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Android overview

Android is major mobile operating system. It has more than 70 percentages of market shares and continues to grow day by day. Its major competitors such as Apple and Microsoft’s are well behind. It has been increasing day by day. It provides all major conveniences of making your smart phone nearer to computer use. It…

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The new world of collaboration

Human beings are rational animal. By nature, they cannot stay alone. They want to create proper networking to spread their awareness and test their scope of rationality. It augments power to think properly and disseminate good from bad. In the old times, especially in millennium years we have seen sprouting from desktops, wired networks, large…

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Ubuntu 9.10

  An African word meaning “ Humanity to others ,” or “ I am what I am because of who we all are “ is the meaning of Ubuntu. So, it gives  some soothing effects, spirits of unity to the software world . Ubuntu is a community driven and drove project. It was launched in…

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