HTC sensation-thirty two points

  1. It is a large phone with squeeze at the top and slopping edge on a cutting tool at the bottom.
  2. It is heavier and thicker. When taken with the hand it feels sleeker due to its ergonomics.
  3. The display is superficially attractive and stylish; suggesting wealth or expense. It manifests or bring back everything.
  4. It has well protected , thick battery cover but it is not the unibody in design.
  5. The earpiece has the capability to produce the high definition sound output.
  6. Front facing camera is inside the metal bezel.
  7. The four hardware buttons are sufficiently placed and it does not require any sort of hardship in attaining this.
  8. These buttons are adequately backlit and the display is sufficiently fine.
  9. The user interface is fine , smart and fashionable. It has the quick setting button that can bring out the notification bar.
  10. The home screen can be managed with the essential single hand operations.
  11. The display resolution is of highest quality of that of five hundred forty into nine hundred sixty pixels.
  12. That is why the web browsing and also the reading of the article gives the complete set of joyousness with it.
  13. Colour saturation and the contrast is fine.
  14. The key pad is the nice addition and with it the sms functionality work easily and seamlessly.
  15. The space bar is nearer to the back key and it works well .
  16. It is powered by QUALCOMM MSM8260 worth one point two giga herz duaol core , Andrenon two hundred and twenty general p[processing unit.
  17. It has seven hundred and sixty eight RAM and it does not slow down with the five to six applications running simultaneously and it is performing fine with multi tasking.
  18. It has the gorgeous three dimensional interface which is far more gorgeous and attractive than its competitors in the market.
  19. Though due to its three dimensional interface it is tasking to its central processing unit.
  20. The websites lightly come up and speed up with this device and it is been an attractive propositions to work with this device.
  21. The website reorientation with this device has been significantly faster and nice to look and feel with this device.
  22. This pone has the sufficiently permanent nice grip hold to the phone and it does not feel the phone goes out of the hand with it when holding this device.
  23. Try to hold it at the bottom as this would make the internet faster and no blocking will be done with it.
  24. The signal capturing is very nice and even in some sort of mediocre moderate to inferior quality signal setting it work fine and the audio droop is not there at all and the way it work and attains to the signal has been fantastic to work with a real asset to have in your kitty.
  25. Antenna quality is fine and it works al all conditions . On call the ear piece is loud enough to have conversation even in market or stadium surroundings. Ear piece is tiny and it work fine with its completely jazz and tuning sound within it.
  26. There is the eight megapixel camera and it is very good and the picture quality is very high within it.
  27. It produces smart pictures in bright light and also nice pictures in indoors .
  28. The video recording is fine and it is slower but works fine and to the user choices.
  29. Battery life is good and it is long and in normal conditions it work for longer hours.
  30. Price is on higher side but with it you get the extra processor and also some future proofs and also Android.
  31. It has lightweight design and well-groomed and neatly tailored having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light designed or arranged to offer the least resistance to fluid flow design which is attractive and the user who can afford the price should go for it.
  32. This phone has the feeling profound the love for the adoration .