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Useful Command Prompt Tricks You Might Not Know

Last updated on September 13th, 2019 at 02:48 pm

There are numerous tips about Windows, Android, WordPress written in mohanmekap.com. Some tips are being updated from time to time in accordance with changing circumstances and updates of Windows to later versions. I have always been the big fan of the use of command lines. I have been using since the days of Windows XP.

In Windows XP it comes from Start Menu, then click Run and enter cmd in the Run box and then OK. Alternatively, command prompt can be opened through the start menu and then all programs, and then select accessories and then click on command prompt.
In the later version of windows after Windows XP, such as with Windows 7, open start menu and then ‘search programs and files’leveled in the search bar and then write ‘cmd’ on it and click enter to open ‘command prompt’.

You can pin cmd in start menu by right click on cmd entry in the program list and then select pin to start menu. In Windows 7 additionally, you can pin it to the taskbar. There are commands which require administrative privileges then in Windows 7 you can provide an administrative password to user account control,

Next tip is to check whether the computer is connected to the internet. I remember during the times of Windows XP and my management days ahead during that time we used to get LAN connectivity and system administrator used to make our computer connected to the internet through network settings.

I also remember during the times of dial-up internet the installation of the driver and also waiting for the connection to materialize and opening up of email account takes huge time and use of classic internet explorer. Dialing up connections through dial-up shortcut and connection of port of landline into the port of the computer and waiting for the connection to stay for longer durations.

Essential Windows Tips worth remembering:

When we think about these in the age of Wi-FI and fourth generation of high-speed internet connectivity we do find some sort of solace but during those times even connecting to the internet makes us smile even though most of the times the speed of internet is beyond manageable levels.

Now, connecting to internet hardly takes time. From Windows 7 onwards we find the presence of easier connectivity such as in the form of tethering, and other wireless connection and this makes the passing of internet connection from android mobile to computers becomes easier.
You can use ping commands to test the status of any website. Suppose you want to check mohanmekap.com is live on your connection and computer or not. Then open cmd and then write down:

ping mohanmekap.com

and then hit enter and during this time your computer should connect to the internet. If all works well this will show you about packets sent, approximate round-trip times, packets received and packets lost. If packets sent and received are same this means that mohanmekap.com is working with your connection. You can test this for any site by replacing mohanmekap.com in this command line.

ping mohanmekap.com
ping mohanmekap.com

Every computer has one local address. In the networking environment or when you are connected to the internet, the server only recognizes the client computer in the name of local addresses. This is known as the local gateway or internet protocol address. In the command line write


Then hit enter, to find out, subnet mask, which is most of times but there might have been some sort of derivations then check this out too. In case of adjusting or troubleshooting router, this subnet mask information is essential.


Assignment of hotkeys to specific apps to open without moving into its directory is one of most prominent aspect to speed up computing works. By default assignment of the hotkey is “Ctrl+Alt+ key” and in this way, many shortcuts to tasks can be assigned. Then, use of the single key in the form of from F1 to F12 and in some keyboards in order to activate F1 to F12 keys one need to press Fn key simultaneously. This happens mostly in wireless keyboards where the presence of numbers of keys is minimized.

There are ways to assigns shortcut keys to apps. First open Start Menu and then All Programs and then right click on the desired program and then click on properties. Move to text bo that is leveled as the shortcut key. Then put the desired shortcut there, and by default, you will find Cltr+Alt and then you can provide shortcut there and if you want to put direct shortcut without Cltr+Alt then delete those.

Click OK to assign the shortcut to the specific program. In order to use those shortcuts, it is important to keep the desktop empty. If you open Microsoft Word then the shortcut will work with respect to Microsoft Word instead of opening specific program. Windows 7 and onwards will ask for user account control for administrative password and then save OK to assign the hotkey.

After using the computer for sometime from time to time you must be very eager to know what is on your computer, then open the command prompt or use shortcut Winkey+R and then write down msinfo32


Then enter and this will open another window namely, ‘system information ’. This will provide system summary of hardware information, software environment, and components. There is numerous system information software is there but it is inbuilt software and provides detailed and complete listings of hardware, components, and software environments.

There are numerous ways to customize Windows and make it perform easier for you. Windows is a vast software and there are numerous ways you can customize it to run it as per yours easiness to work with the computer. From time to time Windows is updating to different versions but still, if you closely look of all of these updates, then you will find most basic functionalities still remains with most of these popular versions of Windows.

Command line is an interesting tool and from Google, you can find so many interesting shortcut variants and with it, you can easily make your Windows work nicely for you. There are other improvements such as that of the presence of Stereo Mix to record audios as it is in terms of digital output to make listening environment nicer.

What is the most visible aspect is the presence of conveniences while using Windows? By far we do know that Desktop or laptop computers are by far most suitable option to work with serious office works as it not only provides faster work environment but also to provide excellent provisions to do and start multiple works at one time whereas compared to mobile devices this is by far the single most work environment where the size of hard disc is higher as well as the speed and the convenience to work is definitely wonderful.

Windows 7 onwards we do find completely easier work environment and with the advent of 64 but computing the favorite ways to find out easier alternatives for work environment surfaces. With the advent of the faster internet now more and more users have been very much comfortable with the computing environment as the distance between cloud and real computing slowly on the decline.

This leads to the demand for more and more Windows computer which does provide single most work environment to perform tasks with the advent of shortcuts and other multitasking. There is no way mobile devices would stop the emergence and continuation support of Windows computer and for this, it is important to move towards ultimate dynamism towards accomplishing the perfection of computer works to extend these towards most valuable and definite proposition of doing and performing computing works.

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WriteUpCafe a Social Network for Bloggers

Last updated on August 18th, 2019 at 12:16 pm

Being an active blogger, the most important concern about it is how to get a good number real that bring smile reading by utilizing available stuffs inside gather valuable guidance in their life. This also gives the writer smile of his wonderful work as he can now know that most of his writings are now being readable inside Internet. Writer needs a community and wants others read and write about work. In area of following in days come I shall be writing about, networking options how can they utilize for prudent on their blogs and write ups.

Many a time, the writer feels deserted when it seems there is no such scope for thinking beyond the given environment as it gives him actual pain to attend and perceives as a superior writer. In these collective networking of can show case blog can involve co act and comment on their writings. These sites are the syndication of number of blog owners and it acts as dual role, one is being the syndication of all blog posts and the other is being the amalgamation of all forms of writers from all across the world, and by meeting and joining in these discussions one can find the real gold and with it one can easily acquire the desirable results. Humanity is born as a rational animal.

It wants to be shared with aspects of life and for this it is always desirable to have a life. Has given the of life. There are on Internet are providing a social with bloggers and one such example among few websites. It also acts as a directory of blogs, in which it would syndicate all blog contents and then it will show it in your timeline. With due course of time, when the number of friends is on the rise, you will find more and more people are lined up to read your blog or like it or favor it. Someone said. If you peoples post, then blog .

In this way, all it seems to lie down on the base sequence of interacting with your fans and then give responses to your quarry and other forms of general interaction. In these people always to read genuine posts and the about and definitions of which to known. It evolves the of networking and in this way the entire sphere of work and related subjects which are meant to be for the people of a generation is going to be the most preferred choice for bloggers.

Arena where one can give details about. It is one such step of blog networking where webmaster will always feel he have the most upper hand than ever be thought of. If blog is nothing to about. You create a new blog its dashboard and you can write about anything which you have liked the most and then you can share those writings on the dashboard and wait for yours friends and public responses to it and in this way the probability with which yours posts grows and the real people will be reading it in real time. Write up has built-in social networking buttons and with it you can share your posts easily.

Many a time in some blogging platforms it is always difficult to share the posts to different platforms, you have to download the add on in order to share those posts to diverse platforms. It is not only the blog posts that is going to be shared by you but also the different links which you come across as important to share can be shared by you at any given point of time, so one can easily find the real course with such an intimation and share it to different spheres with ease and without such difficulties.

Within these social networking a community and then interact with fans and followers and begins impressive and continuous conversation among members. It is a great place to take leisure, it is very easy to register with WriteUpCafe. On the top right side corner of the screen reach there and then click on sign up, if you are a new user, or nearer to it one button which says log. If you have created one account, then you can now log in from that link. You can with other members different subjects as well as information exposures on aspect and to particular ongoing topic. You can log with Facebook or twitter with WriteUpCafe.

Into the have clear of submit blog, Post writeup, Polls and many Such options. On the right hand side upper tab you have options of profile and settings. From My Profile section you can change the information as well as part “Edit”of profiles. Here, you can Changes the photo. If you change the image by uploading here then does not forget to save the photo after uploads. All the segments in this website are self explanatory and are clearly is being displayed at a distinct places.

It is not always important to use these services, but many a times, it seems that when you use these services you can get the maximum exposure share a like people who want to share and want to know about the similar people who are trying hard to write original content. You will is a bit of face book and a bit AOL social networking platform. It is prepared for bloggers and space to know each other and correspond each other in the proper spirit. There are huge privacy options available on this platform and you can choose which to share and which not to share and this approach.

It seems it is a bit like face book where you have the choosing privacy options. If you then to settings and then delete the account in order to delete the account permanently. From Blog showcase, you can delete, or add your blog, with its title as well as website URL and tags. It is important to give proper tags to it as with it your blogs will categorized syndication process is on. Your blog submitted acceptance and the next to add one script code into your confirm its originality. After approval, you can remove java script from your blog locations.