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Be aware of this fake and fraudulent email

It is important to note that Maruti Suzuki India ltd.  said in its website in red scrolling text : “Please note that Maruti Suzuki India ltd. does not require any payment to be made by any candidate to Maruti Suzuki or to any individual/agency for any part of our recruitment process (No payment is to Continue Reading »

Import email and contacts from Yahoo,Hotmail or other web mail or POP3 accounts

If you have Gmail and must be you have Gmail account , then it is very easy to messages and contacts from other accounts . If you’re switching to Gmail from another email provider, importing contacts and messages from your old email account can help you make the transition without having to do a bunch Continue Reading »

Notification of an issue affecting your PostRank Connect account

From the The PostRank Team : Hello, We recently made an update to our system, which now requires PostRank Connect account holders to have at least one RSS-enabled website verified in their accounts. Until that action is completed, Connect account holders won’t be able to fully access their Connect or Analytics accounts. Fortunately, verifying a Continue Reading »

BloggingAds.com: Blog Rejection of ittech

  I try to join BloggingAds.com  easy blogging, easy money which they preaches so I applied to them but they have rejected my application and following is their�s repsonse. It is ok life goes on after it. This is the email from Blogging Ads Support Team and the contents as follows. Thank you for submitting Continue Reading »

Protect Yourself against Computer Viruses

Investigate the location of email you are receiving and perceived to be wrong and unwanted. and unknown sources, be careful and do not click through and also check it or ignore it completely.Why even in snail mail ,mail from unknown sources ,we ignore it so same is for electronic mail.   Email attachments may be Continue Reading »

Identifying hoaxes

Image via Wikipedia A hoax can be defined as “Something intended to deceive; deliberate trickery intended to gain an advantage” (WordWeb) or in simplicity a deliberate or carefully thought in advance to trick people into believing something real. Yeah absolutely the question rises why am I writing this now ,The fact of the matter is Continue Reading »

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