Pride and prejudice: seven

It is noon, detective ittech is moving inside small jungle that is at the foot of the shining hill, ittech is carefully moving here and there, he is expecting cruel animals or people who are crueler in mind residing there and for this he is extra careful. Ittech is expecting something wrong here and something is cooking inside this isolated place and for this, he takes each step with due care and attention.

He is searching for prejudice, the smarter part of life, here and for this, he knows that the most adamant thing of life should be here and if any such critical factor is going on then, it should not be attended to its fullest capacity and the gainer should try to eliminate him, for this, it is critical that , in every sphere of life , one should not be overestimated at any cost , one should know that , it is the humans that are the most dangerous that the animals and for this , the prudent part of life is to seek for safer environment so that , all things go well with it and with due course of time , the maximum capacity for its utilizations should not go uncovered in a not so manageable way.

He has the special shoes, which will not make any sounds and in the floor there are many dried leaves, scattering here and there, even though the shoes are good still he has to cover the distance , without a sound , think about a situation , a cruel animal is sleeping and he wakes up with sound and this is very difficult situation , and the jungle is such that , it is almost difficult to find the sunray at any point of time and for this , the sole motive here is to walk by observing the path and the distance.


During walking ittech thought about when he was young and at that time , one day he and his girl friend elee were walking inside the road and then they enter the jungle by mistake in search of water for their vehicle and in the mean time they walk slowly and from a distance they saw a river and then while going into it , they saw the flocks of elephants have been crossing that river and some younger ones are playing with water with their long trunks and all these are the most exciting part of life and with it the flora and fauna of life they exhibit and while seeing this with sere fear Elee comes closer to ittech in search of safer environment and from that day they have never separated and they become close to one another and for it ittech thanks the jungle and whenever he sees the jungle , he became excited to be there , the sounds and the smell of leaves , senses him the presence of his lady love and with it she thought all things about it and when he came to the reality he realizes that he had almost crossed the jungle and the sun ray and the shining mountain is in the vicinity.

He thanks his lady love, as he is feeling the sense of fear, while in the middle of the jungle and then suddenly, he sensed it and at that time the thought of her lady love, take him to some other zone and with her in the vicinity he forgets all the fear that has been reigning all around within his imagination.

Then while, walking something he is stopped by something and due to that obstruction in the ground, it is for sure that he almost fell to the ground, and then he manager to survive, and it is due to his excellent health and for this he could manager to survive that small accident.

Ittech is always conscious of his health as he realizes that due to one hundred percentage success rate, in the category of solving cases, he had to be fit enough to survive and sustain the dean and rustle of life and for this he has been busy attending a healthy life style and for this the prime reason is to attend the course of life and regular exercise , as he does not believe in diet control as he thinks ,it is against his health and with diet control one can have very bad , mind power as we know some processes of mind takes the real energy from our diet sources and it we tend to eat less then there are more intermediary positions , and for this the reserve energy come to the rescue and when it is finished the bad part is that mind always wants energy from the body to perform and for this , it is essential to have , a good diet and if you think that your weight is on the rise , then it is better to go for long term exercise and it is better to go for the walk , especially on the morning segment and that with the winds of the morning comes to your rescue and without dusts and pollution , yours heart will be better than usual and also with due coarse of time , the real energy that is associated with your natural process and getting valuables from it can be grown from time to time to make it the most potent and understandable aspect of life that can has more and more propensity and understanding that it is ever attended.

That is why the brilliance of brain has more significant proportion that it is ever imagined to have and for this the brightest aspect of life is not underestimate the health factor as one has to find the way for it so that the most common and the relevance of it can be attended with. The positive and the negative side of each of its facts and the figures can be configured, but the real time valuation and the feeling of yourself that you can do what you like the most is the most relevant and the cross over part that one can attended in such manner that no one can be at doubt to understand it in the deepest sense of imagination.

Then, ittech breaks his thoughts about health matters and reaches to the reality , to realize that , and to understand ,what is the obstruction , here and how come it is so heavy that , he can fall from walking and for this he bows down and then glance at the ground to understand the realities that are attached with it.

There is something strong enough , at the ground and it is buried deep inside , only part of it is being seen , as it seems that , it is a dead body and the most part of it is immersed inside soil and it does give the indication that , due to heavy rain the dig dead body partially comes out into open and for this , it is essential that , ittech thinks that this should be the lead that he is searching about , how come , one dead body is to be found out at such an isolated place where there is no habitations of life and also no other proper human civilizations here , for many miles . First he has to check this out , whether this body has got its positions due to cruel animal attack or it is a cold blooded murder and for this he has to find it out in detail , first is to call up the officer , here and for he rings him from his cell phone and the officer , receives the phone , he is worried as since morning there is no news about ittech and also ittech , in the mea time , makes the cell phone is silent vibration mode and for this , and then officer worriedly asked detective ittech , are you in danger , with this detective ittech smiles and says , detective ittech is always in safer conditions , do not worry about it and thanks for thinking about me and then detective ittech , asked the officer to reach here and for this , he should use his GPS navigation system and also he should come alone here as it is the most secret investigation and this part is significant of it and this needs to be kept in secret .

Within 30 minutes the officer reached at the exact spot and this has been possible due to the advancement of science. With the help of science it is now possible to use with mobile networks the basic networking and finding the exact place with GPS navigation through satellite tracking is interesting and with these technologies many criminal is being tracked and captured with ease. Officer reaches and smiles at me and said to me that he has 15 phones to ittech phone and ittech opened the phone to see it and realize that there are many missed call notifications and also the phone is in vibration mode as any such sound can alters the animals or the humans with animals spirit and that can unintentionally bring the danger to life and also in the mean time ittech advised the officer to make his cell phone is vibrations and silent mode so that , no untoward danger inside the jungle could happen.

Then , ittech told the officer about this incident and then ask him for help to recover this body , as the most part of it is still inside ground and when , we both try to lift the body , with greater force , we are unable to lift it , it seems that the dead body is not so heavy , but why this weight is there , and for this , ittech seat there and try to find out the reason and he slowly lift the most visible part of the body and only to realize that from behind the body is tied with underground coiled and it should be tied with nearby trees.

This is quite interesting, as this goes on to show that, this is not a natural death, it is a murder and after it, the murder dig the hole and then place the body inside it and then, due to heavy rain in these areas, he suddenly thinks that, it is absolutely right to bind it through underground wire to the strong roots of the trees. So, that the body will not be coming to the ground, but despite all these, the dead body is of the underground. Ittech, from his tool box opened the wire and cut it and then, keep a sample and then suddenly gone into a deep thought and the officer glance him during that period, but managed not to speak a single word during that time as he knows that detective ittech thinks about the possible lead here and in this juncture he is holding the wire and this does mean that there is some lead that is showing the way here.

After about ten minutes of his thought process, the detective ittech comes into the real time , and said that we have seen such ropes inside the mansion pride and the prejudice and he asks the officer to think about it and tell him from where they have seen this wires, it seems to be the crazy thought for officer and after few second he said that he cannot recalling this , detective ittech smiles and said that , they have seen this rope when the teenager girl hung with it and also the similar rope at the garage and this does now complete the theory that , the girl has not gone for suicide as it is earlier assumed to be , but from the first instance it has been seen and told by detective ittech is that , the girl was murdered cold blooded and then later to hide the crime ,

The officer smiles with this first actual lead of the case and then suddenly detective ittech jumps and said that on the first instance when we saw the rod inside the attached bathroom and when we open the basin and saw a large tunnel inside it and within these there are same sort of coils and cables used here. In the mean time, detective ittech checked the cables and coils, and within few seconds with the help of his mind and internet he finds the origin of the cable and now it is time for officer to find it out, who had purchased the cable and for this one extreme reliable person used to go to the city to find it out the name, who have purchased this, and for this detective ittech told the officer to contact the person who works as the office assistant at the city, and he should be able to find it out in details within shortest possible time.

Then, ittech cut all the wires and then the dead body comes out from the hole and then , they see the badge of pride and prejudice inside his body and also the name wrote there , detective ittech noted down the name, and then , they left the place and go towards hill. In the mean time , the officer asked for permission from ittech to be the body to be taken for autopsy , ittech in the mean time said that he had telephoned to higher authorities and they are sending some special team and they should take care of all this and most important part is that , they would be reaching here soon. Now it is time to reach to hill, and this time both detective ittech and the officer would be climbing to the hills. From the end of the jungle the silver transparent glow is still hurting eyes from there.