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How to Stop Alcoholism

Over the past two decades the incident of alcoholism has doubled and this is alarming. There are some of the western statistics which can be very well considered as universal. Some three million people suffer from catastrophic medical gives a wine or liquor its distinctive character , an animal or plant that bears a relationship to another (as related by common descent or by membership in the same genus) These include low molecular weight alcohols like that of methanol and butanol aldehydes, esters, histamine, phenols, tannins, iron, lead and cobalt .

Effects of Alcohol:

  • Alcoholic black out that is an episode of forgetting all or part of what occurred during drinking..
  • Decrease in sleep latency as it helps to people to fall asleep. Alternation in sleep cycle with bad dreams.
  • Peripheral neuropathy that is limb numbness, tingling and parasthesias.
  • Wernickes and Korsakoff syndromes.
  • Cerebellar degeneration.
  • Impairment in recent and remote memory.
  • Permanent CNS impairment which is otherwise known as alcoholic dementia.
  • Psychosis, hallucinations and delusions.
  • Agitations, confusion and violence in many situations.

On Gastrointestinal system:

  • Oesophagitis, vomiting of blood due to tear in the lining of oesophagus related to food type.
  • Interfaces with absorption of B-Vitamins
  • Hemorrhage from duodenum and diarrhoea
  • Chronic diarrhoea
  • Pancreatitis-acute and chronic
  • Liver metabolism is affected
  • Fatty accumulations of liver as alcohol induced hepatitis.
  • Increased cancer risk-oesophagus , stomach, liver pancreas ,breast.

On blood:

  • Anemia
  • Decreases production of white blood cells that risks of repeated infections blood pressure
  • Weakening of Cardiomyopathy
  • Rhythm disturbances
  • Heart failure

On sexual functioning:

  • Impotence
  • Irreversible atrophy of testes
  • Pressure result of of more to reduce a persons weight and thereby blood pressure.

How to Fix Audio or Sound Problems in Windows 7, 8,10

Most significant problem of Windows 8 and 10 is that of the defect or use of not so compatible audio drivers and that makes the problem of running of Windows difficult. Most of windows restart problem begins with that of defect audio drivers. Similar happens to my Samsung laptop when I upgraded to Windows 10. My laptop screen shivers and in that Windows comes with dancing screen and for it I reached to laptop repair shop.

The mechanic of that shop said that the laptop screen needs to be replaced and that costs 3500 rupees and the guarantee period will be that of three months. Then he repaired the side panel of the screen that connects with the laptop keyboard with that of a one screw and which is working now nicely. He said to me that I should open the screen of laptop with due care so that, the broke down between laptop screen and the inbuilt keyboard needs to be taken with due care.

Then he also advised us to install Windows 10 as it is latest operating system and it works nicely and he charged additional 350 rupees for it. Now, it is working nicely and we bought the laptop home and in the next day, I switched on and the laptop runs for ten minutes and then it stops working and it switched off automatically. After seeing this trend for continuance for more that more often then I decided to see what is the real crux of the problem and after seeing the fault code I could see the real problem is that of faulty audio driver and it needs to be fixed at the important time.

Then, I download Samsung Software update and then it asks for software update, and then the series of update comes and then I download the realtek audio driver and then, update the graphic driver and then checks all of these and restart the computer again and again to make it best for to see how this is showing up. I found computer is working nicely.

In order to check whether this hardware changes is occurring nicely or not open control panel and then to device manager. Then, open sound, video and game controllers. Then, right click on realtek high definition audio and then update driver software and if update comes again and then see how it performs and if updates or say if it is already updated then this means yours hardware device is now up-to-date.

All of this comes at the slightest catch of time when we do find that, these short of ideas and short cut decision making can reach us towards absolute confidence of understanding these phenomenon. These short cut ideas make the understanding of running of computer good. In this way, we can understand how computer is running and what are the short falls to it and we can at best with the decent internet connectivity can easily solve all of these problems without any doubt.

This computing experience at best provides the best possible, solutions towards understanding the best possible solutions, No mechanic can solve all of these and it is important to understand that, one need to see how such and such problems can be solved with equal ease and in this way, one can find everything inside Windows computer and one need to understand and find the crux of problem with the help of problem solving situations from, Microsoft helps centers in the form of device manager and its connection to understand which is the best possible solutions for your computer.

How to Start a Blog?

Blog is a part of the website. It is personal identification of a writer. It is a myth that continues for sometime during initial years. With due course of time the definition of a blog becomes wider. It has wider ramifications and now it is almost similar to create a website and running a blog. In this article I will write in depth about how to create a blog.

The front page of blog always changes with time. From time to time newer and advanced article on the niche subject in which blog runs continues to provide deeper impact upon readers in the specified subject. Blog is a continuous process and in depth learning and dedication of constant writing is the need of the hour.

A good blog consists of a hosting account and a domain. The name of blog or identity of a blog is the specified domain and it is important to choose a correct domain so that ultimately yours identity and visitors reach come with it. Hosting is necessary so that your blog will be with due course of time is recognised by advertisers such as Google Adsense or Media.net or infolinks so that you will find better return from yours work continuously.

Creation of a blog is not a constant process. It comes with experience and letting the webmaster to learn on various important subjects. You will slowly learn more about how to secure your website from external attacks, and which are essential plugins and must have plugins for yours blog.

Which theme you want to use with your blog and how to write a good and interesting content so that it will attract the imagination of visitors as well as should be good for search engines so that ultimately when you intended to use search engine optimisation then yours website must be capable of it to do so. It is important to choose a niche subject for your blog and you must be capable of that subject to write some rare articles so that it will show up at the front pages of blog searching.

Within cPanel one should be expert in designing theme files and how to reach to the root folder of blog and then adding ads.txt files and other essential files and running the blog in correct manner must have been the prime criteria of running a blog or website. Most Of the blogs are running with WordPress platform then you must have good acclimatization of using the blog from wordPress Admin segment of website so that ultimately running the blog with it becomes absolutely easier to do so.

How to upload plugins from WordPress Admin side as well as from the side of cPanel and how to use content delivery networks and whether to use it or just simply use from your hosting account all of these comes to the mind while dealing with the running of a blog at absolutely correct manner.

One must know how to add and manage menus, themes, and how to write articles with blog editor. How to secure front end of a blog and how to secure your blog from malicious requests and all of these can be done from cPanel or from wordpress admin. As web master when yours website is approved by adsense then one should know how to use it as well as one should be extremely careful about publishing contents as all of these contents must be one hundred percent of authenticity or if there are some sources then refer to these it sources and references segment so that there will not be any doubt about it at any point of time.

Contents are king and good visibility of contents on your website is the master key. One should use Google Fonts such as robot and others to show the letters and words of website in clarity and completely visible manner. Do not be afraid to provide bits and pieces of experimentation on yours blog so as to define and manage a good blog that will take some time to popular and it is i important to have a strong sense of patience and do it months after months to enable a complete blog management tool.

It is important to learn that a good blog must be backed up periodically so that ultimately it does provide a relief to have the complete backup plans in the case when any such outrage of machines happens and yours blog disappears then you must be able to restore your blog from these incremental back ups.

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How to Stay Safe Walking on the sidewalk, path, or Road?

Is there a solution to unrestricted access of traffic and movements of vehicles on their own in order to find out the shortest possible routes and time and again breaking the laws of the land in order to reach their destination on time? Still am not been able to find out these solutions and to my utter surprise even at the presence of so many large number of enforcement agencies and close circuit cameras but.

Still breaking of the law is there and it continues undoubtedly and without any restrictions.
This is the story of the pill grim town of Odisha and one of most visited places of India where throughout the year there are presence of large number of floating population and where one could find each and every time of year is full of so many people and one could see how the vehicles and people breaking laws time and again without any fears.

There are small hotels and presence of so many of commercialization here and there and while looking at all of these one could find the sense that everywhere one go one need to find the road within precision and for this one need to walk with greater care otherwise movement within these specification of shortened roads due to presence of large number of vehicles parked here and there as well as the presence of people standing in between roads and without care and then suddenly someone from somewhere would appear from nowhere to take shorten the road further.

In between while walking and moving with vehicles one would find that there are absolutely large number of auto rickshaws which are moving without any number plates and how these are running and how these unregistered autos are allowed and how they move one could see that they would move with superlative speed and that too you cannot believe and they have no fear for law enforcing authorities as they move with great neck speed which you hardly believe.

In between there are very big dustbins from Municipality of Puri but still you would see there are so many number of food stalls at the side of roads and they put the wastages out there on the roads instead of using the official dustbins and that makes the questions why as for some of them the location of dustbins nearer to their stall but still they opt for using to throw it on the ground instead of using the dustbins for it.

For some days we see the presence of large number of workers who used to come in the morning and go with small dustbins of different colors and then blow the whistle in the sense that people would provide and throw dusts but still they come at some day and in some other days they are not there and people continue to throws these wastes on the roads and for some when they wake up early in the morning they used to throw darts at the front of some other persons home and the reasons best known to them.

It is like placing Wi-Fi router at the appropriate place where the signals from the outside should reach to it with good effect as well as that of processing of sending of signals to the appropriate locations should be there in order to find out good speed of router. Try to place the router at the open space or at the drawing room so that network signals should be good all over inside of your home.

Similarly, in traffic locations when there is comfortable movement of vehicles all over and most of them are listening to what the traffic rules are then listening to all of these and movement within these ranges becomes extremely easier for us.

Similarly, even though when you look at the VIP road you can clearly find the divider as well as there is room for people to walk but most of these footpath areas are covered by food stalls and this makes the movement within these roads extremely difficult for bystanders and pedestrians.

The municipality is trying its best and it is downsizing the square and most of these squares have big idols and their down size these in order to create more room for vehicles so that the pedestrians should walk comfortably without any difficulties.

What is most non-impressive that some of two wheelers as well as some of three wheelers in terms of auto-rickshaws are continuing their endeavor and trying different ways to move in short cuts and in this manner most of routes becomes very difficult and dangerous to move it on.

In the perspective of pedestrians one needs to be extremely cautious while walking through these roads as one needs to see at every directions possible and keep their ear open all the time so that the anticipation of moving of vehicles and racing of vehicles from different directions should be equally listened so that ultimately one could sense the speed of vehicles from different directions and move towards different ways in according with it.

The VIP road connects Puri with the rest of states as well as most of floating populations reaching to Puri from different locations they think that this is not the en-route to town but they think and drive as if they are driving within the high way and that is why one could witness the presence of speeding vehicles moving from different directions and for this it is important to learn about this and move ahead in accordance with it with extreme and due care.

One should also be extremely careful while walking along these roads as in between these roads there are some big shops like that of automobile showrooms and there are big inter-state trucks standing out there at the footpath of the road and moving into these roads becomes extremely difficult there on.

If you happen to move by going ahead of these trucks then you will be exposing yourself towards the speeding vehicles and the road ahead and that could be very dangerous to cross these roads and for this it is important to keep an eye towards each and every corner of roads and then slowly move ahead with it.

This article is not to terrify the readers but let them understand and know about the state of the roads and vehicles moving there and one should be extremely cautious while crossing these roads as vehicles roaming here and there carelessly would reach towards you and it is important for you to keep track of all of these vehicles while moving or crossing from one side of the road towards the other.