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6 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu

Ubuntu OS is a free operating system and comes under Linux distribution , it is very popular with a beautiful default user graphical interface for the GNOME-3 desktop environment. Followings are some of the good tips and tricks that can be essential for you in the long term use of Ubuntu as with due course of time it is now being offered for long term service and that is good for you considering that Microsoft operating system does have limited time opportune and for this the use of this operating system makes sense for the business entity as well as that of individuals who always goes for long term solution , with personal computer hardware compatibility.

Let us take an example , I wanted to buy Windows 8 for my desktop , which was over three years old and for this I downloaded Windows update adviser from Microsoft website , but sadly it was not compatible with my computer hardware and that did hurt me, emotionally, as I had to buy now Windows 7 instead of Windows 8 and then I thought while sipping one coffee in the after noon why did the companies not looking for the hardware compatibility as was there not any solution to run the operating system on my personal computer hardware configuration, as my PC was not that old enough , it was not a high-end PC but it did work fine and it was three years old, then why such one operating system that would not be compatible with my personal computer and I had to buy the slight older OS for this and in my case it was Windows 7 , then the thought ended there.

While using Ubuntu , you could feel that it was slight different from that of traditional Windows OS , then , you could go out and try for Linux Mint Cinnamon edition and you would be guaranteed with a much smarter OS nearer to the look and feel of Windows OS, try it out and you could be feel at home there , if you were Windows OS user at all the times. Launcher icon size adjustment: If you do feel that the size of the system menu is bigger than what you would have thought and it was unnecessary space then you can re-size it , and adjust it to smaller one or in reverse if you do feel that it is smaller and is hurting your eyes then you can adjust it to larger size to accommodate your sight.

Go to control gear , then system settings , appearances , personal then under the look tab , drag the icon named as Launcher icon size to the left to make it smaller or make it to right to make the icon size bigger. It was like the earlier Opera image re-sizer , where you could do the size of the viewing angle just by dragging that image bar. With this much easier setting on , the encapsulation of visibility could be very well attained. Hide the launcher: If you dislike the attendances of launcher at the screen , there are provisions for you to hide it at once and thus it guarantees you more and more space for you while working at the desktop environment.Go to control gear , then system settings , appearances , personal then go to behavior and then Auto-hide the Launcher to hide the launcher.

If you want to get the essential presence of launcher then you should be press and hold the Super , here super does mean corresponds to Desktop , so whenever I write super then you understand it is the desktop version of desktop. Then the launcher will appear for short time. The sensibility level could be done with the help of slide or if it did not work it for you then , the muse control option there for it work it for.

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Quick lists:

It is just like jump lists of Windows 7 , press Ctrl-Alt-T to call up for terminal , then under Ctrl-Shift-V to paste into terminal , the following codes , it was derived from here :

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:alanbell/unity sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install unity-window-checklists sudo sed -i ‘s/OnlyShowIn=UNITY/OnlyShowIn=Unity/g’ /etc/xdg/autostart/unity-window-quicklists.desktop

(This command line allows for the Unity Window Quicklists to start automatically when you log into the system.)

Then , log out and log in and then right click on any of the icon on the Launcher and then select it in quick lists to appear inside it. Why this is necessary even though there are options with Launcher, the probability of this is that with Launcher the concerned icon will launch more rapidly than it was ever anticipated. Shopping Lens disability: It is like Google instant search , but this time the search when you are doing within the dash within Ubuntu , while doing this it offers more suggestion qualities inside the local search result by default .

The shopping lens does include suggestions from Amazon shopping site and many times it does feel boring with it and for this if you want to disable this feature , followings is the way out for you. Followings are the code that to be put into the terminal so as to disable or enable it according to it. In order to work it for you, have to log out and log in so that it will work for you at the right time. here is the code:

To disable:

sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping To re-enable: sudo apt-get install unity-lens-shopping If this process feels you that it is beyond you then there are other turn around with it, go to control gear , system setting , personal , privacy under the search result tab turn off “When searching in the Dash: Include online search results”.

The global menu:

The application menu will always be at the top bar through default settings and if you want to remove it so have to have good amount space within your desktop environment then you are right here .Open the terminal window as described above and then copy and paste the following code to run it smoother and smarter.

Paste this command line

sudo apt-get autoremove appmenu-gtk appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-qt into the Terminal, and press Enter. then log out and log in to disable the global menu. If at any point of time if you want to get it back the global menu then open the terminal window , Paste this command line sudo apt-get install appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-gtk appmenu-qt into the Terminal, and press

Enter. and then log out and log in to get it back the the global menu at the top of desktop environment. Adjust Windows control buttons to the right : With the practice with Windows , where the close and the open buttons are in the right side of upper part of Windows and most of the computer enthusiasts has been grown up with this special features that Windows generally makes us the habit of , so when you do use Ubuntu then it can be at odd for you , then, you must want it to change to the other side so that when you are working with it then it will be a good comfortable for you to do the basic opening and closing of Windows then you are at the right place as with this tutorials you will be knowing very much about how to change the side of control buttons and how it can be brought to the right side. You can do this by following these simple steps at your disposal.

Press Alt-F2, then type dconf-editor into the box, and press Enter to run it. Browse to org > gnome > desktop > wm > preferences, look for “button_layout” on the right panel. Change the value in the “button_layout” from close,minimize,maximize: to :minimize,maximize,close and press the Enter key.

The back side of it is that , these will work when your Windows are all at non-maximized state and for these trick will work , however , when the Windows will be at the maximised state then Windows control buttons will go to left side of desktop.


Believe me Ubuntu is a great Linux desktop environment to work it for you as it is fast and also it more lovable like that of Windows with more similarity at its store. Here, whatever be written are few points of actions , if you are a die-hard Windows user then it is the ultimate Linux distribution you should be trying this out , it is easy and very good at it and with it you will find some of the better Linux management and with its more and more customization at its disposal and in store for you so you can like Firefox use and employ the terminal command windows at your perusal to make it happen for you at all times , these are like plug ins and also there are plenty if tutorials available inside , internet to master it and also happily you could learn about more and more Linux customization and that will work great for you in the longer prospect . In this way , you will be accustomed with basic Linux instructions and there are always been some sort of calling to the mind that Linux is difficult and with Ubuntu this myth is fast fading to anonymity.

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Windows better than Linux !

This expression is entirely from my personal point of view .Definitely ,Windows is most misconstrued OS around with a hell lot of for and against arguments flying around the corner always. There no truth claims Distros are faster Windows.We always concede that there is always lies a threshold limit for the user and beyond that speed ,the user cannot maintain a stable user environment in simpler term the user cannot go beyond it.

The million dollar question is why I am talking about it now. Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Definitely I am a late adopter of Linux. Pretty comfortable with Windows but inclined to learn Linux due some appreciation from the to date , playing around with Linux but not fully satisfied with all these performances so far.One thing is for sure,a Linux user faces a myth always, when he faces some problem with Linux, then he has to think twice before calling a mechanic or engineer, well but this is not the case for Windows users.

Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade [Home Premium to Professional] True to life for Windows users the of is and then up gradation time to time and it is with price.Take the case of Windows 7 .There is always a myth that Linux is always free but some Distros charge for support like Ubuntu,SUSE,Mandriva have some commercial implications.

A Linux user always criticize Windows for its never ending updates,patches,critical patches and it is true also,Windows XP after 10 years not perfect and after three service packs still being patched,as Microsoft patches it regularly whenever some vulnerability occurs.

More so Linux is not bug free ,crashes more frequently and thus making the layman confused .You have to be a geek in order to use Linux, matter how big claim far from layman is true that Linux at times throws a sense of rewarding achievement but many a times it gives frustration.No matter how geek you claim to be the fact you do not expect to without with it.

Lots tweaks and the last not the least its root access which can mess up yours system harder but still there is always a silver lining in the sky through these meticulous processes knowingly or unknowingly you enter into the deep delves of computing . For windows users they cannot go beyond certain knowing the OS.