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Lack of Passion is Fatal

It is obviously some what an indicating headlines but this write up is about one of my experience as school girl and that is one sort of imminent understanding of the fact that something is life and that is also deeply attributed to the something very important that is the origin of species and that is going on forever. The possible understanding of the passion can be given and clarified in various formats and also it does hold some sort of wonderful underestimation of some of the romantic ideas that has been inhibited with and all these can have some sort of notional antiquity that is attached with it.

Some say metaphorically and with lots of simile that the eventual indication of the actions can be derived from the amalgam’s understandings of the passion that is deeply related with it. The lack of passion is just like of not thinking of as who you are and in which manner you could be with you and also the derived possible understanding of the situations that is making it more and more blurred in the visibility of it. In these circumstances can any one just prevail to be in active in the passion sense as it is obvious that the passion is inside and it can prop up at some intervals no matter what has it been to do with it.

Many a times in order to stop that as many sense it as the it can ruin the health and a good health is always having the positive and also the negative side of it. The compelling emotional feeling that is stopping all the air in between and making the sense to work more towards the sensory direction and to stop all it the first and prime motive I to stop thinking about it. This is not the easiest part of it as the girl as it seems that all the entropy inside the mind is against it and even if someone think of it to remain cool and calm so much so that the mind will be at peace and also it can go with goo way but it does not happen overnight as it continues to grind and make the similar meteoritic conditonalitiews even if one does not rely on it or manage it to the premium.

Many a times, if one want to stop the passion and stay afloat with the reality and many a times it does emphasize that whether they are going onto some other path by reversing the trend, is it the correct and the formal way to attain this or we are not yet managing this properly. The lack more towards the active ideas and the perpetuating manner in which all these character has been residing into mind and the heart and then to the vein the more and more you stop something that seems to be evolving again towards the more and more situations.

Many a times the apparel does feel it some other way and to stop all these towards moving the passion but it does make it more and more difficult to make and feel at it. In one such circumstances in the manner and the knowledge class where the more towards the passion is being the sole motive of the study amongst us and our lady teacher is quite young and due to the all girls school it is of very easy and also simile to teach all of use so much so that these classes seems to be more towards better understanding and whatever the teachings is always has been more interesting.

As this is the most difficult subject to read and also teach though there are some comfort labels amongst us as due to this all girl college and also our teacher is also very cooperating. On that day , our class teacher started reading to us on the subject “Lack of passion is fatal” and asked all of use to let her understand what we do feel of it as we are twelve to thirteen years old. On the screen she sowed one picture that is also showing the intension of the headlines and also she asked all of us to comment and make some measurement of the opinions on this subject. The picture in display was very unusual and arousing attentions.

In the picture it is seen a girl from belly to feet and not her face is visible as that picture is from the belly to feet and that picture settings seem to be inside of a deep jungle. But to the utmost surprise for us the back ground is lighted as if some high focuses lights is being switched on and also inside those back ground the girl which obviously the half part of her is been see is seen in high contrast mode and the photo seems to be in high definition quality.

What is more surprising is that, that half seen girl, on one side of the leg there is all over the tattoo and the other side of the leg is not and it is clear and also that girl just wearing a white bikini and also on the belly side that is being visible the tattoos again and there are perhaps some messages inside the tattoos which we are trying to read it through. The tattoos are in green and in purple colors and the color matching are excellent to the finest of imagination as we girls also being attracted to the beauty oft those tattoos.

The picture is somewhat in mystery as the face and the chest side of the photo is not there and only belly to feet portion are visible and also with it some sort of understanding is coming out. Feet are covered with black shoes with the shoe laces are not ties with the shoe it is kept open and it is also on the side it is written that lack of passion is fatal. Now the more interesting version and that has been quite unusual for me to the eyes and the heart. At the biggest tree inside the jungle and in the biggest trunk that is nearer to the central region of that tree , which looks like that of a tree for more than two thousand years may be I am wrong due to my little age at that time but it does feel me that way.

That girl which only can be visible from the belly to feet side is being hanging at the highest point of that trunk of the deepest and oldest tree as it seems to me and she is been hanging but the fact of the matter is that she is been hanging upside down with her legs been tied down at the two sides of the trunks, it is seemingly unusual portrait, with both the feet is being tied with the highest part of the trunk of the tree .

There were large rounded circles with the feet and then the tree tied with that girl and below portion is being seen down wards , it is some sort of upside down situation but if you look at the picture you feel that girl is not feeling pain at all even if on some of this circumstances alone inside the jungle , and she is not fully dressed as it seems from the half of the portrait and only being with bikini ad that too white in color that can be visible and eye catching and also as the girl it is always in the danger as it is natural and she is hanging downwards , as her hands are not in the picture and also only the part from belly to feet is being visible but in that part it seems that she is not at all in any sort of pain.

Why this picture is showing this as it seems the face part is not being in the picture and this does sense to mean as it is that the passion part is always has the life and it is saying time and again that “Lack of passion is fatal”. It may be giving some other sense that if you try to make and stop the natural progression then there are very difficult part and the ways to stop the emotion and that way by going to upside down and also while attending to stop the passion by mending the ways and reaching inside the jungle that is something to think for and go with it as it is the natural phenomena that is to be taken with us not to be stopped by. It is to be with the boundary but not to be stopped all together.