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Mobile as messenger

The consumer electronics market is witnessing an unprecedented transition in product revolution. There has been a phenomenal rise in the use of mobile computing and simply a phone is no longer self sufficient as with due course of time a phone has become more than necessity. Now as girls go to colleges they are with mobiles and they are always connected with their families and it is sheer a necessity that we can think of. In the later part of article I shall be writing more and more about some illustrations and how these can be more that self sufficient and necessity.

With mobile even if we are out side but always feel at home with long term connectivity and with it the entire spectrum of ideas come into mind and the sheer part of it is the real time necessity when the child goes out to school and the apprehensions that parents has to bear upon. Daddy always apprehensive about when I first went to school as daddy has been saying when the child goes out of home that is the real fear of parents has been taking it for long. It is the apprehensions all along that has been crippling in the minds of parents through out and that is why the real passive manner we can not think any of it. May be it is true and we can only think of it when I myself becomes to that position and that is why myself cannot be thinking of the position of what parents are thinking of as always.

The fact that due to mobiles and then the smart phones , all the relevant information can be think of , as it has become so short and smart and within it , contains all the relevant information , like that of contract book where can be each and every details of contact which we can not imagine of , images , email, web address, synchronization and almost each and every part of details we can fundamentally think of and these are real passion and parameters as we can then search all the contracts through phones and never ever have to be worried about it as we can get all these with a touch of a finger. Now we do not have write down the details of any contract list with pen and paper. Before the advancement of mobile daddy used to be with small digital phone book, which can store one thousand addresses and also we were very happy with it. Now smart phones with sim car can store thousands of addresses as phone book and this signifies the time has really changed to a not so imaginative level.

Even that time cannot be compared with as with due course of time all the possibilities has been magnified and also the real imaginative part is the way all these functions now inside such a small parameters so that we can easily engage our mind to get it back at it and with due course of time all have been really signifies and attains to the maximum possibilities. Many a times when we think we should be searching for some sort of information and the real address for this to find out the pen and paper phone book and whether we can get it back with it or not is not the real point of action or imagination but the main point of time is how to get it quickly in urgency and in certain shrewd manners.

That is why with smart phones you can do more that just the speed dialing , so as to say , you can be equipped with favorites and with it , you can make asterich on the other part and that is why the real beauty of this.Smart phones are fast becoming smarter day by day and with it the real expense and other related atmospheric conditionality is going forward with it. With advancements of newer generations smart phones and related notebooks the real passion is to get it more and slicker and more and more wonderful so that it can be the real gem in the hands of people who are wearing it.

Due to advent of cheaper prices of mobile phones in market as well as cheaper pricing and offers, more and more lower middle class persons able to have mobile phones in their kitty. With it some use it in wrong way, that is making miss calls or troubling others and making some of most harshest calls that you can ever think of , and with it there are answers to it and these can be soled in some of the easiest way. It is simple, get your customer care number and before it note down the troubled caller number and date and time of call and then, said it to customer care of your mobile network and they will block the number and take necessary actions or else there are some other specifications which you can do, if you have access to internet.

There are some sites and those are country specific and you can research on those sites according to your country and with it you can find the real path of action and then simply make the written complaint and those website will simply find you and then they will be getting back at your problem and you do not have to worry much about it as with due course of time you will know, these websites are tailor made for you and they will do the work for you automatically, and in most of the cases the problems will be resolved .The mobiles phone utility comes more with girls as it is essential in case of educational matters.

Let us say due to some reason I missed one class and want to know what tasks has been given, even if we are at five to ten kilometers away still we can think of getting back to each other due to mobile and that is why it has become the real ambassador and the real boon so that it can go a longer way with it. Even now with extended battery life of mobiles and also due to eve extensive and greater mobile cards, lots of songs and videos are in store and if you have the longer journey and also with train then all yours tired and boring part will be over due to smart phones is with you as it can slowly, giving you the much required pleasure and due to this all has been a must for most persons.

Now, with each passing time there has been more and more revolutions in the field of mobile technology as of now there has been talk of three Sims in one single phone and this is really charismatic and wonderful to think it out to the least of any sort of imaginations. The newly married girl when for the first time goes to her husbands home, there she was within the strangers as all the relatives happens to be of her husband as this is the rule and this has been since the ages and for this the real path of connectivity with her parents and siblings as always been the mobile phones and with it she can with due permission from her in laws now been able to get back, and talk to them and with this her loneliness will slowly be evading from her with due course of time .

That is why with these essentials the importance of mobiles is on the rise and for this it has slowly becoming part and parcel of individual lives. Just think about it, mobile has been slowly becoming the style action and icons to now necessities and ultimately in most cases the bare single necessities , even in many cases it has slowly becoming day by day just like our dresses we tend to use day in day out .

When , there is the beginning of relationships in arranged marriages , that has been in construction by respected parents of girl and the boy , the talk and the communication medium just been built with mobile as when their respective parents just been getting together then they will first talk through mobiles and then they fixed the venues according to their decisions and that is why the significance of mobile is now more than what it has been anticipated.

It connects two strangers and while they talk they will feel ease but actually they can be miles apart from each other and all these has been more and more important in building relationships, it is now becoming some sort of new age messenger and that is why all these annotations and connotations of messenger ship in earlier ages as well as now is relevant.

It has gradually acquiring the role of a messenger and now the unique part of this trend is that this messenger is not a person as always with due course of history, instead it is the mobile, the tool and that too in the hands of yours and now you can connect and talk , and with modern innovations and many apparatus and smarter actions and now with the touch of your finger you can call back and take the necessary actions and these are real master strokes in the modern world and that is most surprising and astonishing to the smartest of imaginations.

It does feel like that of to be a perfect innovator with this sort of ease at work and also corresponding persons does rely it to become day in and day out that sort ease at which the whole sort of working parameters, it is just like a good mixture of a fantastic recipe which does not have to be added any thing while you take it into your mouth. This is the perfect sense of adequate requirements that has been doing into it and dwelling into it.

The utility of mobiles when at risks related with, emergency services is always inevitable and also the ugly side of it must be accessed before counting down all the mechanical part of it. The attachments of cameras and other accessories with time to time more and more megapixels added into it just enable the user to have more and more cautious, as with the arrival smart phone and good internet packages anything can be at times spread to the internet within a whisker. These are ugly side of internet and always be aware of these imminent dangers that has been lurking in and out and around you. People have to be cautious of these parameters.

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