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Cool and useful WordPress hacks that requires no plugins

In this blog, I wrote so many articles related to security parameters of WordPress. This article is about securing WordPress without using too many code hacks and plugins. First connect your wordpress with cloudflare content delivery network. It works in two ways. Cloudflare works as a firewall to your website as well as with its Continue Reading »

How to secure WordPress working environment?

Security is never absolute. With WordPress and its continuous updates it is taken seriously but still there are some security holes that need to be patched. WordPress is a system and this is inevitable that with every system there needs to be potential security holes and that needs to be patched from time to time. Continue Reading »

Default https access for Gmail

Gmail is now ubiquitous because of its dynamic functionalities and ever increasing features plus POP and IMAP access straight from yours system which you are working with.Of late Gmail loading is slow and there is one reason for it.In 2008,Google move along and give us the option of always use https encrypting your mail as Continue Reading »