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How Google Drive Enterprise Secures Your Files Online?

As an influential blogger, I want to introduce you to a new app that will change the way people keep their personal records and any other confidential information secure. I know you are aware how vulnerable many mobile devices are to be hacked. Many of these devices can be hacked quite easily, because a large percentage of people never even add anti-virus software on their device.

This is why Google Drive created.

Google Drive makes your mobile device security and gives you peace of mind knowing that your files are always safe. Virtually every version of iOS has been quickly modified to allow installation of apps and hacks not authorized by Apple or the mobile carrier. It is accomplished by exploiting security vulnerabilities in iOS. You wouldn’t be able to detect or remove iOS malware easily because Apple doesn’t permit full-featured, real-time scanning anti-virus software in the iOS App store.

Protect your precious data!

A hacker can be pulling data from your device, right now without knowing it. You might think that your free mobile password application protects you; but deep down you know better. Many apps are a snap to hack and offer you a false sense of security and endless offers to upgrade to a ‘premium’ protection subscription service. Don’t be a victim, don’t just lock your files, deadbolt them! Google Drive review of mine: Introducing Google Drive that protect all your selected files, all at once with the highest level of security possible.

Your one time investment will protect all of your present and future mobile devices for life. No ads, no monthly subscriptions. No upsells and no gimmicks. The Google Drive with patent pending technology is the only true 3 factor authentication software app available today for securing any of your confidential files, electronic records or data on your mobile phones or tablets. This is not your simple password scheme that can be easily hacked. The Google Drive uses military grade encryption and industry standard storage wiping to secure any type of file including electronic records, documents, voice, images and videos.

Odia Jhoti chita ଝୋଟି ଚିତା
Odia Jhoti chita ଝୋଟି ଚିତା

You can unlock your files with a unique software key generated specifically for you. Yours files cannot be hacked or reproduced since your credentials and the key are not stored in any system. They are computed for you! Your files remain encrypted in a folder on your device and they are only temporarily opened at the exact moment you need them. You can share files on in/out, import media and export files in/out of Google Drive on your device. Its easy-to-use file browser helps you lock, unlock, sort, search and open files for use. Unlike other apps, it may be helpful, but there is no need to unlock your entire device or encrypt all of your storage.

Keep you ‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE) information immediately available to all your sensitive files locked to protect your personal identity.All of your Google Drive files are stored in your device for immediate access. You don’t even need a network connection after authentication. Plus, you are able to recover your key, add or deactivate devices and wipe a lost or stolen device. Updates are free. A ‘Getting Started’ file is placed on your device for more information or simply visits Google Drive. Typical Google Drive files include: In Case of Emergency (ICE), medical records, financial records, educational records, identity records, personal documents, sound recordings, images and pictures and videos.

Major Features Include:

One time investment per user forever, no extra fee for multiple devices, patent pending software key, true 3 factor authentication, military grade file encryption, industry standard temp file wiping, store/encrypt any type of file, files remain on your device, built-in file browser/Sort and Search, key recovery method, device deactivation method, wipe Google Drive data remotely, meets federal cryptographic standards, ePHI and HIPPA compliant and anticipating algorithms. This is detailed application, not a trial, not a beta and no hooks for a Pro version!

You will get free maintenance updates for life. After your one time investment, you can download this app to all your present and future mobile device on your account. Lifelong mobile security I surely worth a little more than what you might pay for a cup of coffee. Your download will truly help PerSys Tek continue to add new features, protects your data, and secure the world’s devices! For more information, go to Google Drive and begin lifelong protection for 100% of your present and future mobile devices today.

A great resource to have: Remember to lock files after each file addition or update. Keep login information secure, and this becomes a wonderful tool to keep confidential information you need with you all the time. Google Drive is an app that, for a small fee, gives someone lifetime protection of their vital information. Using state of the art technology never before used in a security app, a person’s records can only be accessed by that person from their mobile device. Information can include images, text, documents, and any other items a person deems most important to them and their families.

In addition to safety and security and lifetime protection that come with Google Drive, they can change or add anything else they feel is vital and needs to be “deadbolted”.

Also, in an emergency where the person is not able to speak with EMTs or doctors, they can access the person’s In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts and any other necessary medical information (allergies, chronic conditions, etc.) without needing to log into Google Drive.


Google Drive is an affordable app for your smart phone or tablet that gives you access to all your information, while keeping it most secure. Utilizing technology never before used in any other app. It makes sure whatever you put in your “vault” is virtually impenetrable. Google Drive enables you to add, remove, lock and unlock files while never looking up your device from completing other tasks. Google Drive is a necessary tool in this day and age! Everyone needs to have all their most important information available, while keeping it safe from potential hackers. License allows you to add Google Drive to all of your current and future devices making immediate access to your needed records simpler and safer than ever! Following the success of the Google Drive Android application is the release of this app for all iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad.

This application employs military grade encryption to “deadbolt” whatever files you select and prevents a potential security-breach. Google Drive eliminates threats by using military grade encryption and it is the only three level authorization app available today. I own a smart phone and there are tons of very important stuff I keep on my phone including passwords, personal information, and bank information. Trust me, I am someone who loves the FREE stuff but I’d be willing to pay for Google Drive. I consider having a secure app aside from your Anti-Virus is necessary. Google Drive is the answer to all miseries. I would truly appreciate if you could try out the app for yourself, take a look at all the benefits, and give me a comment. Google Drive has the potential to keep many people vital information virtually hack proof and I would like for you to tell your fans all about it first.

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