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5 Important Security Tips for you

Use Proactive Threat Protection advanced technologies, like cloud, provide more proactive detection by analyzing application behavior in real-time. By executing code in an emulated environment, modern protection software can prevent damage and contain the threat before it’s too late.Traditional antivirus products rely heavily on virus signatures to detect viruses. This is the catch as virus Continue Reading »

What is DNS:

Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical or distributed database that contains the mapping of DNS domain names of various types of data ,such as IP addresses .DNS enable the location of computers and services by user-friendly names , and it also enables the discovery of other informations stored in the database.(Microsoft ).Domain Name System Continue Reading »

Don’t get bitten by “Twilight – New Moon” downloads – Malware lurks within

Sources & Citations: PC Tools newsletter and special promotions Keep yourself covered from the latest threats.Be aware of the latest threats and take steps to protect yourselves.PC Tools’ Malware Research Center has discovered another online Twilight scam, promising viewers they can watch the “New Moon” movie for free. Here’s what really happens: •    Fans are Continue Reading »