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The Hardy-Weinberg Equation

Last updated on December 21st, 2019 at 01:06 pm

Have you ever thought about your friendship and how they started? We meet many people every day but what are those special attributes that aim us to make full term friendships? What creates the bond that can last for the lifetime? Most of our friendship develops because we share a common interest with one another. We like to watch the same movies, eat the same food or similar music. We actually connect with other people because our DNA is similar.

It invites you to discover the journey of soft discovery and uncover the hidden links among the people around the world and all this starts with the gene ring. With you have the easiest way to find your DNA profile and share with others. It changes that with the gene ring. It is your own personal fingerprints with the green matters positioning your own origin. All the green points represent the unique value present on your DNA. Imagine having the individual representations of your DNA profiling. You can compare wit your teammates with the gene ringside by side to compare it how closely you are with your friend.

You might discover a newer part with your friends. You can put your gene ring as the profile picture on your Facebook and work it like your business cards. You can put your gene ring on your T-shirt to make it more awesome. Be creative what you want after all it is your DNA. Using the cutting edge science compares your DNA with people all around the world and find with the population similar DNA to you. It provides you with the online tool to match the countries to which you are most related and people that mostly lived there. The gene ring defines us, compare us and connect us to the world to our friends and to ourselves.

It is your ring Stand rediscovers yourself. The group of human beings collectively showing interest, curiosity, fascinations and concern for people around them in the area and near vicinity and we are curious to know cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information; possess knowledge or information about and acknowledge, whether we have the special distinction and quality and what is the relation between us and the state of being connected and the instruments that connects us and what is the most influential and to whom you are connected in some way may be through family and through friendship and the entire process of being and getting the ideas and the events together in memory or imagination, what are the connecting shapes and the act of bringing two forms of communication into one segment and finding the association relentlessly to get the similar and the connected persons we’re interested in more than just the people around us; we’re interested in who they are and finding a common connection.

Suppose one product exhibits and become relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent to the similar attributes, it may be imprecise but fairly close to connect some of your inherited, hereditary genetically transmissible relationship among members of a family usually by heredity and it related you how you are genetically connected with among members of a family usually by heredity and even people around the world. It does just that. Their radically distinctive unequalled and unparallel service brings home the bacon very DNA signature compressed, constricted and bundled into individualised Gene Ring.

This instrument has been done in a scientific way and has been done and performed with purpose and intent that will make possible through specific action related to it to visually examine the similarity through the law of similarity which can be described as stimulus field that are similar to each other tend to be perceived as belonging together as a unit of your DNA analysis representing the extent to which something exhibits various characteristics with individuals near and far, Ancestry is about the descendants of one individual. and It is all about your connection of today.

What a gene ring is?:.

The Gene Ring™ is the registered trademark of It. It is a sophisticated concept. It is a revolutionary discovery with abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances. The Gene Ring™ is a new concept in DNA technology that combines modern and innovative artistic production into cutting edge scientific discipline. It is now the most revered symbolic representation of your unique genetic identity. It is also with respect to science a precise and exact tool and instrument that examine and note the similarities or differences of DNA profiles with that of friends, families and population groups around the world.

All of these has been successfully completed ‘by converting your numeric DNA tests results engraved relating to a graphical presentations of collections of the facts from which the conclusions may be drawn into and then out into service to make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose with a pertinent, re3levant and applicable derivations in the circular perceptual structure through customary way with the blueprint approach pattern with the model considering of worth imitation namely circular pattern of 13 rings that represent the 13 CODIS loci; a standard of identifying markers defined by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.’

Each of the thirteen rings contains the green markers which are conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something, which recognises, establishes and distinguishes 2 allele values which are hereditary transferable to you from your parents and it is been identified through this process, it is been one from your mother and one from your father All these are part of genes and it deals with the behaviour of the gene in the context of cell. Genes are the universal living organism and it is still live through the offspring and it goes on and on and this is the process where the original genetics of human beings is preserved through generations. Genes related within the DNA the molecule compositions of four different types of nucleotides, and nucleotides is the sequence of information is being stored inside the DNA and it is being transferred from one generation to the other sequentially.

This sequence produces the chains of amino acids and proteins and the relationships between these two are known as the genetic code. The colour and position of each marker on a ring represents the numeric values of your DNA profile. Take the example of the hands of the clock which combines to show the correct timing and in a similar way DNA profiles combine to give the absolute right genetic observance and profile. It is the combined serial arrangement in which things follow in logical order or a recurrent pattern of green markers that builds the Gene Ring™ unique perceptual structure for you. It is unique in the sense that no two green rings are having the same or similar characteristics but some are more affiliated attached and colligated than the others.

Determine the existence of those connections is what Itis all about, precisely nearer to correct. In short, the green ring is you and it is you, the uniqueness of yourself. The populations think would have most in common with: During my management and research scientist days in an earlier time in the early twenties I have been very much excited with this concept of DNA similarity and to find out and to know the specific ways to go on with it. The Gene Ring is the coolest way to see how it is working and with some of my experiment on hand and my professor want me to go to Bharat and to get to a specific place known as Odisha.

My professor advised me to get to the servitors of the temple of Lord Juggernaut and specifically the inner servitors and to find out their DNA profile and catching and their connections towards another world. It was very interesting knowing that there is a test that can compare their ring to other countries and show you where your DNA most matches. After getting the real test and the building the profile and there are some books written there that their ancestors have come down from far Germany and France.

This examination is still on and it is still undergoing as it is believed that two hundred years before Christ the prime inner servitors of Lord Juggernaut of Puri has been invited from the far west of now Germany and France to be precise to perform the duties of the Lord of the Universe. They are very limited in size and their appearance and their lifestyle is completely different from the natives of the state of Odisha, it is surprising but this theory is getting into the facts due to the very nature of DNA profiling and matching. Their traditions are different from the natives as they marry within their communities for the ages and they are a very traditional society.

Their language is being more or less affected by the languages of the west and for this experiment though at the primary stage but can sting many surprises in the future. So, I think the DNA test is very interesting and fascinating and with this, you can find the coolest things in life through various interesting testing and diagnosis of your permanent gene carrier. After reading all these up above written description on DNA, you should be anxious to go to where to get the tests, here are the detailed prescriptions on this. It you will find comfortable, fun and affordable way to study about yourself through DNA examination. DNA is the king of molecules and it is a long linear polymer found in the nucleus of a cell and formed from nucleotides and shaped like a double helix; associated with the transmission of genetic information.

Everyone should learn about heir DNA structure and how it relates with others from your friend and far circles so that you can observe suo moto the similarity and the dissimilarity among yourselves. With It with its overall services, you will get your unique DNA signature the GeneRing™ and thus makes the way for you to search other related DNA profiles so that you can relate with them and know much more about your ancestors and other origins and four hundred or many more years back yours ancestors have been staying at what location of the world and in this way you can learn about yours past customs and traditions. It contracts exclusively with one of the world’s leading DNA testing facilities located in the USA. The testing and the diagnosis process goes on many high ends and ultra-smooth experimental tests and further examination and then screening and finally the output and the results for all the clients.

This test is conforming exactly or almost exactly to fact or to a standard or performing with total accuracy and the essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone with the characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something. The workplace to conduct the scientific research for It clients is AABB-accredited, ISO-certified, equipped with the latest modern technological innovations and advantages, to bring into existence your GeneRing™ from a simple cheek swab. The part of the test does include the proper Biomek® robotic systems sample distribution handling o for the quality of being near to the true value to verify the fact with conformity to the actual.

It also employs the BI® genetic an instrument to analyse that aid creates your GeneRing™ with no delay and in an efficient and quick manner. All the DNA laboratory are secure and private so that the important privacy parameters can be respected and such a thing will not be going to any of the prying eyes for their easy exploitations. Highly skilled and trained scientists with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences and consultants the experts with good advice have been there inside the laboratory of It to perform these important tests. DNA profile test: By getting the DNA green trackers you can connect to which country your ancestors belonged to or lived in the past and to which country they migrated until they have reached your stage, it is an interesting concept and most of the person want to know more about their past it is their zeal to know about their forefather where they have lived through.

Using your personal DNA markers, It compares these markers to a global database of current population groups to provide you with your top ten closest matches. It looks at the present place of your ancestors to know about their living ad the place of living through DNS matching. This process goes on with extreme care as individual names are not been used only the serial numbers the representations of their names are been used and this gives the entire process additional boost and security with greater control over the privacy concerns. No responsive to physical stimuli is being provided inside the information.

It is not an ancestor test it creates one gene ring for you and on the basis of that ring, it is being compared to sixty countries all around the world to get to your ancestor’s profile by looking at the DNA connection of the present generation. The green ring then is compared with the population with which you shared the most affinity with. Interest is not an ancestor test or to search and find for descendants of one individual, it is to highlight the similarity of today’s population with all around the world marked by correspondence and resemblance. There is the existing database and it is being compared with the population group with which you could resemble be similar in likeliness to. With this, the trend of human migration from one part of the world to the other and also the living pattern and the history and the reason behind this migration are very interesting to read and observe.

After you log in you will get the top ten connections of yours and then you can download all these and in addition to these you can download the e-poster, the map and yours personal information your Gene Ring™ and your personal genetic markers. In this way you have learnt something new and very precisely through yours, DNA tests the most reliable facts about your life and this way you can be very affinity towards your ancestor country and you can then research about their eating and other related habits and how these are still relevant to you for the purpose of understanding that after the migrations you are saving your culture and still making it more full length even after some of the alien environment in the first few days of your forefather staying at various places.

Sometimes you will find the commonest country after your origin and you will have never thought sort of this and with this way yours DNA profile will learnt you many new dimensions about yours various aspects of your ancestors living style and where they have there and how they lived all through their life. In this process, you will know the step by step introduction and innovations with this ultra-modern technology. You will receive the DNA collection kit to your home. After receiving the samples it is processed in a high tech laboratory and put in a separate container so that each user has the unique place to deal it with. Then the test result is being compared with thirteen DNA locations and then through your genetic code revealing all these parameters of DNA patterns is known.

Then the green molecules in each ring represent the molecule sizes of the green ring. It is the unique combination and it is unique to you. This type of DNA test configuration does not tell you about hair, eye colour or any kind of personal information. There is the standard of human verification and this has been done with extreme precision and minuteness. Once your gene ring is created, then it is being compared with the database of all around the world to find out in original to which country you are belong to. The spastically match is generated for each population group. You can also download the high-resolution images of your country connections and also you can download the e0poster to share it online with everybody. You can also find the top ten list of other countries you closely match.

Then from this cluster of lists, you can click on each country name and then view the location on the map. This web site is continually is being updated from time to time so check back Stand you will soon find new and update information. In this way, you made a discovery about yourself and share it with your friends and families with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites and it is so easy to share as you can do it from the dashboard itself. If you have more questions then please click on the faq section and then contact section to clear your doubts. This DNA test is not about fingerprinting it is about your life and beyond this, it is not about your ancestor testing as you can explore many new opportunities and ideas which you will never be known to your life.

Take the example of mine, my DNA test reports that my ancestors are from Germany and then they migrated to France and then other countries. I never think of it as in the first place I thought my ancestors are from France but the DNA profile of mine clearly and closely indicate the similarity of mine with the country profile of Germany and then my ancestors migrated to France and this is surprising and let me know other aspects of my forefathers and the cultures and other indications. In this way, you and explore many more opportunities and related wonderful information about your ancestors and with it, you will be exploring many unending possibilities. It helps you discover more about yourself and find others that share similar results, or Country Connections.

You will get the kit once you have registered with Stand payment process then you will receive the kit and after sending back it to them through the proper process. DNA sample collection kit that includes cotton-tipped swabs and instructions on how to use them to extract cheek cells from your mouth will be received by you through the mail, this particular course of action is painless and it is a matter of minutes to do. You will get the email to logion into your membership profile. By entering into your membership area you will get three particulars explicit detail information is on about you Your Gene Ring™ which is a representation of your 13 DNA markers, your Top Country Connection and the Top Ten Country Matches. You can download this information in details and then can share it with your friends and families to let them know and can encourage them to avail this opportunity by going through the discount price which I have mentioned it above.

There are significantly high number of people inside the database of Stand you will rest assured that the test is being conducted under very special invigilation as described above about test integrity and other privacy and security matter and you will not be bothered about it and your all data are safe and your DNA testing is being done by significant scientist with innovations and cutting-edge technology at hand.

Hardy-Weinberg Equation:

It is the branch of genetics that goes beyond the people and the family it expands to the country as a whole and it is a very difficult algorithm and it is being propagated through Hardy-Weinberg Equation. If a gene has two alleles in a population, they can be referred to as x and y. The different population frequencies may be different but could have similar allies. There are three possible genotypes: x/x, x/y, and y/y, it can be proportional to an individual in the same way or in some other way.

Three genotypes are expected to occur at a frequency of: x/x is (0.1 x 0.1) = 1%; x/y is (2 x 0.1 x 0.9) = 18%; y/y = (0.9 x 0.9) = 81%. It employs this principle to get the most out of country relationships’. People will find the same country as they will find that the people are biologically the same and they can find this by analysing the social trending patters of the respective country. The test of It is relating to the US and Canada and the countries beyond are not currently included in the scheme of things.


Your Gene Ring™ is a graphic representation of your genetic markers at the 13 locations analyzed. The position of each of the green segments in the concentric rings of the circle represents your actual genetic markers. An STR (Short Tandem Repeat), By employing the out of tune proprietary algorithm DNA genetic marker is being converted into green code. Your Gene Ring™ represents your unique DNA signature. The concentrated circle of your DNA ring represents the genetic markers of the green bars which can be used for further forensic investigation. The green ring is your perfect personal badge and no one can deny its existence and you should be proud of it to have it n your biodata.

You can create a T-shirt, use it on your business card or any other significant card and it is you complete DNA profile, you should be proud of it to have it on with you. In modern times you can share it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networking to show your real DNA profile of the green ring. Nowadays with social networking, we are trying hard to find the real connected people and many times they are being masked behind and we can find their regular face but with the correct DNA profiling here you can find the real friends to have to socialise and this can be the term of the future.

You may find in times to come to the leading social marketing giants like that of Facebook and Google plus will be making the DNA profiling to get it to real connected friends that have been triggered inside their DNA profiles trough green rings and other sophisticated methods. Your Gene Ring™ does not contain any genetic information regarding health or predisposition to the disease. It is a mere graphic that has been generated through the database of information which has been kept securely.