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Unique Bharat (India)

Bharat is the biggest English communicative nations in the world. The four religions brought into existence in Bharat Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Chess was invented in Bharat. India was the richest country on earth continuously until the time of British invasion in the early 17th Century. Sanskrit is the mother of all the European Continue Reading »


  PURI SPICY CRAB – PURI SEVAYAT-BRAHMIN STYLE INGREDIENTS: Sweet Water Crabs – 1kg (two nos.) Garlic Paste      – 2tsp Ginger Paste      – 2tsp Poppy Seeds       – 2tsp Cashew Nuts       – 50gms. Salt              – as per requirement Mustard Oil       – 50gms. Cinnamon Powder   – 1tsp. Cumin Powder      – 2tsp. Chili Powder     – 1tsp. Onion Paste       Continue Reading »


  INGREDIENTS Local Non-Basmati  Fine Rice              – 500GMs Lime / lemon                                       – Two of medium size Ghee from cow milk                              – 150GMs Salt                                                      – 3 tsp Cashew Nuts(split)                                – 50gms Raisins                                                 – 25gms PROCESS   Clean rice with water and drain water altogether.   Dry up rice in the sun on a dish for about Continue Reading »

DAHI-CHUNGUDI TARAKARI (cheese-prawn curry)

  INGREDIENTS 1.    Medium Size Prawns – 250gms. 2.    Thick and dried up curd – 2 tablespoons 3.    salt – as per requirement 4.    Turmeric Powder – 1 tablespoon 5.    Mustard Oil – 50gms. 6.    Curry Leaves – 1 tablespoon 7.    Green Chilies – 3 fully chopped 8.    Cashew Nuts -  6 9.    Poppy Seeds Continue Reading »


  INGREDIENTS 1.    Paneer  – 100gms. 2.    Corn Flour – ½ cup 3.    Salt – as per requirement 4.    Water – 3 cups 5.    Cumin & Chili powder -   ½ tablespoon each 6.    Ghee made from cow milk – 100gms. 7.    Green Cashew Nuts (available aplenty at Puri for six months beginning from April) – Continue Reading »


  This is how chicken is prepared and customized for the people of the City of Puri (of Orissa State in India), the Land of Lord Jagannath. Preparation Time: Two Hours Cooking Time: One Hour INGREDIENTS Lamb  – 500gms cut into 2”-sized pieces. Cow Ghee – 2 tablespoons Turmeric Powder – 1 tablespoon Salt to Continue Reading »