bread. Then, we asked the shopkeeper about whereabouts of DLF cyber city and he shows one board which seems to go back side from where we are standing out there.

The sun was shining at its best and half of sky was filled with more and more clouds and this means the humidity and the power of sun is on the rise. Daddy wore one cap and I opened the umbrella there in order to avoid the scorching heat arising out from sun’s rays. We at last after 20 minutes of meandering here and there reached at the DLF cyber city and the next stop was to reach at the eleventh floor to attend interview of Shiftu Technology as there was the provision for content writer.

We reached there attend the written and then interview part and then we reached at the outside of DLF Cyber City and we moved out from, garage ideas it was almost one pm and we are feeling hungry and outside there was a moving hotel over a small truck and from there both me and daddy ate fish meals which is of 50 rupees. Surprisingly the rice was cod other wise all the other items are good and most of persons who are working there in the DLF Cyber City used to take lunch from there as for the distance there is no good amount of food stall in Chandaka industrial estates.

Rain inside Bhubaneswar-Puri Express way

The rice was cold but other items such as dal, the mixed non veg curry and the sweet water fish is good and benefit of chillies. I find it extremely nice to eat out. Hen, we move to the end of that street and then the citi bus stand out there. Nearby to that area we found that one ice cream parlour and with ten rupees with one cone and two scoops and the taste of both the scoops of ice-cream is very tasty and then the town bus reached and it was from private town bus stand, and they took 40 rupees to reach to master canteen and there was no concession of senior citizens out there.

When we reached from Puri to Bhubaneswar and then to mo bus the government town bus service in Bhubaneswar they have concession for senior citizens as they took 30 rupees for this journey, so this is the prime difference between government agencies and the private agencies.

Then we reached at DTS bu station to reach to Puri through air-conditioned bus service, as we reached at 3 pm but the bus was not going anywhere and we the bus service begins at 5.30 pm when most of people occupied the seats inside air-conditioned bus. During these two hour and 30 minutes we feel hungry and daddy from the nearby stall brought spiced puffed rice and it was of ten rupees and nice for taste and here is the man who delicately preparing the street food with too much of care and while watching this video which I uploaded on my YouTube channel Itechil and from there you can find more and more interesting videos to understand the travelling experiences of mine towards various routes.

While returning from Bhubaneswar to Sakhigopal there was too much of high-speed of rain and the speed of rain was too much and the air conditioned bus became too much cooler and that removes most of ours tiresome moments from this tiredful journey and the feeling of rain out there is extremely immense satisfaction and the movement of bus through new Puri-Bhubaneswar routes bypassing the Pipli makes the journey extremely satisfying.

WriteUpCafe a Social Network for Bloggers

Being an active blogger, the most important concern about it is how to get a good number real that bring smile reading by utilizing available stuffs inside gather valuable guidance in their life. This also gives the writer smile of his wonderful work as he can now know that most of his writings are now being readable inside Internet. Writer needs a community and wants others read and write about work. In area of following in days come I shall be writing about, networking options how can they utilize for prudent on their blogs and write ups.

Many a time, the writer feels deserted when it seems there is no such scope for thinking beyond the given environment as it gives him actual pain to attend and perceives as a superior writer. In these collective networking of can show case blog can involve co act and comment on their writings. These sites are the syndication of number of blog owners and it acts as dual role, one is being the syndication of all blog posts and the other is being the amalgamation of all forms of writers from all across the world, and by meeting and joining in these discussions one can find the real gold and with it one can easily acquire the desirable results. Humanity is born as a rational animal.

It wants to be shared with aspects of life and for this it is always desirable to have a life. Has given the of life. There are on Internet are providing a social with bloggers and one such example among few websites. It also acts as a directory of blogs, in which it would syndicate all blog contents and then it will show it in your timeline. With due course of time, when the number of friends is on the rise, you will find more and more people are lined up to read your blog or like it or favor it. Someone said. If you peoples post, then blog .

In this way, all it seems to lie down on the base sequence of interacting with your fans and then give responses to your quarry and other forms of general interaction. In these people always to read genuine posts and the about and definitions of which to known. It evolves the of networking and in this way the entire sphere of work and related subjects which are meant to be for the people of a generation is going to be the most preferred choice for bloggers.

Arena where one can give details about. It is one such step of blog networking where webmaster will always feel he have the most upper hand than ever be thought of. If blog is nothing to about. You create a new blog its dashboard and you can write about anything which you have liked the most and then you can share those writings on the dashboard and wait for yours friends and public responses to it and in this way the probability with which yours posts grows and the real people will be reading it in real time. Write up has built-in social networking buttons and with it you can share your posts easily.

Many a time in some blogging platforms it is always difficult to share the posts to different platforms, you have to download the add on in order to share those posts to diverse platforms. It is not only the blog posts that is going to be shared by you but also the different links which you come across as important to share can be shared by you at any given point of time, so one can easily find the real course with such an intimation and share it to different spheres with ease and without such difficulties.

Within these social networking a community and then interact with fans and followers and begins impressive and continuous conversation among members. It is a great place to take leisure, it is very easy to register with WriteUpCafe. On the top right side corner of the screen reach there and then click on sign up, if you are a new user, or nearer to it one button which says log. If you have created one account, then you can now log in from that link. You can with other members different subjects as well as information exposures on aspect and to particular ongoing topic. You can log with Facebook or twitter with WriteUpCafe.

Into the have clear of submit blog, Post writeup, Polls and many Such options. On the right hand side upper tab you have options of profile and settings. From My Profile section you can change the information as well as part “Edit”of profiles. Here, you can Changes the photo. If you change the image by uploading here then does not forget to save the photo after uploads. All the segments in this website are self explanatory and are clearly is being displayed at a distinct places.

It is not always important to use these services, but many a times, it seems that when you use these services you can get the maximum exposure share a like people who want to share and want to know about the similar people who are trying hard to write original content. You will is a bit of face book and a bit AOL social networking platform. It is prepared for bloggers and space to know each other and correspond each other in the proper spirit. There are huge privacy options available on this platform and you can choose which to share and which not to share and this approach.

It seems it is a bit like face book where you have the choosing privacy options. If you then to settings and then delete the account in order to delete the account permanently. From Blog showcase, you can delete, or add your blog, with its title as well as website URL and tags. It is important to give proper tags to it as with it your blogs will categorized syndication process is on. Your blog submitted acceptance and the next to add one script code into your confirm its originality. After approval, you can remove java script from your blog locations.