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Google Pixel XL Review

Smartphone market is facing a huge surge of demands. Google’s android is slowly penetrating into the smart phone market. Due to affordable pricing and smart marketing with complete security environments slowly Google and its distance competitor Apple is taking control of android phone markets. Google is not aiming to capture smart phone market with the Continue Reading »

Examination reforms in Odisha

Matriculation examination begins: Matriculation examination begins from this Monday. The significance of this examination in related to student’s career is immense and for this, this examination gains more attention from students. Six lacs students appearing for this year examination, out of them some are from regular streams and some are from ex-regular streams. This proves Continue Reading »

Forethought on online education

In the last few years distance learning and online education had been very popular. It is because you did not have to go to regular classes for this and also through internet and offline books you could read simultaneously and then you can also appear in examination and for this it is very popular. As Continue Reading »

Do you like AnVir Task Manager?

Computer is a complex mechanism and it deals with the relationships among hardware and software and many a times with the arrival of modern computers,  and then related operating systems , which had been the amalgamation of huge number of complex coding that enables it to work with hardware  Windows has built in task manager but Continue Reading »

6 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu OS is a free operating system and comes under Linux distribution , it is very popular with a beautiful default user graphical interface  for the GNOME-3 desktop environment. Followings are some of the good tips and tricks that can be essential for you in the long term use of Ubuntu as with due course of time Continue Reading »

Customizing Google Analytics

Google is always a customer friendly company and in order to suit and assist the customer better it had introduced a customization dashboard and in this dash board user can make it just like drag and drop down lists so that with this all the important information can be obtained for the single dash board and with Continue Reading »

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