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Clean installation of CCleaner

A heavy PC will always have the disadvantages of keeping yours privacy information out and junk files if goes on for a longer period of time it can make yours PC slow and sluggish and unresponsive. Then the necessity comes from utilization of optimization and cleaning tools. CCleaner is one of them and it is Continue Reading »

Security issue in Website Optimizer!

Image via Wikipedia Google Website Optimizer Control Script is used by webmasters to reduce the loading times with the help of Google, a similar to Google Chrome frame in Internet explorer so that , yours website will load faster , the difference between Google Website Optimizer Control Script and Google Chrome frame  is that the Continue Reading »

Advanced System Care-3 A- Comprehensive System Utility

Having bought a PC the first thing, the principal concern of security is the second most important matter for you , in order to yours PC from countless crashes and formats. After prolonged PC usage, it becomes a tad slower, asking for PC cleaning up. Advance system care 3 (Free Pro version available) is a Continue Reading »

Why is IntenseDebate is only showing up on the index page of my Tumblr blog?

Why is IntenseDebate is only showing up on the index page of my Tumblr blog?The reason may be as follows.   a div with the id “posts” as part of the default install. Could you please add the following to your template wherever the comments should be? That will take care of it.   <div Continue Reading »

Your 56kmodem connects at 33.6k or less part:2

    Software modems depend upon yours PCs available memory and CPU speed. If you have  older PC with low memory (RAM) and lots of heavy applications open simultaneously then it will affect yours softwares modem speed. In some cases frequent disconnection (dial-up)  reason may have been what is writter above. Check yours Internet Explorer Continue Reading »

Skribit-Cure Writer’s Block

 We all know how much writer’s block stinks. You have to plan for many hours to write one article.Here is the solution.  You want to produce original, quality content for your devoted readers but you’re all out of ideas. Skribit helps you get suggestions for blog posts from your readers and the Skribit community. Sign Continue Reading »

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