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How to stop heartbleed virus of android?

Life has been somewhat misled with all undesired intentions of not writing article for today but somehow the schema of mind is propelling it as if it is one such automatic filter movement and I have to write article for sure as all these schema of moments passing to me as if some compelling anonymously […]

Add more space to Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

What is this article all about: This article is all about adding more space to Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos, so as you can have more space to your android device, it is all about real cloud computing in its action. So far till to date, there are many discussions about cloud computing as most of […]

Samsung rolls out ‘Jelly Bean’ update for Galaxy Grand Duos handset in India

Introduction: In the last few articles, I have elucidated about Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos handset and its various functions and related utilizations. Time to time when I check back its update statuses in order to know the specification of update, I realize that sometimes back it says you are in the queue and your hand […]

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