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The Influence of Sanskrit Literature in Odia Language

There has been a vast difference between Sanskrit and regional language such as Odia. Still there are many distinctive similarities between these two languages. With each and every development of Odia language we found vast influences of Sanskrit language on refinement of Odia language. The grammatical part of Odia languages has been tremendously influenced by Continue Reading »

The golden handshake

In 1789, newspaper was known as fourth estate of democracy and this was first stated at United Kingdom and from that time it was regarded and considered world wide. From that time daily new circulation started and at those times the sell of newspaper was so minimal that at 1711, the sell figure of new Continue Reading »

The American Bipartite System

Image via Wikipedia If we have the strongest democracy in the world in America now, it is because of its glorious inmates who have made it so over a period of about three centuries, experimenting with the past and modeling on the present. It has passed through many ordeals before shaping into the present state.  Continue Reading »