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Medical Tourism

Last updated on November 15th, 2019 at 12:57 pm

While travelling you would never expect the similar sort of ideas as you would expect while travelling through a series of events that should come as expected one after one. First it was the all anticipated medical tourism but that too not to be absolute easier due to constraints of time and the accommodation and travelling facilities but still all that goes well ends well that comes into light of perfection with desired anticipation to reach towards absolute perfection.

It was the desirable attendances to reach out to holiday homes in desired cities where it was anticipated to reach out but sadly those reservations do reach out in defiance and with slight short of notice that it should be difficult to book tickets with complete ease of mind. For this a through enquiry into the state of availabilities of trains needed as for parents the plain journey is not advisable and for this the availability of trains are absolutely essential to understand so that the journey in accordance with availability of holiday homes and guest houses should be materialized in realties without any difficulties.

From Puri to Chennai all the available air conditioned tickets due to last minute arrival of confirmation of holiday homes. The location and the area of holiday homes are at so convenient places that it should always be easier for us to reach out to Chennai Apollo for treatment to and fro without any difficulties. That is the reason why the choice of holiday homes comes into first while calculating and planning for medical tourisms.

At last one train we got it which has availabilities of reservations even during short notice which is Garib Rath going from Puri to Bengaluru and then there could have been six to seven hours of journey from Bengaluru to Chennai and there are plenty of options are available for this journey including busses too. Garib Rath is a fully air conditioned train and it is a weekly train, and there is no pantry car included with it and it reaches to Yashwantpur which is outside of Bengaluru. Still, we got on the train and the reservation from Bengaluru to Chenai easily done with a double decker train which goes in the noon time and reaches just after Brindaban Express. We do have two options to reach from Bengaluru to Chennai.

The first one is Brindaban expression and the second one is fully air conditioned double decker express. We choose for double decker express, and then the booking was confirmed and it should be for the first time that we should have been the journey with double decker train and the thinking of such medical tourism seems more excitement in the first utterances. The only problem with Garib Rath train which is weekly one is that there is no pantry car there and the entire route of this train goes in such and such long distance hilly roads that for greater part of this journey there could have been any sort of prominent stations so that you could buy any sort of good food and for this the tenure of such journey seems to be difficult.

The distance from Puri to Bangaluru is one of huge one and in order to over come such distance we have to find out the problems with food as parents would be going for medical check and for this it is essential for us so that they should not take any such outside food so that there check ups should any way be affected with it. It seems that the cooked food could remain there for ever and for this some dried foods which should be good for healths should be taken with us so that in the case in the later part of journey where the entire mountainous ranges comes into prominences and where most of journey seems to be within the ranges of hill roads and where finding the foods seems to be extremely difficult.

We have decided to take dried food products being cooked with olive oil so that these should not have any adverse impacts on the examination of foods in the longer run. In the normal circumstances we should be selecting the train, Puri to Chennai which reaches direct and within brilliant route but for this time being we do not have availability of reservation there and it goes on to show, the amount of extreme difficulties in this routes ahead. Nevertheless we do prepare for it as the train begins by afternoon.

We reached one and half an hour ahead of the train schedule as the train originate from our destination of Puri so it stands at platform some time ahead of time. While at the long distance travelling we do find some more luggage and for this it is essential that we reach ahead of time so that we could accommodate the luggage in proper places and then lock and secure those luggage ahead of times. We set out for the journey as sooner the date of journey commences and we do take food for dinner as the train goes out from afternoon and then in the next morning we do have dried foods as breakfast so for the first leg of journey there should not be any difficulties for fooding patterns out there.

The train was spacious and entire compartment has good air condition as well as there has been mobile charging socket out there and that should be a good to enjoy movies throughout the journey without any difficulties. For the first leg of the journey up to Khurda Road (Jatni), there was no one out there inside our berths and so during the entire space of this short journey we are alone and slowly begin to feel the presence of training out there. The Garib Rath train stops at Khurda Road junction for some time. From here the engine to be reversed and this does take some time.

At Khurda Road junction, there has been two way directions and in fact three ways, as it is evident that from our side towards the Puri the terminating point is then the sea began out from there. In another direction the route towards eastern side of India as well as going further towards the north eastern side and then the north side of India begins. From another side of Khurda Road junction begins the route towards southern and western side of India from this eastern state of Odisha.

First we have to reach to Bengaluru and this means it should be on the southern side of India and for this we have to go towards the opposite side from where the engine of the train from Puri starts from. It takes some time and then the train moves and the speed of train have been tremendous there within. In the mean time, the care taken of coaching has been from Odisha and from Puri district and he has been talking to another person about this journey of his job. Most of these jobs are now completely privatized.

He was telling his woes that for the last eight months he had not been paid by his contractor. Then he was asked how he could manage his family, he said that most people tend to provide them with tips while leaving the coach and that becomes sufficient for him. Then he was asked why he could not leave his job as he was telling his employer was not paying for him for the last eight months, but he said that he would be paying all at once and for this he was staying in this job. By listening to words, I feel some sort of miss management of his utterances but let us check this out while during the course of the journey.

Having investigated well about entire course of events all throughout, as subsequently we could find out what should be result of his talk as there could be many people who could be ordering foods for themselves due to non-availabilities of good food as well as pantry car within that train itself. After almost twelve hours of journey there had been one time where the beginning of hill roads and slows down of train comes thereafter, he same group of people with a piece of pen and paper asked for meals to different people and people of not finding any sort of good stations for food opt for and people having to eat during lunch and see the pace of train and hill terrains and two tunnels within the train runs have no expectations to have a good stations.

In the era of internet during the course of journey in and around plain lands earlier and with the availability of charging points people have known and some of them are regular travelers have better ideas of not availabilities of right kind of foods during the course of journeys. Those people headed y caretakers reach out to people and those who opt for foods wait for some of good foods through the price they are asking for seems to be ahead of what the general railways pricing system have been. The quality of foods has been below normal as they took foods from one lesser known station out there up and above the hills and the foods have been given with polythenes which are of very bad qualities.

People who have been eating those sorts of foods have only ate quarter of those foods and throw away the rest of those into dustbins and the pricing has been higher and this goes on to prove why these caretakers have been there even not being paid for eight months by their contractors as they told us and still they have been benefiting from all of these immensely.

Apart from these the cost of blankets, bed sheets to be extra and optional for visitors and it costs 25 rupees for berth and I do not have any idea what should have been the official cost of this but still, while at the journey within air condition system and that too for such longer distance, and if that costs of rupees 25 is higher than that of amounted by railways then they also taking some additional benefits from it without a doubt here. Still, the course of the journey has been fantastic and very enjoyable.

The route of training though not so good for food lovers but the way the train marches ahead within mountainous terrains, tunnels and rivers has been one of most spectacular enjoyment of all time.