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Happy New Year 2020

New Year 2020. It is one of the coolest days at Puri town. The entire area is looking hazy and long-distance vision of the environment is not visible. Such is the cold parameter inside Puri town and one can wish to think of larger context towards the movement of the cold wave inside villages where there are lush green and plenty of trees in and around these areas. Even inside homes, the coldness is on the rise and the severity of it increases as in the first day of the new year there is rain inside Puri town.

the meantime a pluck of monkeys feeling cold out there and they are seating in and around nearby balcony areas and this proves to show that they are also feeling cold out there. The baby monkey is surrounded by a male and female monkey to stop the cold wave from touching the baby monkey. This goes on to show that the power of the brain is working for them too.

the meantime I got up early as I have to reach to Bhubaneswar and for this, I finished up all of the morning work and there is still the time so I decided to write this article. Still, I have one and half an hour with me so I decided to fully utilise this time duration. In the meantime, it is almost 6.40 am and now is the time of the clean India movement where the dustbin needs to be emptied inside the vehicle which comes every day.

the person would sound whistle and that means the dust collect vehicle is coming and we with dust bins one is of wet dustbin and the other is of dry dustbin would be thrown into it and it is written from which side you would throw wet and from which side you would throw the dry specks of dust into that vehicle. These vehicles are guided by lady supervisors who used to let people understand the importance off throwing dust bin contents into these vehicles and not throwing any other side.


this way, we make small but wholesome contributions towards moving to clean India more and more productive and more inclusive. On the first hand waking up at 6.40 am during this fridging wintertime is difficult but once you do it then ultimately it becomes one of habit for everyone to see and utilise this time efficiently. I do hope most of the people of Puri town should utilise this wonderful facility to make their habit of joining this wonderful movement of making Puri a cleaner and smarter city.

the meantime in this new year with the advent of digital social media networking such as Whatsapp people are sending wishes to their near and dear ones instead of waking up at 12 in the midnight and phone to people and most of the times in the good old days the phone lines get stuck with each other due to heavier traffics. Now with Whatsapp messaging sending wishing messages to near and dear ones and the contacts is very convenient and one need not have to wake up still the midnight and then start making calls to near and dear ones.

this way, these digital revolution is helping people to send to relatives to their near and dear ones and with appropriate timing too. We do not have to wake up still midnight and then continue to do work during those times. The new year 2020 is one of coolest one and with the rain, in the first day of the new year, it provides one of the well-defined wishes for most of us to be the advent of the one of the greatest and wonderful new year of all the time. Happy New Year.

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