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Some Niche Marketing Ideas for Specialized Businesses

While walking at the sea bed from space to space I do find plenty of such marketing gimmicks and most of these are that of mostly related with niche marketing. By walking across these arenas I do find plenty of such new and innovative marketing gimmicks which might not have been known to many especially for management students but still these are some of the most useful and beneficial for them as they continue to do it day in and day out.


The maximization of thoughts has never gone beyond the boundary of imagination with due course of time the specific effects and the underlying phenomena that has been there inside sleeping and it is sometimes appearing beyond the doubt but the hegemony of thoughts and the related parameters has never gone undeterred and unperturbed. The prolific ideas are Continue Reading »

What leadership is not?

English: Some APEX teen leaders were invited to a breakfast (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In the previous article I talked about immensely about “What is leadership?” It is being appreciated by many and there are plenty of talks of it and there are many suggestions flooded to my inbox to write more about this topic but Continue Reading »

What is leadership?

What is leadership? It is a very generic term which can have very different connotation with wider possibilities and scope being attached with it and it goes to some sort of evolution with permanent permutations and combinations that has been going on for ever. It all starts from ancient times and then in the middle Continue Reading »

Are you running out of your quota?

The mundane body is designed by God. All for the body are prefixed and predestined. The quota of sugar, oil, mutton and milk and for that matter of all edible commodities have already been decided by God and our quotas get reduced as we consume more and more with advancement in age. We seldom think Continue Reading »

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