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TIme Machine

Time Machine is the word relate with prepositions towards nderstanding to remove all baricades of time and move to some other times especially for the journey to past or even to present. It believes in the process that everything that occurred in past and that will be occuring in the future  has the time stamp embeded into it nd for this one can with such machine can move beyond tim and watch what has happended in the past and what will happen in the future.

With due curse of time it is ruled under this events that everything had been in the past is continuing to have time stamp of events just like now have Google Photos where everything in the photo segment is there in the time formats and we can browe easily with an internet connection with it and for this it is similar as that too understanding the time machine which is a mchine probably move us to the same time slowt of the past and then move again to the presenct time slot.

We canot stop time even if we stopped at some point of time. It is constantly moving phenomenon with some measures of variables which has been accepted world wide with coplete ease and movement of momentarily facts that has complete synchronisation to the time and distance units or universe.It is a concept but each and every concepts of physics comes from the concepts and then becomes the reality.

When we thin of conquering of time then we think as the hypothesis that time has rested its various time prints and stamps into it the sequel of events and when we read history as the result of it and if this concept could become one day true then we can reach to that segment of history and then undertand whether it is on truth or not and can reexaine what historians have so far written on that events on the particular day of the pasts.

The first and the best of security that could have been with time machine is that we should make it full proof that the persons who are at the different stages of time  machine must return to the original time other wise there would be difficult to understand what would be there faith by not returning from the time zone which they should have been in terms of past or future. If that so then how could we cope with it and ho coud we find them and then make their return to the present time.

This is a completely awkward situation which we may consuder to think and hat about their rest of life if they are not retunign from the past and stay in the times of opast or future. It is important to know entire process detail and  where to apply the forms and factors of security where as and when the individuals will be sent to the times stamps of future or of the past needs to be wel protected so that at any point of tie they will have the conveniece to return to the presence as and when they wish to and want.

What if some one reaches at the tie of  a barbaric leaders who execurtes many people and in this event of the past he finds himself in the state of bsolute danger and in such cirucmstance he should have the liberties to reach to the present time at his or her will otherwise there would be time mismatch as he is not the past person but the presence but stays in the pst which ridiculously does not solve this mysteries at all.

Only creating a time machine which is still an absurd concept and then sending prson to different time samps to learn about anthropological apporaches to humans and raveling mysteries of universe does not imply any good still we have no right to destroy what has happended in the past and what will happen in future as all of these are not to be known by humans to say the least.

As humans we do not have the rights to change what has happened in the past and what should be happening in the future and for this it is always important to learn about how to keep everything intact and how to see the past or the future with the eyes of camera of with the eyes of us so that  the people of the past should not realise that any person from their future is looking at them and if that process of scientific observation becomes correct then we can watch the incidents of pasts without modifying it.

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Pride and Prejudice: 2

Here, the tap is open, a trend seems peculiar to me and also the way, it has been there and there are some green particles out of it and that gives me the real trend and knows how to go for more investigation in this regard. The tap is at the off posture, but the particle coming out of it, and here, ittech thinks that, it is time to investigate the drainage system, ittech, bring out the subsidiary pipe system and then, open the lock plate of wash basin then watch it, and understand that, the tap is ok and has been in use for longer time, water also been there, but the real mystery behind the green colored liquid is yet unsolved, for this, reason.

I open my small portable lab and begin testing of this liquid for some time and then realize that it is the most dangerous poison , that can hit heart and can bring to death a person within minutes. It first mutes the person and that makes the job easier and then, it attacks heart and choke and consequently, heart stops responding. This shows that the conspirator or the murderer has a good knowledge of engineering and chemical skill as it seems that the poison comes through the tap, after a while as water drops from it.

So, there is some mechanics out there somewhere inside the castle where the mechanics of sending the poison after an interval seems interesting. Now , there is a small lead that , it may be house maid’s death can be due to intake of poison , then the question arises , what is the motive behind killing of her , whether she knew some secret of this family or some other matter likes that of love affairs as it is estimated that the house maid was young. Then, ittech asks officer, about autopsy report and it has reached and there it is clearly suggests that, the murder was due to intake of same poison as ittech has expected and this shows that he is now in the correct path and with this lead, the strongest so far and for this, he searched the room again and again for two more hours, without uttering any sound and while doing his work, he is so absorbed inside it that, he hardly knew that officer is standing at the corner.

The officer is always has an inspiration from ittech as during that time he got some objects and there , he shows that to ittech and then ittech reached at that side of room and began inspecting that are , where the coup board is present. There are some scratch marks out there and in among scratch marks there seems to some flesh out there and ittech took that with a small spatula which he recovered from coup board and then keep it in a clean glass and then he opens his small lab, which he always carries and keeps within his persons suitcase, which is a peculiar one, he bought it from the hill side and it is made of some rare materials and the prominence part of it is that, it can endure all weather conditions.

He tested with his small lab and after ten minutes, he reached to the conclusion that, it is the flesh of the man and then, he has a brilliant technique of knowing the blood group from that flesh and also there are some techniques out there, where one can knows the physics of a person outright through this test of flesh recovered from coup board. Ittech has the now brilliant leads , as from the recovering of flesh , evidently some other person , a male with 35 years of age was there at the room of house main , was it forcefully or was he guest there , was he from other maid or was it from the owners relatives .

Many questions are still to be answered, and there are many possibilities of it, all these needs to be stitched together, like that of, the poison, the engineering traits and how the water comes at the same tap that with of poison at some other interval and then the arrival of one more person at that room, all these has been very intriguing and interesting and with these thoughts the officer has been in attentive glance at ittech. He thanks the officer of giving the clue to the lead and then ittech started investigating the room, especially the door and the window part, as the door was locked from inside and the window was thoroughly locked as this leads to some sort of conspiracy and this says that there is more to it that it is expected.

Now, ittech moves towards the windows, it is a general one with horizontal cast iron rolling into it and then he tries to push it and try to see whether these rods can be removed from outside or not, and then after some time, he realizes that, there are some path where one can easily remove the rods from windows, so clearly even if the window is closed so as at that time a stranger can easily enter room and then can easily go out of room.

Ittech calls the officer, who is standing near doors, which is just opposite to windows, for ventilation purposes these has been constructed and then he calls the officer, and then asks him, can you able to open the window rulings and officer try hard to remove those, then ittech, shows him the trick there by opening all the rulings and then he himself come into it and goes out and now the second part is the lock of window pane can be switch on at that time, with single string ,as ittech come out of that open window and then he stays outside and the officer whiles staying inside , lock the window pane and in the meantime from outside easily within seconds with the help of a small tool the window lock is unlocked and easily , ittech come into inside and here is the best lead , that perhaps the attacker , came from windows as , after seeing and investigating the doors time and again and for almost one hour , it is that , it cannot be open with the help of any tool , as it is almost a perfect door to have , so , it goes on to show that , the assailants have reached here from window side and for this the investigation of that part of mansion is necessary.

For this , ittech told officer to stay there for some time and then , he went ahead from window side by removing all the rulings and then , watch just the below postures of that window, there the clay is soft due to some light drizzle , with the help of it the water has become soft and in the meantime , ittech opens his suit case ,the small mobile lab , that is always with him and then , find some white powder from it and pours on there , and sprinkle some water on it , and then , open the small umbrella on it as there it is still light drizzle , and wait at some time , within minutes ,that place is covered with some white soils with the two foot steps shown there , and this gives the widest possible as there are some steps at the foot of windows pane .

As on both side , nearer to cement of windows pane and the soil that leads to windows pane has been covered with , white cements , poured by him and at that point of time , he compares both the areas and come to the conclusion that , both footsteps has been of same originality, and this is the most vital proof as at that point of time , there can be any persons standing there , but the answer is why then the same footstep nearer to window pane and for this , it is vital for this aspect is that , the person who wants to enter the room , has removed the rulings and then enter it .

This means there are two possibilities, whether that person was the secret lover of the murdered maid or on the other hand, it could be the murderer, that enters it and then implement the work out there. There are many more possibilities are that , her secret lover ,can be the , murderer due to varieties of reason and then ,out of all the persons ,there is to be through check likes that of blood groups and other identity information . The most vital aspect is to check the backgrounds s of all the inmates and then a proper study and question and answer session is the order of the day.

Then, ittech opens the window from the behind with the small and easy trick and enters the room, where the officer is still investigating the matter in detail and the ittech closes the window with rulings placed inside it thoroughly and quickly and also then ittech requests officer to bring out the details of all the inmates of mansion and then , they come out of room and also said that , in the evening , ittech should be checking the body of the besieged maid and for this , it is vital to keep and preserve the body , as for two hours ittech should be going to some engineering classmate e of his to know more about this secret of tab and the poison flow into it with certain amount of interval and that too from time to time , at some other places this has not been done.

Ittech and officer come out of that room and one official guard that rooms and ittech said to him that no one should be allowed to enter it, as there are still vital clues lying here and there inside room. The case seems to be interesting, and it needs to be resolved at faster place as there are possibilities that some more members may be attacked at any point of time and for this it is almost essential to convey all the members to be alert and safe before this case resolved properly.

Push the Envelop of our imagination

Think about what we are living in an environment, where we are controlling the environment through some of the rarest of its kind the most ingenious part of life where we have made all the process in an automated and separate entities. For one part as I was on the tour for five days when I reached home, I realized that they had weathered my favorite plants because of lack of water and that is the most worrying imagination for me as I had pained of myself to rear those plants. Here comes the reality concept of internet of things where day to day living things can be connected within internet environments that can be controlled from outside through your internet connectivity and also it can be run through different multi layered attachments you have to process and separate.

Now, let us think , the plant is connected to my smart phone device through an ingenious sensor and with all the time broad band connectivity is on, the sensor when finds out that the plant is fading and I am out of town for some days it should send me the message and also it should send to the smart tap ,which has been connected with Android enabled tap management and then it should open and now the water should flow into the flowerpot and it is too invigilated by an ingenious sensor that is attached with smart phone and it should see that the water level given to the plant needed to stay at the safer side so that plant should not be decayed .

This can be true and there are many technological shows where these class of automated mechanisms has been demonstrated, where one can push the envelop of one’s imagination as many times it is the need of consumers but the question arises, when this should be done and how to be done so it should be nearer to people imagination. When we , think of human mind which is mostly the automated one, here one should always fancy of creating such wonderful artificial intelligence related technology excellence, where many can pass on these as the most genuine and most essential part of investigation.

One can envision another aspect of a smart fitness tracker. It shows the calculations of all the calories and attached mechanisms that is being essential for your body these trackers should have been configured to make the most of the tasks automated and also it should advise your when you walk out and also when you are eating something it should let you known automatically that your health conditions are so and so and one should go with proper care and attention. What it should have done in the longer run is that it should drive these applications for proper human care and also in the long run if it is accepted by consumers as a whole, then , this can be turned into one of the most monetizing application for the consumer .

So there is the demand for continuous evolvement of internet of things, where the consumer should look forward to welling managed internet of things, so that when we think of it as the wholesome management of household, the other part of it was that , it should be multi-layered and also different layer should make up, the different mode of actions and the correlated actions needs to be full of adequate networking that has to be function with proper and integrated manner. To push the internet of things further one can find it to run it towards the most of the integrated road transport management , the use of smart cars and it should be helping you to connect you with your home and also traffic , weather management, monitor and control all aspects of driving during roads , this is nearer to the concept of self-driving car, this may push the envelop of your imagination but it is more of a reality , and with due experiment and research the concept of self-driving car will be the reality.

The other point of concern is for sure, suppose this science fiction is the work in progress and it does the work in the perfect manner , but at that same time , broad band down and now the connectivity is hardly there , so in such exceptional circumstances what should be done to recover the process and at that point of time the car is self-driving mode so , in what manner , this can be done and in which way , the self-driving car to be molded so much so that there should not be any such mishap in between journey. So, in these offline situations, where each intelligently artificially managed instruments sorely becoming dumb, there should be other mechanisms in such situations to make them run in these circumstances, just like the oil reserve service of automobiles ,when the oil reserve becomes almost empty ,then starts the reserve service where still you can manage for the lots of oils. So, with the faster change of internet and connected devices, the information thresh hold is fast approaching to change with time, where from internet we can find , the relevant , things and object that has been there with each of the process and information .

It is time for the manufacturer to think beyond and search and push for the envelop of our imagination so much so that , finding newer connected device that can have the intelligent capacity with the proper understanding of environment modules and of concerned accidental environmental exceptional situation like just above could bring forward more and more potential , attachments to the concept of thinking and bringing in to action the more sophisticate action modules so that in the long run consumer could feel safe to use these applications for the betterment of society. It is enjoyed using internet through ours new lenses with due course of time one can find the most reliable and understandable elements that will succeed in the proper and sufficient manner for the user to unravel the potential gains that is attached with it. It is time to push the envelope of our imagination to continue to experience more of the most significant and potentially masterful actions. Welcome to the world of smart and connoted device era, where one can perform the actions in the automated manner with full of self-operating mode and that too towards proper environment due product life cycle that can have most potentially wonderful actions in somewhat ,most restrictive environment with proper internet revolution that has just been arrived.