Your 56kmodem connects at 33.6k or less part:2

    Software modems depend upon yours PCs available memory and CPU speed. If you have  older PC with low memory (RAM) and lots of heavy applications open simultaneously then it will affect yours softwares modem speed. In some cases frequent disconnection (dial-up)  reason may have been what is writter above. Check yours Internet Explorer Continue Reading »

How to install and use the Windows XP Recovery Console

This article was inspired from Bleeping Computer “ How to install and use the Windows XP Recovery Console“  in a sign of deep respect this article was been written. Recovery Console:According to Bleeping Computer:"The Recovery Console is a special boot up method that can be used to help fix problems that are preventing your Windows Continue Reading »

IBM advises Windows XP !

If you buy any laptop or shop for online  from most of the manufacturer you will find about windows vista inbuilt , the various versions according to the price of the model and so on. IBM recommends Windows XP Professional for their refurbished computers , though a handful are running Vista. According to , Michael Continue Reading »

writing ISO files to CD?

    ISO files are ghosts or images of complete cds accumulating to one file just the same as that of the making images of complete hard discs which can be done buy Paragon Drive Backups or Marriculum reflect or the soft wares like Norton ghost or acronis true image. The ISO burn utilities are Continue Reading »

One download, lots of great stuff

Screenshots: Now in one installation, Windows Live Essentials gives you instant messaging, e-mail, blogging, photos, and more.This is a feature pack that supposed to enhance Windows 7 (Vista and XP are supported also. View Full Album IM and e-mail Stay in touch. With Messenger, you can chat, swap photos, and see what’s new with friends. Continue Reading »

Startup Delayer

Sometimes windows booting take more time than you can finish yours daily ma rekting stuffs or even one power play section of cricket completed so what will be the reason for this and it must be some additional unwanted software starting with windows sometimes unknowingly and some times knowingly and what will be the process Continue Reading »

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