Speed up yours internet connection

Change ¬†yours Internet Service Provider May be due to technical problems, or receive or wiring issues , you can change yours Internet Service Provider , before this , check whicservice provider is offering good speed with value for money. Check with their competitors to see if they offer a speed more suited for your needs. Continue Reading »

Online safety tips and safeguards

Image by Paul Watson via Flickr More damaging effects of malwares include cause & effect : Followings to be avoided before connecting to the internet. 1.    Lower connection speeds 2.    Software freezing 3.    System crashes 4.    Unwanted disc usage 5.    Piggy-backing on software downloads 6.    Drive-by-download through IE 7.    Rouge-antimalware 8.    System behaves suspiciously 9.    Continue Reading »

Better safe than sorry : 2

  Set up two accounts for your computer an Administrative account and a limited user account . An administrative  account connective internet poses serious security risk . Run internet with limited user account. Turn off or disable the Guest Account For this go to  Control panel > User Accounts , then select the guest  account Continue Reading »

Better safe than sorry : 1

  Integration is the buzz word when we talk about computer security. Risk  hovering upon you, when you are online. It is a world of Jungle, in the form of adwares, spywares , viruses, malwares Trojans, key-loggers, root kits , hackers, phissers to name of a few. So, we are vulnerable around the online world. Continue Reading »