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What is cryptography?

Everyone has secret and the nice thing about the secret is that it stays with a single person and do not move to different persons. Secret stays confidential so long as it remains as it is otherwise it is no longer confidential. There are many antique pillars which are yet to be deciphered as they […]

1Protect your privacy with Mailinator : Part 1

Absolutely , Mailinator tag line is “let them eat spam”.Mailinator is the longest running since 2003 continuing till to date a standard disposable email service.It has limited mail experience but the fact is it is fast no registration required and it is a smart standard disposable email service. As we hate spam , unknowingly intensely […]

Email Encryption Tool

  Spam email is one of the biggest issues facing the internet and the email encryption tool is designed to help reduce the effect of this and minimize the ability of 3rd party email "harvesting" robots from being able to read your email address when it is posted on your web site(s). This should minimize […]