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My Computer

It was during the days of Windows XP and slowly moving out from it through Windows Vista. During those time we had seen complete emergence of desktop computer and that was attached more or less with the presence of assembly of computers. During those time the laptop given by my MBA schools became out of order and it is a compelling situation to have another computer to work on various subjects.

During those times cost of branded computers are on higher side and for this many shops offers the functionalities of assembled computers. Me and daddy went to nearby computer shop at Puri, Odisha and the name of that shop at that time was ‘Sanjukta Elelctronics’ and they offer us low cost assembled computer so that we can use it and run Windows XP with it.

They provide us the pirated version of Windows XP professional which I formatted and delete it and then instal it original version of Windows XP and during that time I had two original version of Windows XP and I installed on of it and then download the genuine updates from Microsoft site.

It takes some minutes considering the speed on internet, though during that time the speed of Vodafone 2G internet was good and quite good considering when we compare it with dial-up connectivity of BSNL durig those times when we used to connect it with landline socket.

The CRT monitor takes huge amount of electricity and during the summer season when it is especially on peal in between mid of June and July working with CRT monitor generates huge amount of heat so when we compare it with now LCD monitors which are cooler and good to eyes provide huge amount of releif to work on with and the less amount of heat due to environmental friendly situaitons makes it very comfortable to work on with.

The assembled computer takes huge form of space, and bigger table is the need of the hour as it needs to provide space for CRT monitor, CPU, UPS, and keyboard and mouse in order to computer to run with normal circumstances. It takes more time to load and the booting time is higher than that of when it is compared with laptop booting points. It works nicely and provides a way of faster computing points.

With, introduction of Service Pack 3 for Windows XP the computer becomes faster and that provides a way to work with nicely and if it provides a way of slowness then there are options to reformat windows and it becomes easier. One need to remember that, always do the clean installation of Windows and that means, apart from system drive of Windows, other logical drive needs to be cleaned and well formated, so that all the drive such as system and logical drive needs to be cleaned and perfected in order to have cleaned Windows installation.

The importance of Windows XP is that the way you want to customise and you can do it in what so ever ways and that means, that, I can customise in whatsoever ways and in what so ever ways, and then customise it and that is the power of Windows, during that time, as compared to Windows & and above the liberty with us is now curtailed and shortened but while considering the security of data and other parameters, current windows are far more secure but the liberty with us to customise as it is never ever similar to the days of Windows XP and during that time, the liberty to work on with Windows is far more easier with plenty of customisation options but the security of data all comes to the mind is really difficult to find.

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The Computer Keeps Disconnecting From The Internet

This article dates back to the year 2010, when I had a desktop with Windows XP computer. I wrote articles for my blog which has the name ‘freewarespace‘ and hosted by google with Blogspot. During that time the most prized internet is dial up connectivity.

It comes from landline telephone and used to come with slow connectivity. For some time, this was the trend, and that makes the Internet slower. During that time, we were at Baripada district in the state of Odisha, India.

During that time, Balasore was the hub of the Internet connectivity hub and telecom communications. When the weather is good and beautifully the wired telephone from Balasore and Baripada stays in good and qualitative condition. The distance between these two bigger districts of norther Odisha is full of jungles in between.

The land in those areas is full of large-scale jungles and some jungles are ancient. The weather in these areas are cooler and most of the times some mild cyclones or rains comes at front. The wired landlines that comes from district of Balasore towards Baripada comes through Nilgiri hills and Kaptipada jungles.

These places are cooler and full of the large number of trees. Weather are cooler and most of the times unpredicted cyclones comes one after another and that makes the wiring disturbances and that breaks continuous connectivity telecommunications connectivity difficult.

Besides it the sudden power failure and the number of days such as two to three days to come back to power again. Waiting for electricity and then telecommunications for three to four days besides it makes the blog work difficult. During that time, there were no more private networks that could offer decent internet connectivity. Even in such circumstances, the proper management blog and posting at regular intervals becomes difficult.

During those times one standalone computer security which used to act on the process basis provides valuable room to stop internet connecting applications from connecting internet. This is a good idea in the time of slow internet, as only the single software connects internet and this provides valuable speedup of the program and that makes running of software easier.

Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) software are security software which works inside common and manual processing power and secures computer by stopping or filtering processes and that stops software apps from connecting to internet. In this way, even slow internet becomes faster,