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Real-time security for ladies

Of late, I have been perturbed by the recent trends of crimes against women and this does remind to me that, in a society where there is no respect for women, then their might be something wrong in that society. Many a times, it is a fearful factor to read newspaper as most of pages had been covered with many such crimes against women and that pains a lot and for this there should be serious real time investigation of why these trends are happening in this part of the world? Some say these are crimes of passion and some say, many more needs to be changed to make this world a real one so that , people can still launder inside the city in the midst of night.

Why not the ladies are not citizens of this great country and they enjoy equal rights with men. As far as my knowledge is concerned, this country might be one of the first in the world to give voting rights to women, in the long history there have been instances in the past, when women warriors fought along with men and defeated mightiest in the war field. In the great Kalinga war, when their husbands died fighting bravely and shredding their bloods inside river Daya, near capital of eastern city, the ladies, went to give up their life without any hesitance, they are brave.

Is their any somewhat bad mindset between most of the men that are making the matter worse for most of us? Now, the looks and glances that has been some sort of bit reluctances to the ladies, are they now more afraid with these kinds of strange looks and attention. Some times with growing attentions from men between the streets , it becomes almost impossible to walk into the street with side ways comment and other staring part that makes life not so comfortable. The momentary glance could be rewarding for males usually but the way that gives some psychological strains to ladies that are not so confoundable and for this it is high time men should behaved rationally.

By construction of ladies, apparently whatever they wear, there is every chance that it can be some what visible, if someone stare consistently to her apparel and it is known by her as well as by the men who are staring and for this the real fact of the matter is to ignore ladies and do not stare and comment at them. For this, mind set between some men need to be changed for betterment of society. It relates to the notion that a society can be long lived, if its ladies are respected properly and for this a correct mindset from between men needs to be attained correctly.

Here is one such example, where, one has to be really careful in dealing with situations. It is always said that, it is the illiterate that are making bad sign and comments to ladies but that is not the case at all point of time. There are instances, when many literate and well educated people tend to go wrong way and they try to tease and molest the ladies in their capacity and for this a well educated ladies needs to understand the situation carefully and then proceed with caution to come out safe from that situation. Here is the situation example. A lady went to a gynecologist for some ladies related problem.

Her favorite lady doctor was transferred and this time she had to consult a male gynecologist instead and incidentally he was the only gynecologist of that town, as she hails from a small town. She was not so comfortable, in consulting a male gynecologist but she had to do so, to cure her problem. She went ahead but with some precautions as she had taken her mobile and also alerted some of her sisters if anything goes wrong, she would be fix dialing them and then they should be reaching to her within no time.

This is not to say that, male gynecologist is a teaser, but it is always good to expect such and such manner, a sense of proactive tactics by ensuring more safety so that nothing untoward could happen. Then she prepared her appointment, she wears a salwar and kameez and as usual she wears a loose kameez so that, it would be easy for gynecologist to check and diagnosis. It was her habit to wear such dress so that she could be feeling easy and then she went ahead with her appointment. She was ready with her plans and also her sisters and cousin had been in the vicinity and also she ensured that she had the two mobiles with her, if one mobile is consumed of battery or the towers to receive the signal that can boost the received calls from other handset.

All these does not signify that she is afraid but as always it is been said that it is better to be safe than sorry and for this lady should always be feeling alert in what so ever situation and they should doubt each bit of elements usually that has been dealing with these situations. She reached at the clinic and confirmed appointment and then she waited at her turn for consultation and she remained calm and also in among tested her security by calling through speed dial or fixed dial option and then her sisters and siblings and cousins responded to her attendances.

She is beautiful with long hairs and fair complexion and she wears a light blue salwar and cream white kameez and then at that time, the nurse calls her name and she responded quickly and then she went into the doctor chamber. She glanced everywhere and then she looked at the room , a well lighted room with a separate chamber inside at the left side of the room and everywhere there are clean curtains and then she reaches in front of doctor and then showed her passed case files . Male gynecologist read file for about five minutes and then said “ OK” and softly says to her to reach to that left side room for checking and other diagnosis. She hesitantly reached that room and there are two lady nurses there so she feels comfortable at arriving that place and then nurses told her to sleep straight with back don the bed and then they asked her to lift her salwar.

Then, she opened the knot of her kameez and then nurses brought down her kameez half towards her ankles, in the mean time the male gynecologist reaches that area, with two clean white globes in his hands and then one strap is tied in front of his mouth and he comes with a smile and that gives me assurance that, he is a doctor and this gives me some safer feelings. Then he comes towards bottom sides of mine and in the mean time two lady nurses are standing there with a smile and giving me the assurance that needs the most, in the mean time, I switched on mobiles by making a call to sibling and them are now in line and can listen anything untoward if so, happens here and for this, I only have to keep my call option open there.

In the mean time, doctor asked me to open the inner part, and then after that, he checked and it was almost ten minutes and still that time, she thinks that the way he is diagnosing her seems to be right and for this, she is comfortable and then during intervals she used to check the facial expression by seeing through eyes of doctor and remains confident that it is he who is performing the duty and he is not crossing the boundary and for this she left a sigh of relief.

The real reason behind writing this essay is that , it is duty of male to control the situation and whenever there is any ladies that are passing in front of you , then you should be behaving properly at that manner , so that she should feel not left out in that situation and here is the case of the doctor , who is examining her , but still she is feeling comfortable , why because while doing his duties , he is performing in right manner and in correct sense, this is the way of professionalism , that one can performs at its best so that the better sex need not be feeling left out in such situations .

Installing µTorrent and the web user interface

Media server is a device that stores and shares media. It may be home theatre personal computer running media centre PC or commercial web server that hosts media for a large website.

Torrent box is the coolest network design for home. You can just leave your old personal computer using Torrent, chipping away with downloads, whilst you are out working on your laptop. Once you had set up your box, you would not need a monitor, which means you can put it anywhere it will fit.

First format and reinstall your operating system. Does it on the same personal computer hard drive? You will need fairly a large hard drive as it can be done for storing purposes. It is always important to format the drive on which you will be downloading your torrent data to NTFS, and not the older FAT32 files system. The advantage with NTFS file system is that NTFS will allow you to download the files greater than four GB, constraint when using FAT32 devices.

Make it possible to create at least one shared location from your drive. Simply create a folder on your main download drive so that the download files can be easily accessible. It is important to make the shared location while using Torrent.

Download the latest version of µTorrent from its official web page and boot it up. Use Ctlr+P to bring up the Preferences dialog or you can even access it from the Options Menu. Within General tab check “Start µTorrent on System Startup”. As after installation we will not need the monitor and this means that with this setting on after installation and restart sans monitor the Torrent will automatically work without nay graphical user interface intervention. So, you can resume your torrents by simply turning on. “Enable Web UI” under Web UI and create a username and password.

Now restart your torrent box and make sure it is turned on, connected to the network and running µTorrent. You will be prompted for user name and password you have created earlier, then log in and you will reach at its web user interfaces. From here you can add, remove and manage your torrents. So, now you have µTorrent within your web browser.

You need a static IP or DynDNS to connect from outside of your home network. In this way, you enter to the domains of remote µTorrent and you can have full access to your µTorrent from outside and from anywhere. Click µTorrent remote button on Menu Bar, and you will reach at the “remote” session of µTorrent. Now you need only add a user name and password. Shortly, notice “Status: Accessible” under these boxes. Move your mouse and then fill the user name and password.

From the above descriptions we have found that torrent box is a very clean, efficient and modern way to put the old technologies in use. It costs nothing in set-up. If you have already had the media or files server then adding these torrent mechanisms to it can have added benefits. In this way you can stream line your applications and make it more modern by employing yours old personal computer settings. Remote access gives you the liberty of time and whenever you are outside then you can start the downloading and after reaching your home you cans start the work right away. It gives you the freedom to work from home and away.

Many of us have always imagined watching home while we are away. In this way one can keep an eye on home even if you are out side for urgent work. In this write up you will know, how to do it. By using your motion-detecting web cam in your house, you can keep an eye out for intruders, mischievous pets, or even pestering kleptomaniac roommates. Get a any standard web cam with USB or built-in and we will use software like Yawcam to utilize the web cam. Use your old smart phones of which ever models to this mix. Use some handy applications and most of them are free to utilize applications that let you turn your mobile work gear into extra pairs of eyes for as good as free.

Download Yawcam software; plug in your web cam and drive installed to it. Then Launch Yawcam . Go to Settings and ad your camera to it. If you have integrated web cam then select that device otherwise you can go to Change to and add USB camera out of line up. It will open a new preview window with your camera’s video feed. Then click on the window menu and select Motion detection. Here from settings you can fine tune your preferences. Click the enable button on the left-hand side of the window, now motion detection is running. From the motion detection window, click the Action tab and check “Send E-Mail”, then click the Settings menu button. Here you will send the information about simple mail transfer protocol settings. If you are a Gmail user then can give Google SMTP settings.

Then go to Yawcam’s Email Settings menu and can go for “Attach image”, then specify the email address you want Yawcam to send it to. There is the flood control setting and tweak it with otherwise your email can be flooded with completely web cam picture and make the duration of it wider connotations. There are some requirements to run Yaw cam software. You will have Java installed, DirectX 9 or later. It uses port 8888 for TCP and port 8081 for TCP and UDP traffic.

Media server is a device that stores and shares media. It may be home theatre personal computer running media centre PC or commercial web server that hosts media for a large website. These are different types of media, irrespective of their origin, are stored on media server’s hard drive. If historians were entrusting with the task of identifying the most influential and ubiquitous word that has prevalent in last couple of decades – it would be undoubtedly “”networking. Wit the host of Gizmos that are flooded in the consumer market, there is an ever increasing need for interconnectivity and networking. In this write-up I try my best to write about torrent set up and how to utilize the old personal computer and make it the torrent server with very basic configurations. By going through connectivity, we tend to reach to the world of future where, even if we are outside we can watch our home from it and this has been deeply described wile how to use with web cam for surveillance.

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