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Internet Explorer Backup

Internet Explorer Backup http://www.backsettings.com/index.html BackRex Internet Explorer Backup is a backup and restore tool reliever and regenerate process for Internet Explorer. It allows you to backup favorites, history, proxy settings, fonts, dialup accounts, autocomplete passwords and cookies.BackRex Internet Explorer Backup can help you to move all your Internet Explorer settings from one computer to another, Continue Reading »

IE7Pro v2.4.4 Released (12-09-2008)

Hi am back again IE7Pro v2.4.4 Released (12-09-2008) Download URL: MD5SUM: a12cfdf520c863d01a9013c171aa618a It’s very glad that IE7Pro is 2 years 07 Dec 2008 Best wishes! Dependable wishes ! IE7Pro is a must have add-on for Internet Explorer, which includes a lot of features and tweaks to make your IE friendlier, more useful, secure and customizable. Continue Reading »