SAIL an overview: Glimpses of new India

During struggle for independence, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister, had a very clear vision about the role of Steel in the development of our country.  The reason behind it that it was well understood by great leaders of our country that the steel sector will be one of the most important factor for Continue Reading »

The necessity of computerization in BSP

Despite the machinations of its rivals, SAIL (BSP) is the master of India’s steel making and darling of common people. Computers were first introduced in BSP, so that it can rapidly enlarge their application fields in proportion to the growth of steel production as powerful tools for computerizing various control systems supporting the mass production and Continue Reading »

Credit risks and market risks

Banks face three major types of risks: Credit Risk, Market Risk and Operational Risk. 1. Credit Risk (CR) Banks are in the business of accepting deposits and lending: they operate mainly with depositors’ funds.  Unfortunately, not all the monies lent, and the interest due thereon, is recovered. The borrower may default in his obligations to Continue Reading »