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Add your URL to Google

Image via Wikipedia You can share yours place on the net (yours website) with Google, it is easy process.Google add and update new sites to its index each time it crawls the web, and Google invite you to submit your URL here.Simple enough if you want Google to crawl yours site and everyone wants their […]

SEO Content Writing special 2

SEO- Search engine optimization like Google,yahoo,Bing etc. search engines should be looking yours content and updates it as well as you update yours post. It sounds simple but it is a far more complex logarithm and constant and continuing shift of search engines techniques ,SEO is constantly changing so as to say it is a […]

Scan Websites for Viruses – Urlvoid

Every Sunday, browsed my favorite blogs and got information about this site which is basic of this write up and the site is Urlvoid, it is very useful for webmasters as well as for casual and serious surfers. This service is from NoVirusThanks Company which has NoVirusThanks online service to scan  suspicious file. This information […]

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