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We Support CAA

In what way we could find the real meaning of life when we tend to stay in the format of difficulties or in the state of absurdness but still while deriving meaning from all of these we could at least find the real answer from all of these in most summarised way. In the times of difficulty one can find the real root of finding the wonderful parts of life where some part of life could have been left unnoticed from it but still we find the real meaning of life with it.

In the mean time we could see how a false narratives against Citizenship Amendment Act lead to widespread protects all over but then how can a false hood stays for longer and that paves the way for slowly people realising the truth about it. The falsehood paves the way for protect but people find it surprised to see the state of falsehood that has been circulated all over and for few days that has been prolonged with it.

People are protecting for no cause as we see that CAA is intended for giving citizenship to exploited minorities from three neighbouring Islam countries but the amount of surprise that came forth with it makes it more and more difficult to understand. How can it be a falsehood bee spread so much so that some people come in front to public and then the chaos and then entire protects is moving in terms of false hood.

There are places all over for protests but one cannot guarantees protest at the road and especially at the main road where the main route to AIIMS, and Apollo Hospital and schools of children is blocked and it continues for over a month and people find it facing difficulties with it but no one is listening and the protest is for nothing as it is based on falsehood and people who are in the protest is understanding it or not no one knows.

Also, surprise to see the presence of leaders of some prominent parties where the first aim should have been for them to clear all the doubts of people about theses spreading of falsehood and it should see that India at the front end and nothing else. For over a month the state of falsehood and from within came the protests and it has been continuing still this date and to the utter surprise even big leaders of some of opposing parties are supporting through their speeches.

The big question is that should we stay in this state of absolute absurdness where the falsehood state remains as it is. CAA bill notified on 10 th January and the protest began much prior to this without understanding the real meaning attached with it and that surprises many as it is for the people of neighbouring three Islamist countries where minorities are oppressed and they naturally come to India for securing their religion and life.

They have been in India for many years living the life of refugees and now with CAA they can find their citizenship and gain all of these citizenship rights which they normal citizens tend to find it and the conveniences with it come to the forefront. Those people in terms of refugees are staying in India since 1947 after partition and then continue to stay there as father of nation said that it is our duty to give citizenships to such minorities who came here from neighbouring Islamic countries.

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