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Mina Bazar means a small unique bazaar that comes once or twice a year and that provides locals to find out and taste the local delicacies as well as delicacies from around India or their state. Most of the times it is held at Puri town just between car festival and it stays for five to six days and most of these shops are situated in and around Bholanath Bidyapith nearby to Gundicha temple of Puri. Entire areas come up with many regional shops from all around of Odisha and especially those from tribal reasons.

In Odisha from Phulbanni district where the turmeric and other tribal based products comes up with larger number, and people of Puri town who are based more so often nearby sea beach areas do find these products extremely easier to use. Most of these items comes up with premium price and at some times the locals also said that these shopkeepers inside Mina Bazar do tend to buy these products locally and sell it in the name of selling of tribal products and these need to know and need to find the real products for the people.

There are varieties of products, sold here and most of these shops provide some of the most unique experiences for the users and then they find as per their real-requirements. Prior to advent of shopping malls like Big Bazar, Vishal mega mart and Reliance Fresh, people tend to shop for many products and they store these for the rest of the year. Now, with the advent of these shopping malls, it is evident that, people are not running after these products and now they can find, these in shopping malls round the corner and for this the sell demand of Mina Bazar of Puri is gradually decreasing.

Now, the food corner which comes from different areas of India and especially the Cholle Boture shop from Rajastan is very popular. Though it was costly but people like the taste of it and there have been crowds in and around these shops. Slowly after the advent of big shopping malls in Puri town the coastal district and the religious capital of Puri, people fond of foods and now they go to Mina Bazar at Puri to eat various delicacies in and around these areas.

What is the most difficult part of running of Mina bazaar at Puri is the presence of huge amount of rain for time to time, and the entire areas are filled up with water and the due to presence of mud in the ground entire areas become non-walkable in and around Bholanath Bidyapith areas. There are provisions for temporary latrines in order to help people to go for latrines. As most of people reach there in and around the areas of villages and for this the requirements for good amount of cleaning presence.

When we see the amount of cultural phenomena, such as inside the religious festival of car festival we do find the presence of cultural presence, and people reach here after worshipping Lords at Gundicha Temple and enjoy the festive occasion at its full swing. In this way, entire areas are full of people and that makes the understanding of wonderful festivities at its full swing.