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Five harbingers of hypertension

Last updated on November 9th, 2019 at 11:36 am

The five attributes of hypertension are obesity, lack of exercise, excessive sodium, stress and diet.Obesity:-Regulated diet and regular exercise can cure obesity.


There is no substitute to exercise. It should not be strenuous and should be of recommended type. Morning walk for an hour or so will do wonders.

Excessive sodium:-

It can be controlled by making it a habit during cooking and intake.


We can get rid of stress by our personal cultivation of the habit of smiling away the serious and not taking heavily dilapidation and disaster in any form. Too much of stress brings in depression which not only upsets mental balance, but invites blood vessels to be brimful, inviting heart attack when it is at its zenith.


I am going for the role of cereals only in our daily diet without going deep into the dietary provisions for hypertension patients. It cannot be generalized as most of those who suffer from high blood pressure also suffer from diabetes. So both the diets overlap each other and a menu is prepared taking into account the constitution and the condition of the patient besides other things. Cereal in our daily diet is a malady for hypertension and must be our lunch and dinner accompaniment.

Common to all patients suffering from diabetes and blood-pressure is consumption of cereals on daily basis. Cereal of whole-grain variety should be taken a bowlful each day and it reduces the risk of hypertension by 20%. According to researchers, consumption of cereal is a preventive and the cure is the life we live, coupled with our food habit and exercise.

Refined grains are less effective for the reason that fiber and nutrient-rich parts are removed for better look and better taste.However, this benefit may not be claimed in respect of women though extensive researches are now on to find out answer to it.


Caught by the whirlpool of events, situations and surroundings, we all suffer from this dreaded disease at some point of time or the other. At the outset, we must realize and admit that we suffer from this disease when we are actually attacked. Unless we accept this fact, we become its victim and cure-process cannot be executed.

There is no scientific method for the cure of depression. The main causes of depression should be unearthed and only then we can try not to be overpowered by it. A patient should be a doctor unto himself to combat depression for a healthy and no-tension life.

Hypertension, High Glucose and Insomnia

Last updated on November 10th, 2019 at 01:19 pm

Hypertension, diabetes and insomnia compliment each other in such a manner that there is a keen competition among the three as to which one will overtake the other and in what proportions. In fact, they overlap one another conspiring together to slowly kill a person and insomnia is the instrument by which the other two accomplish the task in a murmuring, methodical manner.

Insomnia is habitual sleeplessness occasioned by a stressful situation primarily, though at times disorder nervous system roots it in. The fear of insomnia is worse than insomnia itself inasmuch as it is more harmful and dreamy with the victim always staying apprehensive. Strong emotions and fabulous brain-use drive to the insomniac situation in the speed of a jet, heightening blood vessels to the pinnacle of the brain defusing the nervous system to a vibrating syndrome with mental heaviness overtaking mental soundness.

A couple of years back, I was suffering from this dreaded disease for almost my decade-old hypertensive and diabetic dimension; but how it vanished of late is of miraculous antithesis which I recount here under in power points:

• I get up early at 03.50 AM.

• I start my morning walk at 04.30 AM on the widest road of my city drinking a glassful of clean and pure water and reach my home back at 06.00 AM.

• I take my breakfast at 07.00 AM sharp.

• My lunch time is 01.00 PM.

• In between breakfast and lunch, I take a cup of milk, two pieces of sugarless biscuits, a glass of lemon water and a glassful of permissible fruit extract.

• I take my morning sleep at 02.00 PM for one hour.

• I take my dinner at 08.00 AM, in between sipping a cup of tea, two glasses of lemon water, a bowlful of boiled vegetables and permissible fruits aplenty.

• I go to bed at 08.30 PM and sleep for about seven hours, raising my total sleeping time to 08.00 hours. My sleep is always long and deep. I never skip my sleeping time and never pre-pone or postpone it.

• I have cultivated this sleeping habit after over a year-long practice when I had to close my eyes and lie undisturbed feigning as if I was asleep.

• My living room and bed room are well ventilated.

• I take my bath whenever my sleep eludes me.

• In the earlier stage, I was taking sleeping pills, but not now as I have never made it a habit.

• I always try to avoid strong emotions and never get deterred by outside provocations.

I think by my regular practice and present habit, I have overcome insomnia which anyone else can do by regulating his diet, resorting to habitual exercise and making it a habit to sleep for eight hours, even if sleep eluded.