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Networks on the go

As we have discussed in detail in the earlier articles wireless modem is good but with certain limitations as its area is limited and beyond it you cannot access the whole problem starts with the wireless modem. Even if you are travelling by car through unfamiliar territories then the Wi-Fi connection will not work. So, what you do in these situations. In this environment the most potent is your wireless data card. It gives you flexibility, reliability and security. It provides you the access anywhere and anytime and there is no second thought to it.

These types of data card employ these of cellular technologies to connect your laptop with your cellular carrier. It is an always on internet connectivity with its response can be from that of strong to medium according to your connectivity functions and limits. It accesses the internet through code division multiple access, EVDO and high speed packet access technologies. There are various kinds of data cards; below we will be discussing some of these technologies. There is some of the plug in data cards where you simply have to plug in these data cards to your computer, these cards may be USB cards or Express Cards. The expression cards are superior in battery life.

There are certain data cards which are built into tougher to trouble shoot in case of difficulties due to manufacturing licenses. There are also multi device data cards where you can share connections between laptops. You can use it in two ways. In the first case you can connect directly and in second instance it will act like that of Wi-Fi and hot-spot for as many as five users. It may be confusing at times and it is recommended for tech savvy persons who can by themselves trouble shoot all these information.Now the next part of the writing is how does these cards work and how they able to hold such mobile connectivity.

Design Trees at the entrance of IG Park
Design Trees at the entrance of IG Park

When then it interprets the device as a network adapter and then the machines operating system begins sending network traffic to the device using the standard networking protocols. Then the broadband card receives the net working data from the computer, it then converts the data into radio waves and then access the carrier point of hub. The frequency of the radio wave depend upon the carrier and their permitting radio waves vibrations.

They used one of the advanced data encryption methods known as time division multiplexing which continues and attends the perfect upload without any sort of resistance from outsider invasions as well procedures of data card vary from user to use in significant ways. Each of the cellular subscribers gives the different types and set up options, some may give the plug in and play and some may ship some cd with data card for installation and so on.

By studying and reading this article you will be able to set it up the wireless broadband within few deviations.Network on the goConnect your wireless modem to an available USB port on your computer. Then your USB modem will automatically check the status and the proprietary connection software. Then the modem will automatically install the necessary software. Just follow the on screen instructions to complete the software installation. Then click on finish. The go to desktop and double check the desktop short cut to check the connection status. The wireless software will automatically locate the service your favourite internet browser and start surfing the internet.

Data card set up:

If your data card comes with the installation cd then insert the cd drive into the computer. If it is not come with the installation cd then insert your data card into PCMCIA port on your computer. Then it will install the connection software into your computer. The follow the onscreen instruction and complete the software installation. Then, double click on the service provider wireless broad band icon. It will locate available network in the bottom left hand corner. Then, the modem will locate the network and then click the connect button and now open your web browser and start surfing the internet.

There are lots upscale with always on connectivity options to the subscribers.Networking may be demystified for you and it is high time to go for some sort of knowledge jargon boosters by going through these articles. In this write up you know about the step by step guide about how net works should be access when you are on the mobile or outside of your town.

With these options connectivity with your laptop is very easy and we also understood that USB data card can take huge task on the batteries and if available you should be going for the second options. The mobile modem and also Wi-Fi connectivity has some issues when you go outside of your network and this is why this article is very useful. So, in this way we all know the different avenues are available to us to network various devices in unimaginable ways.

Mobile as Messenger

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Mobile handsets has evolved with due course of time and its emergence has been more appreciated to the fact that it has been more or less similar with each of out present lifestyles, it directs and mend our life styles in such manner that our lives has been simplified and with due course of time it has been the ad mixture sheer joy ride for us debarred from tensions and other related issues.

Now with the increase use of mobiles many handsets does come with game modes and that is why these has been very much useful for time out and pass on when you are waiting for something and also feeling boring and you have handset where you can play the games you want to. This does feel that you are not alone and also it also simplifies the time calculation which suddenly felt the way that it is waiting time and has been more or less more waiting time than you had anticipated. All these has been the passing phase and with due course of time you also feel and make the sense of it that you have to cross all these and this is your best friend to have it the great way you can manage and attend you imaginations.

The waiting time will be more and more anticipated with smart phones you have with your kitty. The games and other related matters and with internet connectivity on the go can be more prudent for you than you had ever imagined as it will manage time and also you are always connected with your family through various mediums. With phone option always been the primary with mobile phones and that is why, if any mobile manufacturer does comes with any device that is more wider than the most applicable common belief of mobile size then this is not going to suffice for sure but that is not the case as in what so ever circumstances these can be used but for sure but the basic use must be the same as usual and that is why mobiles are staying as they are doing the same as required by persons and this is the real story behind all these.

It seems that the life is always the same with endless thoughts and ambitions that has been in the process and turning into the real capacitance moments, this is the real use all mobile users has been doing it so. The music apparatus of mobiles and handsets has been slowly making us out from all the relative importance, and slowly we are moving away from tape recorders, two in ones and other multimedia hardware devices which have been in for ever.

The real importance of these devices and the way these can be better utilised is never been underestimated but the sheer parameters in which it has been increasing and more and more people has been depended on it goes to show the significance of mobiles in our day to day life and the way all these has been in particular the smart phones evolving with due course of time has been of tremendous potential and it is continue to do so in some sort of relentless manner than has never been undetected and undermine.

The business entrepreneurial now been more depended on mobiles that someone ever at one point of time has imagine and this is seemly due to the fact that all the talks as well as other related matters has been relating to the body and the soul and there are many times even many persons can not stay without it and this is why all these are phenomenal and fantastic achievements. If mobile phone is not with you there is sure feeling that some thing is missing and it is to find it and get it when this and from where it is situated.

The sheer importance of mobile phone has been always there but with due course of time it is been added with many more functionalities, this is the real trend and that is why it is popular and with due course of time due to its wonderful mobility and the inventions of more and more newer mobile hardware where even at this smaller space you can store many more information as well as other related information with faster processor times and also other related visibility and sensor motion control enabling this device to perform more and more efficient so that , with its restive touch it is working wonders .

There are times when cameras are very costly but with due course of time this has been not the case now as mobiles are integrating cameras in their models and with the arrival of smart phones these has been on the rise and with higher mega pixels is been integrating with it and also some mobile manufacturers are giving mega pixels up to thirty two if I remember correctly and that is really hurting camera manufacturers and this is where they just left the plot.

They should have in their time should not cost the camera that much so that people are now buying mobiles with camera options and also there are provision to tag the photo and then Geo tag and you can instantly upload to various social networking sites and that is really making the task easier for you than you ever think of it and that is why the sheer popularity mobiles are now are the things of the past.

Now, people are opting for smart phones and also they are walking with it as it has good cameras with built-in megapixel capacity and also in addition to it, the moment it does work with it and the extra benefits it is giving with you in each and every segments that is really fantastic to achieve and attain and also you can directly send your images and video and upload them to your favourite networking sites and these are making all this fantastic is not it. That is why the significance of camera utilities are on the decline and this is what makes it more and more interesting and fascinating.

Mobiles also got rid of pagers as all we do know about it the one time much fascinating gadgets below the belt position now it has turned into some sort of extinction as with the integration of SMS and other related text utilities and these has been the real passion with smart and mobiles handsets as it has been slowly assimilating all the not so relevant information and with it the camera and then the edger gadgets are on the verge of extinction.

Then the wrist watch, there were time when people do tend to have wrist watch must and this was the style icon that has been on for the longer time, but due to mobile where you can find time, date and calendar and all the relative information and to know more there has been the day light savings time and also other time management tools and world timings and then you can access with internet the weather and predictions of future seven days weather.

All these enables people not to have wrist watches and that is why the craze for it is on the decline. Then with the advantage of alarm and auto set for the last seven days of alarm there is no need for any sort of table time piece or other related ones , and with it alarm has become more and more easier and that is why the decline in the interest of time piece has always been there . All these has been needed to emphasise the points of action is that the significant of mobile is on the rise everywhere and all has been generously inclined to learn from it time to time.

A painful farewell

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My relationship with Docomo was as old as its introduction. I was an ardent fan of Docomo which is evident from my earlier writing on it a few months back when I praised the generosity of the Tatas in refunding me excess charges they had erroneously debited which normally never happens. But, now, I have relinquished the SIM in favor of Vodafone. It was a painful substitution done after a myriad thoughts.

The last three/ four months were too much for me to forbear. I had never subscribed for jokes, but deductions were made and jokes came, Similarly, sports news, music downloads, etc. came without myself consciously requesting for it. To add to my woes, all my subscriptions were being renewed without myself requesting for the same. I was completely at sea without having any knowledge of quashing the compulsion.

I ran from pillar to post to undo the damage inflicted upon me by Docomo, but their staffs are trained not to listen to us in such a manner that I had to relinquish the SIM altogether, much against my inner urge. It so happened during my last three months of Docomo usage that whatever amount of recharge voucher were put, all were debited as arrears towards some fun, game or astrological news thrust upon me by Docomo.

I was always short of balance for using the phone even after recharging the mobile with more than adequate balance projected for a month. But, it took me four long months to take the painful decision of separation. It shows, how much I like my partner.But, alas, it is a one way traffic. My partner does not like me So, my conjugal life with Docomo ended. But, once a partner, I cannot think ill of my better-half. Let it rest in peace without luring others for the same love-game.