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The apathy of electricity ground worker service at Puri

Is it an absolute mediocrity, that arising out of complete misconstrued job satisfaction, even after, it is being privatized to serve better purposes for consumer, even after heightened electricity prices, more than consume, it was expected for them to work for good and service to be excellent but that was not the case here, as usual they were a careless bunch of units and many a times there was complete lack of insensitivity to the problems and the difficulty in which consumer were facing into . Electricity was always been the essential constituents of human needs , ever since it had been developed but what it was making the life worse was the sheer not so careful attitude by the electricity handlers , who were ground workers and their lack of insanity and understanding of consumer expectations were not so brilliant, this was not good as after privatization of these sector it was expected to be more vibrant and attune and essential to consumer needs and anticipations but that was not the case at Puri town.The first and the foremost they had done , which is

not so in tune with law perhaps as much as , it was so , whatever knowledge I able to gather was that they have bestowed our wire with two neighbor’s wire and that was making the matter worse due to possible carbon related issues , there was some convention that the other wire should not touch one more wire but what they had done by colliding three wires they had made ours wire weaker , which was earlier stronger, we opposed at first , but these seemed to them as dead ears and they had not acted correctly and they continue to do it and the problems with it , it could have been some long drawn consequences , like that the roof can electrocuted and that can possibly corresponds to roofs and that can some of the most serious consequences and these should be avoided at first and these  we had been saying to them both they were not listening. The problem with electricity ground workers who dealt with consumers was that , the same workers were still intact for over six long years and that was why their zeal for work were fast reducing and they were also demanding money after doing each work. It was supposed for them to did it free of cost but they had made it  a convention to demand money after each interval and why these were happenings as after each electricity repair calls they were demanding money and that was really  not so good for electricity departments and these should be checked and stopped by appropriate authorities other wise these would enhance the corrupt practices and consumer were able to give it  other wise what they would do they would constantly harass them after certain intervals.

Like health care, electricity had become the real essentials and that was why it was very evident from the fact that whatever ran with modern equipments and other essentials does went with electricity and the way they depended upon itself did make some of the finest points that could have been taken into account and that was why the real need for it to give good services. Neighbors also said if you would complain to higher authorities then it would not work even as, it had been seen and observed that even many times they would not listen to their authorities and also the compounding problems were aggravated through some of associations that always propped up for them and in that way they would not regard people concern as they would only tend to see the concern of the workers. Is this not a strange, we were the consumers who are paying for the bills and also expect the same good maintenance from them incase some thing happened to electricity connectivity , but that was not the case as always it had been seen and experienced. Sometimes, after certain intervals it would seem the connection always had the tendency of on or off or fluctuation of electricity and that was why there was some apprehension of connection and then called to electricity call office of booking of a complain. What apathy was that they would always come after certain intervals but what they did nothing the same, happened one after another, no response and then if you called again after one day, they would say they would not do more than that and we should call the private persons to see it our as we could not do more than that. Is it the answer should we expect from the private organizations , who wished to be true to be towards the good will of consumers but that was not the case here , they were just attending the call as if it was their sole discretion and nothing more than that ,  then in these circumstances what the consumer should do ? They had advised us  to call private persons to repair it , as it was not according to the law of the land but still the electricity workers recommended these , what was the most surprising aspect was that why after certain intervals say after two to three months , these electricity connectivity fluctuates , was there any thing other matters related to it .

These may be some sort speculations but still there are lots more to ponder even after it and why all these had been happening, as this article is not to defame the state electricity board, as a organization could not be dishonored due to some bad to worse ground workers, who had been posted at one post for all along their life still they are not so sensitive to these issues. This article was all about showing what was happening to the ground conditions , it was not a criticism to  organization as organization wise it was working fine but the behavior of ground workers and their job satisfaction was affecting consumers who were the stake holders of the organization am I not right ?