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How Google Search Algorithm Works

In the field of Internet Google’s presence is everywhere. What we search for and what to search all depends upon the search results from Google. There is completely absolute dependance over Google and that is why Google always tries hard to make this product search absolute and relevant. Most of times the first two to three pages from Google that works as visitors tend to depend upon most relevant search results.

One disclaimer for readers is that this article is based upon experience of author not from any research and having using internet and computer for last 20 years the perfection of relevancy of accumulated results depends upon the experience and am sure readers should agree on this. Google is all about semantic search.

Most of people search for any term such as noun or specific number and some of course very few search about any solutions and most of times Google search results comes handy in answering to this. Sometimes search results are not so relevant as when I search for ‘how to edit sahaj ITR form return after e-verified submission’ it first provide the first link of a pdf from ITR website and that is all about how to submit informations in ITR form and nothing find about how to edit it and that makes me sense that in any case for some times Google also confused about search result as it can simply provided the answer that this cannot be done and after it is processed one can submit it.

What I intend to tell about that search results should have some artificial intelligence as when or not there is no answer to it then it can find and think about it as in above case it can simply provide the search result of that one cannot edit already e verified return but can edit it after it is processed by ITR. These are part of artificial intelligence on the part of Google in order to make search terms more relevant and more towards absolute truths.

First and foremost the Google search algorithms should have an artificial entity in order to provide and dissect the flurry of informations and sees what is most relevant to readers. Then I experimented with another term and this time I put entire my name in Google search box and then hit enter. Due to car festival at Pri town my native place I do find that the speed of internet on slower side and for this search terms appears slower and hopefully after one or two days this will be rectified by cell companies.

I found that first my linkedin and then face book page of my website and then twitter, instagram and so on and this justifies that it also attaches my website into search result and this time I found some part of artificial intelligence in search results as it mostly shows mty social networking profiles but also it shows the attached work profile and this seems to be a nice search result with artificial intelligence input into it.

But when I go to second page of search results it shows that results of some other web pages where I commented on their good articles in the past, I think this is not necessary for me as I search for my name and I hope all of my social networking profiles such as VK, and others should show here but sadly the links of other website where my comment is approved is showing in the second page of search results.

In this case the artificial intelligence of search Google search algorithm works but in the next page it seems that o such relevant results I found and then I decided to go ro third page to see how it is working and this time I moved to third page and I found that it is the same results as that of second page and this means that only in the first page I found that the search result is relevant as it provides information about some of most widely known social networking results and then other lesser known social networking results are absence in the second or in the third search result page.

What I found with this two experiments in Google search results is that it is the relevance of search results that matters the most. Proper use of artificial intelligence is the order of the day. The full feature social networking and artificial intelligence can provide better and wider gamut of search results for the visitors. I found Google prefer Linkedin as the first intelligent search as it is at the first column and then facebook and then after some results I found about twitter.

What it is intended to say that if you have a website or blog then rewrote those article with Linkedin in order to have better search results for you and in this way search engine optimisation of yours site increased.

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Personal Evaluation of Google Search Engine

Throughout all of these years when Google becomes, the number one search engine sand it can be found everywhere and it becomes most essential part of landing into internet whenever we reach for any immediate and intentional semantic search. At first Google becomes a convenient way to search anything from internet. As most of the internet is filled with so many websites that are becoming fast essential for absolute true search to find anything vital in our life.

Now with the introduction of Android, Google search engines included as an essential part of understanding of how to find relevant search engine. Now, Google Apps which aims to provide intelligent article selection just for the account you have intended, provies and examines the intention of yours search from all of Google Apps and then it provides relevant and most frequent for of search essentials that makes the running of intended searches slightly permanent to think about it.

Google is like a butterfly in our wallets. Think about a movie sequence of Patch Adams (1989) where Patch is sad and want to running out from all the good works he had done only becasue he thinks he is respnsible, for his best friend’s death but when he reached to a barren land and at the top of the mountain and does find that he is only between, the death and the life and if he suicide by jumping from that top of mountain and then he could reach to his beloved where she is perceived to be nerarer to God.

When the plums of winds move and he look behind and see his wallet, a nice butterfly is touching the wallet and he found the real time and energy of how his beloved wants him to do so, and then he found the way what he wants it to become and then he moved towards the most wonderful part time, of management of life where he finds that Google is such a prominent part of life and that makes the part of living of intelligent search engines towards the betterment of life.

In the meantime, when we find anything relevant such as Google Assistant which is similar to that of search engine but interactive searches and that provides real time information management to persons who reach towards the most management of life and essential incident of life, and find the essential information that works for life and most time management for people where relevant search engines which removes the period of time so that ours most essential part of life, always reached towards meaningful meanings of life that makes the management of life essential most part of life and business management towards the most essential solving of life towards excellence.

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Genuine Search Results

Throughout this write up I have emphasized of the search results that can have the possibility of more and more correct results and these can be only done through some smart algorithms and in this way the market leader for search engines is Google and it is now followed by the challenger Bing and in this part of write up , will be completely based on this .

Google believes in simplicity and that is why its dashboard page is simple with clear cut search field and also after so many updates it has now search suggestions and that is helping in many ways to the users as they do not have to think what to write and what not to write and that is what making them more and more easier for user interaction with search engines.

One other aspect is that search suggestion can be turned of and if you are with slow internet connectivity then many a times these suggestions will not be visible. I have seen even in slow internet connectivity the mobile search of Google is very fast and that is a real nice to see , then the question arises why not the web browsers are making the provision for mobile browsing within the desktop web browsers and these can have the real possibility of greater importance for this nicer and wonderful acumen of making the web browser that can have the provision for mobile browsing within desktop so that the website loads faster in case the user on the slow connectivity or in speedier connectivity and the downloads are on then even user can check her daily visits to websites and also email accounts .

Positive Internet Search Results:

Google has done in this regard as with G mail you can have the slow connectivity loading as well as the beautiful high connectivity connection and all these are smart and good thinking. Web browsers must give the desktop user the required space for browsing so that they can take advantage of any sort of challenges they face with the ever-changing and ever growing internet.

Human is the complex animal with a complex brain up and above her shoulder and also the way it met with various sides and the way it can do the multi tasking just grows to show that the thinking also goes with the same way. Human beings just goes on to show that they are the rational and what does the rational means as it is very complex to understand as these can have various connotations. When any such search term is being used for search through search engines their complex set up mind just comes into mind and so there is not a single point of guarantee whether they will be satisfied with the results given by search engines is correct or not . So, how the search engines going to find the real search results , simple due to the advent of web and also cheap side of internet connectivity with lots of special package internet connectivity it is a better idea that humans spend more and more time with the internet .

As with the advent of internet they are spending time with blogging, with their websites and other related web interfaces and that is where the key is. A person can be known from her activities and that is why the activities and logs of her within internet is always place the significance. Bing search engines goes one step ahead as it is offering one option to include Facebook account with your searches as with this you can find the real side of it. If you want to have more and more correct searches within then try to include your very own and popular Facebook accounts as it is simple form of addition and it is self-explanatory as with this you could have the read side of searches.

With this Bing perhaps analyses yours activities and friend list am not sure but perhaps it can see these and with this your search results will be influenced and this is the real passion of searches which you can find if you tend to search most general searches. If you feel the differences what the search results the Bing is giving to you after adding Facebook with it and the results are smart with lots of genuine search results if you happen to search more on social and health grounds.

I am willing to share this view that all these are not backed by any sort of scientific results and diagnosis but these are from the results of my own observation which I went on to search from time to time from my research work and article writing work. It is for sure when I try to know about any sort of topic related to English literature , health care or beauty care then my preference is Bing and nothing less or more for sure as it gives the real and genuine results that can have more and more good results and understandings .

Due to assimilation and addition of Facebook with Bing account, it does make for sure get the critical differentiate and these can be felt within the results as with most prominent results are being shown and the search results becomes more and more realistic and up to the point of action that can have more and more to the real side. This does help as it gives more brighter side of the results as well as the it reduces the internet connectivity costs or data costs if you are working with some sort of monthly plan of mobile pocket internet connectivity.

Now with Google , you can integrate your Google + profile and it does can analyze your activities there if I am sure it is or may not be , then what Google + profile does is that mostly it is all about relevant links of interest and its profile section though it gives the most correct recognition of faces but their social activities have very rare with Google + profile as it is as always deals with the brighter side of internet websites not so much of social networking as that in the case of Facebook as with Facebook we can find the entire history of person but these are not the case sufficient with Google + profile .

That is why the human mind analysis cannot be done entirely with Google + profile as I may think so and for this to find the real websites searches according to each person profile, related with Google + profile will not be sufficient. While at Google + profile when I see a good picture , I tend to see and down load it and make it a plus so that I like it , but that does not say that I like that particular flower , when I search for flower with Google search. This is the most significant part of it as the case may be as when I search Bing with Facebook connect then it can probably I am not sure my trial of activities related to flower may be I was planting the rose flower garden and when I search for flower I do expect the search engines to give me the results about rose flower, that does not mean that I do not like the other flowers.

That is why I Google plus tulips as it is also good but that does not mean to say that I like tulips the most and when I search Google or Bing they should not think that Tulip is my favorite. I Google + profile tulip from other stream of updates by exploring Google + profile. It is the instant decision but my like is always rose as my profile picture at Facebook is with rose this is what I meant to say and for the search to be more realistic , knowing the person is more important , to know the person you must know them through their social activities through their social profiles and relatives .

All these are from my user experience and these may be completely wring and also I do not mean to offend any company, these are the suggestion as if these can be implemented then searches will be definitely be more and more robust and user friendly and that is what each search engines giants like to attend and all these can have the suggestions for them and they can implement all these. It is also advice to them to first try and see if all these are really happenings as in my case all points has been on my user experience not backed by any such scientific diagnosis. If any company feels ashamed and offended with this writing , I sincerely apologetic and sorry for this.

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