Food Distribution Management System

Organising for feast for many people is a dedicated task. It needs experts as well as entire fee-receiving processes needs to streamlined and centralised. Sometimes even after the end of deadline of receiving money people still receive it through theirs knows how and that creates the problem. The calculations for food for people normally calculated after the end of deadline but when after it people still receive money then the entire calculations goes completely wrong. Suppose the grocery brought for 100 people and in the mean times some other people who manages this receives the money from 10 or 20 people more and that makes entire process of calculations gone wrong.

That is in such mass arrangements of food one need to see that, the cashier or the person who is receiving the money should be one and he should be the sole receiver of money and after the end of deadline, one need to see that no more addition need to be made with it so that entire calculations of entire grocery management does not go towards absolutely wrong. Such things happen nearby temple where there is arrangement for food at the cost of 150 rupees and some people have added after the end of the deadline.

So ion between some so called volunteers received money from their near and dear ones and then the entire aggregate number increases and this means that there is shortages of food must and they have received money earlier from people. Now there is the cache as people who come to eat there are given first option and the people who come with tiffin career had to wait longer. They even do not agree to return money and that makes entire situation complicated and the question is that why at the first option one need to think that, why one should create such difficult situations.

One needs to contain the number of people to be distributed with foods and then no one need to be added. Then, one can calculate how many people need to eat there and how many people will go with parcel and all of these needs to be well-managed calculation. One need to centralize the finance matter of receiving money and one need to decentralize distribution system. In this case the cooking of foods for parcel as well as that of people who need to eat there should be segregated so that one can find that these will be separated so that proper management of all of these ideas could be equally and sensitively calculated.